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20 Best Ad Management Plugins for WordPress in 2018

To run a profitable WordPress website, webmasters need manage their ad blocks properly. However, you need understand that not all webmasters or bloggers are willing to show Google ads in their sites, and selling advertising spaces in self-hosted sites to others or going for the sponsored posts is also good way to making money from your site.

For this purpose of earning from ads in your site, you could need easy-to-use ad management plugins to help them. In order to help you easily get the right option for their site and budget, we have done the most jobs for you.

In below, we are to display a list of best ad management Plugins for WordPress, so that you do not have to choose from an ocean of WordPress plugins, but choose from our mini list that comes after we reviewed hundreds of plugins according to our experience. These plugins among the list below in no particular order can help you a lot.


AdRotate is an easy-to-use, free ad management tool. With it, you are allowed to display both self-building ads and the ads from others like DoubleClick and Google AdSense. You can make a periodic scheduling for your ads, correctly calculate the clicks/impressions, and display the best performing ads in your website.

Its premium edition offers some cool features including ad blockers detection, geo-targeting, and some others, which allow you to sell ad spots and manage various ad campaigns easily.

As for pricing, the premium version of AdRotate starts at €29/per sire license, and premium support also comes to you.

Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is a free and ideal ad management tool, coming with rich useful features for ad creation, third-party ad display, geo-targeting, ad-network customization, and more. Advanced Ads enables you to create, display, fix, filter as well as target ads for your visitors.

You can get the plugin in WordPress repository where you can read the complete description about the plugin’s free features. Before you check out the rest of our list, you’d better have a quick read about it.

Also, it has many advanced add-ons, including Selling Ads that is a tool helping you sell ad blocks in your website. The premium edition of Advanced Ads offers you essential features as well, which include innovative ads placement fields like side header and floating ads, advanced aj-injection, etc.

To get the premium version Advanced Ads Pro, you need to pay €29/per site license, and Advanced Ads Bundle starts at €69/per site license, which comes with all add-ons as well as updates.

AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

This is a free Google AdSense inserting tool and an improvement of Quick AdSense, which has over 1,000,000 installation. Besides free edition, it now has premium version as well. When going with the free one, you can display ads in different places in your website based on WordPress, such as sidebar widgets, a post’s beginning, middle or ending, behind “More” tag, and after the images in a post.

AdSense Plugin has made ads being displaying in your site very easily. With the free version, you can just paste its code snippet in a widget, or properly insert the ads between paragraphs in your post by using the snippets: <!–Ads1–> <!–Ads2–>.

As for the premium edition, WP QUADS Pro, it comes with extra useful features which are:

  • AMP Ads to display ads in your pages in AMP versions;
  • Responsive Ads making those ads look just right on different devices;
  • Visibility Conditions to enable you carefully display ads in different screens.

The premium version is paid version, starting at €49/per site license. Besides, it offers 30 day money back guarantee which you can take advantage of to experience the paid version hassle free.

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is a free version but a power ad management plugin allowing you to insert ads in your posts at any point. Specifically, with Ad Inserter, you can insert 16 read ad blocks at most, and filter out tags, post types, viewports and categories from you ads, because Ad Inserter can support conditional logic for displaying.

What’s more, Amazon has officially endorsed Ad Insert to insert Native Shopping Ads into WordPress posts. Besides, it has premium edition named Ad Inserter Pro, which comes with IP blacklisting support and many other useful features. Working with the Pro edition, you can display ads geo-targeted. For pricing of the premium edition, it is at $20/ a double website license.

AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin


It is a simple ad plugin for WordPress, which working with a free Access Code to use it. Designed for ease of use, AdPlugg allows you to directly add ads to your site from WordPress Administrator without access to the code above. Also, you can add ads to widget areas in your site in the means of dragging AdPlugg Widget into that area. You are allowed to display different ads in multiple locations on one single page. AdPlugg also has Facebook Instance Articles support, so you can install ads in FBIA feed.

For ad management, it also enables you to customize and schedule different advertisings, setup ads as well as banner rotation, and trick clicks as well as other stats from an intuitive dashboard.

AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin can used free of charge, supporting up to 100,000 monthly impressions is over 100,000 per month and image ads only. If you need various types of ads, then you need to pay $10/mo, and the paid version can support more types of ads such as interstitial, video and third-part ads.

Aparg SmartAd

Aparg SmartAd is powerful competitor among WordPress as management plugins. It comes with many special and useful features to make managing and displaying ads more efficiently. One of the unique features is that Aparg SmartAd comes with a smart ads controlling, letting you create special ads or campaigns for target audience, in the means of selecting desired tags, posts, categories, language, pages as well as the devices for displaying the special ads. By the way, it can support 5 ad types and 3 types of campaigns including popup, embed and background ads.

Besides, Aparg SmartAd is easy to use. it comes with minimum setup time, documentation, native WordPress UI/UX, and quick support from the developers. What’s more, you can use it to auto detect ads blockers, display customizable warning, enable rotation, enable easy statistics with an advanced stats dashboard, and more.

Aparg SmartAd is not free, and starts at $30 for regular license, and you can get future updates, Envato quality check, and 6 months support.

Advanced Advertising System

The plugins is a relatively fresh one, having more than 1,000 active installations, which is available with a free version and a paid edition. It can support various ad-spots, budget threshold, campaign scheduling, and ad-rotation, and more. With it, you can promote ads based on CP, CPC and CPM.

As for the premium edition, it can support filterable campaigns, advanced scheduling, beautiful charts in statistics and analytics section, and AJAX loader.

AWPCP – Classifieds Plugin

Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin (AWPCP) is a classic ad management plugin free of charge, specially designed to manage a feature-rich classified web page in your WordPress site. Keyword, username, country and state all can be used to make classifieds searchable. Additionally, the plugin allows you to display Google AdSense ads. In WordPress repository page, you can find a full description of all its features and you’d better read it before moving to the next.

In brief, Classifieds Plugin includes many premium modules like PayPal payment gateway integration and, coupon module as well as campaign manager. Other more, it is very easy-to-use for running a website with rich classifieds.

Ads Pro

Ads Pro is another best seller in the WordPress ad plugin area, and be reviewed as one of the best WordPress Advertising Manager for three consecutive years. It can help you managed, sell and display your ad space in a unique way that other cannot. Coming with a system with templates and grid, the plugin will show you the truly matched as well as user-friendly advertising in your WordPress site. Even better, the plugin is completely free from Ad blocker and supports over 20 ways of Google AdSense banners.

If you need to build up a self-serving ads platform, Ads Pro can help you sell 3 different billing models, including CPC, CPD and CPM. Stripe, WooCommerce Bank Transfer and PayPal payment gateways are supported.

Corner Ad


Being a free and easy-to-use as management plugin, Corner Ad allows you to show an ad in the top left or right your site. Considering better page performance, the plugins is originally designed to display ads in your WordPress site with only mini invasion so as to deliver the better user experience even when there are ads displayed.

The ad will not be displayed with a full viewport but part of it. Only when you hover over it, the ad will flip open and show you the full viewport. Then, when you withdraw your mouse, the ads will return to the former as soon as possible. Corner Ad is an ideal ad displaying tool for show the upcoming promotions, important announcements, etc.

Google AdSense

We have mentioned Google AdSense many times before, which is actually an entry in the pro-AdSense plugin party. With it, you can directly import advertisings from your own AdSense account and display them in different region in your site, such as pages, sidebar widgets, and before or after posts.

Meks Easy Ads Widget

The free ad management plugin is very simple, which allows you to display as many ads as you want in a widget. With Meks Easy Ads Widget, you can choose limit number of advertisings for each view, rotate ads, as well as randomize ads display order. Also, the plugin enables you to define your self-serving custom ad sizes. Or you can make it easier by choosing from predefined ad sizes offered.

Sam Pro

Sam Pro has free version, which enable you to use banner rotation to display ads. Namely, Sam Pro will cherry-pick the best one from a series of ads and display it in order in your WordPress website.

According to a flexible logic, As for Sam Pro’s cherry-picking will calculate the ad priority or weight and the predefined- restrictions. Based on those restrictions, Sam Pro enables you to selectively display your ads in the particular customized post types, categories, posts, and pages. Sam Pro also allows you to schedule ads to limit the ad display according to each ad’s click rate.

Sam Pro has add-ons available such as fly-ins, geo-targeting, and pop-up ads. We suggest that if you are engaging more subscribers, then you can use the newsletter signup pop-ups to display ads, but we do not suggest you to show the  fly-ins or pop-ups with ads alone.

WordPress Ad Widget

This is a free and extremely simple plugin, which can help you display both custom ads and Google Ads in your WordPress website. If you want more like selling ads blocks in your website to others, Ad Widget can help you as well. It comes with more than 55 advertising formats. With that, you can advertise Instagram profiles, Facebook pages, and others you want.

WP Bannerize Pro

WP Bannerize Pro is a free but an amazing banner manager. For custom advertising, WP Bannerize Pro is probably one of the best options. It enables you to create a custom ad banner as easily as you create a web page or a post.

As for the banner creation, you need to use the plugin to upload or import banner images and pick out the one you plan to track CTR and impressions. After these things are done, you can publish your ad banners.

Once the ad banner created, a banner shortcode will be generated at the same time. Then, you can use the shortcode to display the ad banner anywhere you want.

Besides, WP Bannerize Pro also comes with IP restrictions, geo-targeting, the ad targeting based on roles, as well as an analytics dashboard with a full stack.


WP-Insert is regarded as one of the best free ad management plugins in the industry. Like many other ad management plugins, WP-Insert can support several ad-networks including Clickbank, Google AdSense, and so on.

Besides, WP-Insert provides you with free geo-targeting, so you are allowed to display Clickbank ads to visitors from the UK and AdSense ads to US visitors. Legal notices, dynamic ad-placement in articles, ad split-testing, and Google Analytics integration come to you as well.

WP Advertize It

This is a standard free option for ad management, which allows you to display both self-served ads and the ads from third party. Even better, the plugin allows you to display ads in more than 10 places. Besides, you are allowed to disable your ads in those particular tags, post types, post authors, IP addresses, and so on. This functionality is amazing for you to manage a bunch of ads in your website.

WP PRO Advertising System

Being one of the most favorite premium WordPress ad plugins, WP PRO Advertising System now comes with 18 pre-defined layout options, banner creator, advanced analytics & reporting, and campaign manager.

With it, you are able to display ads in multiple forms, such as background ads, fly-in ads, popup ads, and responsive ads. You can even display ads in MailChimp newsletters. To increase performance, it also support for detecting and preventing adblockers. Also, WP PRO Advertising System supports for third-party integrations like BuySellAds and WooCommerce through paid features.

You can pay $29/per site license to get the premium ad management plugin with rich features.

Advanced Options

We have introduced 17 simple and free or affordable WordPress ads managers above. In below, we are to talk about several WordPress ad managers with exclusive features solving special challenges.

WordPress Dynamic Keyword Insertion

This ad management plugin is great for you to run AdWords campaigns using Dynamic Keywords. Google AdWords enables you to replace the certain portions in the text of your ads with the search keywords used.

For you running WordPress site, you can use the plugin to recognize and use the keyword Google AdWords using to trigger ads as well as insert the keyword grabbed into your own WordPress landing page. Or, if there is not keyword grabbed, it will enable you to display the default phrase or word. This is a very special feature different from other plugins.

How to Use it For Ad Management

It is suited for you to boost your ads based on CPA in your WordPress site, because the plugin will help you get hyper-targeted clicks through Google AdWords so as to improve your conversion rate.

The regular license charges at $21, with future updates, SRD support for 6 months, and Envato quality check.

Adverts Detector Ultimate Plugin

Simply put, the Adverts Detector Ultimate allows you to high or show content on your WordPress site, which depends on where your users come from. By far, this plugin can detect various types of website, including search engines like Google Organic, Google Ads, Yandex Organic and Yandex Ads, social networks like YouTube Organic, Facebook Organic, LinkedIn Organic, Instagram Organic, AskFm Organic, Reddit Organic and more, as well as others. The plugins starts at $12 for regular license.


For webmasters to make their WordPress website profitable, selling ad space is one of the best ways, which cannot only earn money, but also bring you some benefits. You can decide the ads you want to display in your site so that you can ensure the better user experience to your audience. Also, better user experience can help improve click-through-rate of the advertising you placed. Finally, you can bring good user experience to audience and make tons of money form the deal.

Do you have any other WordPress ad management plugin recommendations that you like most? Welcome to share with us by leaving your comments in below.

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