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20+ Must Have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites 2018

At present, more and more businesses are willing to put their presence online. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for them to quickly get their business online. Besides choosing a good WordPress hosting provider, many them are confused to using plugins for their business websites and ask expert suggestions on that. It is no doubt that with right set of WordPress plugins and tools, these businesses can make their websites get up to another level.

With the purpose to help businesses WordPress users, we decide to share 20+ must have plugins for business WordPress websites in 2017. Don’t miss it, because there must be the right plugins that your business WordPress websites need.

20+ Must Have WordPress Plugins for Business Website 2017


Specially designed for conversion rate optimization, OptinMonster is one of the most popular plugins. The software allows users to convert those abandoning website audiences into email subscribers. For the business website owners who want to grow their email list, OptinMonster is an essential WordPress plugin. If business website owners want to learn more about how to use OptinMonster on their site, they can search for many case studies on Google.


Being a business website owner, to keep smooth contact between customers and you should be the top priority. To make it, you should need this most beginner-friendly contact form software for WordPress, WPForms. It has built-in drag-and-drop online form editor which allows users to easily create all kinds of online forms the business website needs, including contact forms, order forms, email subscription forms, payment forms, in just a few clicks.

Even better, now there is free version of WPForms Lite available for business website owners who are searching for a simple solution. Besides, WPForms has advanced version, the Pro edition, which offers more advanced features and tools.


For business websites, getting higher Google search rankings is very important. For this, as the website owners, you should need an excellent Google Analytics plugin to help you, and MonsterInsights is just the best one for WordPress.

With MonsterInsights, you can contact your business websites with Google Analytics. Then, you can get better understanding about your site visitors, like their behaviors on your site, the sources of those visitors, and more. After knowing these data and information, you can easily make the site optimization strategy so as to improve your site and business performance.

What’s more, for small businesses, free version is better to get started and MonsterInsights. As they grow up and demands more advanced features, they can move to MonsterInsights Pro version.

Constant Contact

To create and manage a good business website, online marketing is inevitable, and email marketing is one of the most common and popular ones. Constant Contact is one of the best email marketing services providers, giving business website owners the right to create email lists as well as send email campaigns to engage more subscribers.

At present, Constant Contact is the most beginner-friendly email marketing platform, because of its easy-to-use email marketing features, tools and its easy setup. With it, you can receive its built-in features and tools to add signup forms. Also, it can work well with those lead generation plugins such as OptinMonster we mentioned before, meaning you can get enhanced usability.


For all online presence, especially those business websites, security has become a big concern for their owners, and it has been getting more and more attentions. We take it into consideration as well, and carefully pick out the best software, Sucuri, whose web application firewall can deliver the best protection for your business sites.

With Sucuri on your site, it will monitor and protect your website from various hostile attacks such as DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, XSS attacks, as well as other basic types of attacks. If you don’t have any firewall on your site, then we recommend you to add Sucuri right now.


To keep your site always safe, it is not enough to have a powerful firewall only; a reliable backup system is also a must.

For business owners, it is not affordable to lose your customers data and business sensitive information, if a hardware failure happened or your web hosts’ servers are attacked. So, setting up a backup plugin for your WordPress business websites should be the first thing. Here we recommend BackupBuddy, which is also listed in the top WordPress Backup Plugins we reviewed before. Among top WordPress backup plugins, BackupBuddy can offer you the most reliable and easiest solution to back up and restore your whole websites in just a few clicks.

Yoast SEO

If you are using WordPress platform to create and manage your site, we believe you possibly have heard about Yoast SEO, ever named WordPress SEO by Yoast SEO. The plugin is very popular for WordPress, allowing you to optimize your website for most major search engines.

For business owners on WordPress websites, Yoast SEO is must without any question. Yoast SEO can help you add meta tags and optimize your business website as a whole. You can check out our 12 Best WordPress SEO Plugins to get more details.

W3 Total Cache

Besides security, business websites should keep smooth and fast speed, which is not only about customer website experience but also your site SEO effect. Google prefers the websites running faster, meaning these sites can get higher rankings, and more users can naturally get into your websites to boost your business and make more conversions.

For this purpose, we think W3 Total Cache is the right tool you need. It enables you to deliver compressed as well as cached files to visitors. By this means, your visitors can experience faster respond of your sites.


Running a website, you should understand that it takes longest time to load images and the other static content. If you want to make your business sites even faster, then you need a CDN service to deal with the static content of your business and sites.

For this, we have the best reliable CDN providers recommended, and MaxCDN is one of them. MaxCDN can easily integrate with WordPress, and allow you to install and set up MaxCDN solution for your WordPress business sites.

Envira Gallery

After making websites faster, we are to talk about the plugins to help you built image galleries in WordPress. Of course, you can create basic image galleries without using any plugins, but to make beautiful responsive ones in WordPress.

With Envira Gallery, you are able to build multiple beautiful responsive galleries, create albums, add anywhere on your websites, open any images in the lightbox popups, etc. Generally speaking, Envira Gallery helps you to create galleries effortlessly.


The sliders on WordPress landing pages enable users to display the featured content announcements, products easily in an amazing interactive way. Business websites must have the featured content to display beautifully. Therefore, we recommend the best WordPress slider software, Soliloquy. With that, you can create beautiful sliders as well as add them on your site anywhere you want.


To be a clever business website owner, you have to make full use of your time. However, no one can be sure to be everywhere all the time. Based on this fact, IFTTT come into being. The software enables you to make the Internet work for you. To automate WordPress as well as the social media platforms with IFTTT, you must have the XML-RPC enabled to work with IFTTT. Search for the tutorials related to how to use IFTTT with WordPress websites on Google, you can find a lot.

Quick and Easy FAQs

For most business websites, they always update products or services. When releasing a new thing, you always add the FAQs part in your WordPress site for that new product or something else new. There are two ways to add FAQs section: one is to add a complete new page of FAQs, and the other is to update the original one as there is a new product or your customer base develops.

FAQs section can effectively increase the support efficiency and reduce your support pressure. Good FAQs section can even help increase conversion. Here is Quick and Easy FAQs we recommend you to easily fulfill this task on your business sites.

Insert Headers and Footers

When managing a website, it is common that you have to add code snippets to the header or footer of your WordPress sites sometimes. So, when there is a need of that, you have to edit your WordPress theme files that may get messy and even break up the theme. Whereas you may cause the possibility, we find out a good helper for you, which is Insert Headers and Footers.

With this plugin, you can add those code snippets to your site easily, instead of completing by editing your theme files.

CSS Hero

For businesses, you may not know that CSS is the base of WordPress themes for your site’s visual appearance. If there is a need to customize your themes, CSS is the thing you have to learn, but it must take much time.

CSS Hero can help you, which is a WordPress plugin allowing you to customize your WordPress themes, but it doesn’t require any code knowledge from you. So, CSS Hero make WordPress

Beaver Builder

After managing a business website for a period, you must notice that when you put products differently on your site pages, there will be more conversion as well as sales coming into. But there is a question: how to create those different landing pages when you don’t know anything about coding?

To solve this, you need Beaver Builder, which is a powerful page builder software with easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. Beaver Builder can make you create different page layouts through a simple interface without any trouble.

Google Apps for Work

This is a suite of web applications such as docs, email, spreadsheets, and so on. From the name of this plugin, it is evident that Google is the creator of this powerful suites of web applications. Even better, Google Apps for Word is not only easy-to-deploy, but also cheap and hassle free. What’s more, the suite enables you to utilize your own business domain names for your emails.


Running a business website, you have to deal massive financial issues. To minimize your work amount and make the payment process simple, the first tool you need comes into our brain is Freshbooks, which is an accounting plugin powered by the cloud and designed for agencies, freelancers, and professionals.

With Freshbooks, you can send invoices to your customers, receive payments as well as manage your finance hassle free.


In market, competition is fiercer. So, to understand your competitors is very important for your success. To make it, you have to collect the data related to their actions on their own sites. This is a time-consuming but important task, deciding your steps and strategy in competition.

We recommend you SEMRush. It can help you tell the keywords where those competitors as ranking. Besides, SEMRush also allows you to look at their organic traffic and paid keywords. By knowing these data, you can better optimize website content and make and change your marketing strategy in time.


After making website optimization, SEO and marketing, it’s time to improve customer services for better conversion and sales. Here we consider a system for customers to book and pay for their appointments. If your sites need this, then you must need BirchPress which is the right solution to deal with your booking system. With it, you can easily integrate a whole online booking system into your WordPress sites.

Testimonials Widget

A good business website must have special section to show the sales history and customers’ feedback, which is very useful to new customers to your site, because news comers always want to hear from past customers and learn whether your services or products are worth a try from history feedback. Now, Testimonials widget can help you. With that, you can easily showcase customers’ reviews on your services or products and your past customers on your site.

Once you build a user-friendly feedback section, your online credit and customer trust will increase. Also, keeping history customers’ feedback can help maintain a lasting relationship between your business site and customers.


Finally, we’d like to recommend you an easy to use tool for team management, communication and productivity, which is Slack, a very popular WordPress plugin. Compared with email, Slack is much more convenient. Specifically, Slack is able to integrate with hundreds of thousands of other online plugins that you may be using.


In this post, we totally recommend you 22 must WordPress plugins that your business websites should have. We hope you can read it carefully so as to find out what you now don’t have on site and add them to improve your site performance, conversion and sales. Also, we have composed many website building, design, and plugins’ tutorials on our website, you can search for further learning.

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