How to Create a Web Site

Step by Step guide from our experienced Web development team, making a website could not be more easier!

Step 1: Choose a WebSite Building Platform

To create a website, it’s important to choose a website building platform which could save you huge time and cost during it. You could start a blog with WordPress, or build a website using Drupal and Website builder.

Step 2: Choose a Domain Name and Web Host

Give your website a name which people could easily find and remember. Beside, you need a reliable and affordable web hosting solution, or a professional CMS hosting like WordPress Hosting, Drupal Hosting, and etc.

Step 3: Optimize Website and Start Marketing

After creating a website, you could use SSL certificate to secure website & leverage CDN to improve the website speed. To gain better traffic, you can use SEO tools and Email Marketing Service.

Choose a WebSite Building Platform

If you are going to build your first website, or you are looking for a new technology to rebuild your website, WordPress is always I prefer. Use WordPress except WordPress cannot meet your demand. The reason is simple, WordPress is a powerful CMS system, it’s easy to install, and maintain. It has a very active community where you can find tons of plugins or themes to build a beautiful and unique website.

Other than WordPress, Drupal is another great CMS to create website. Compared with WordPress, the learning curve of Drupal is relatively long, and it’s not that easy for a tech newbies to learn Drupal, however, Drupal is a preferable CMS by many experienced PHP developers. If you are a ASP.NET web developer, then DotNetNuke might be a good option for you to start with.

Drag-Drop website builder is another great website building platform which is widely used by non-tech people to make a website. In general, you don’t need any website development knowledge and could build a website by dragging and dropping element to a “canvas”, then it’s done. Website Builder could be used to build simple business website, and it’s a good start point. When your business grow big and complex, you can consider to rebuild website with other technology.

Domain Name and Web Hosting

After successfully building your website, you need to get it online. To make your website accessible by visitors, you need to get two things:

  • Domain name – Your website name like CreateWebSite.Pro, Domain is your brand online;
  • Web hosting – A server or web space with Internet Connection to host your files and datas;

For domain name, make sure it’s short, meaningful and easy to be remembered. In case your desired domain has been registered by someone else, you could consider to pay high to buy the domain from them, or find a new name for your website. Since a lot of nTLDs are available right now, it’s should be quite easy for you to find a good name for your website with new domain extensions like ‘.pro’, ‘.vip’, ‘.club’, ‘.xyz’ and etc.

For website hosting, it’s really a very important decision to make when creating a website. A reliable and feature rich hosting solution will help you create website quickly also gain good traffic after being launched.

In below, we list out top 10 web hosts who offer high quality budget web hosting for your reference. Most of them also include a free domain in their package which will simply the process for you to create a website first time.

Web Host Price Rating Read Review
inmotion hosting $3.49/Month ★★★★★  Inmotion Hosting Review
bluehost $3.49/Month ★★★★¾  Bluehost Review
bisend $2.95/Month ★★★★★  biSend Review
web hosting hub $3.99/Month ★★★★¾  Web Hosting Hub Review
ipage $1.99/Month ★★★★¾  iPage Review
hostgator $3.45/Month ★★★★¾  HostGator Review
a2hosting $3.92/Month ★★★★½  A2 Hosting Review
liquidweb $50/Month ★★★★½  LiquidWeb Review
siteground $3.95/Month ★★★★½  SiteGround Review
greengeeks $3.96/Month ★★★★¼  GreenGeeks Review

Above web hosts could be used in most cases, but if you have use specific CMS or Scripts, or you need a special type of web hosting, you can consider to check out web hosts like Best WordPress Hosting, Best Drupal Hosting, Best ASP.NET Hosting, Best VPS hosting, Best Dedicated Server, and etc. To know the detail of each web host, please check out our Web Hosting Review.

Website Optimization and Marketing

After creating a website, the most important thing is to optimize it’s performance, increase the security and also attract enough traffic to support the growth of websites.

CDN is the service we recommend to almost all website. It will hide your website IP address to avoid a hack and attach, it also could significantly increase the page loading speed globally. Another great angle about CDN is that some businesses, such as Cloudflare, offer free CDN service, and it work perfect. Try to add CDN to website if possible. Some web hosts, such as Bisend, they even have a feature to allow you activate CDN service with one click.

SSL has become another much feature for each website. Since Google will rank high for website with SSL, it’s better to every website to have one. There are free SSL could be used as well. For non-tech webmasters, you can use a web host with Plesk or cPanel, via which you could issue and deploy SSL with one simply click. No tech knowlesge is required. Good news here is that there are many web hosts offering SSL as free to their customer now.

More WebSite Building Resources

To create website, you might want to refer to more resources other than what we have written here, some of great websites you could check out are:

  • Reviews on almost all the services you need to bring your business online.
  • Find cheap SSL certificate, Plesk, cPanel and more to secure your websites.
  • Place to find cheap hosting to create websites.
  • Host4ASP.NET: Hosting review for Windows hosting and tutorials to build website using ASP.NET
  • DrupalHosts.Org: Create Websites using Drupal and find the Best Web Hosts for it.
  • : Using Joomla to create your websites, one of the most popular CMS in the industry.

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