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A2 Hosting vs SiteGround

For over 80% webmasters, we believe that it is a tough work for them to choose the most suitable web hosting provider to manage their websites. In this article, we pick up two popular companies in the web hosting market: A2Hosting and SiteGround. And we are going to make a review about the two companies in below to try to help webmasters know why A2Hosting is a better web host than SiteGround.

A2Hosting vs SiteGround on Features – A2Hosting Wins

As for shared hosting solutions, both companies provide their customers with three hosting solutions that come with different features. After comparing the features offered by the two companies, we find that A2Hosting can offer more than SiteGround does.

Lite, the entry level plan of A2Hosting, contains almost everything that webmasters needed to run a successful website, such as one 2.1 ghz core, 512 MB physical memory, 2 GB virtual memory and 5 databases. Moreover, boundless SSD disk space, unlimited data transfer, 25 email addresses,  1 domain, and free DNS management are ample for a website.

In addition to the features in above, A2Hosting shared hosting has strength on developer features too. Databases are the latest PostgreSQL and MySQL. Python 2.4, 2.6, 3.1 or 3.2, Perl 5.1, Ruby 1.8,  PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, and node.js are all supported. However, SiteGround does not offer Ruby and node.js.  Additionally, A2Hosting shared hosting even gives shared SSL certificate for free.

A2Hosting charges lower than SiteGround as well. The regular starting pricing $7.99/mo will be cut at $3.92 each month if people apply A2Hosting coupon “51SPEED”. On the other hand, SiteGround shared hosting is from $3.95/mo, also 60% off the regular $9.95/mo. A2Hosting wins by richer features and lower pricing in this respect.

A2Hosting Web Hosting A2Hosting Web Hosting
51% Off

A2Hosting vs SiteGround on Ease to Use – Both Win

To ease the burden of websites building and administrating, A2Hosting and SiteGround both offer easy to use control panel cPanel to webmasters. In addition to regular management like emails, files, bandwidth, domains, etc, both companies also offer industry-leading Softaculous installer in their cPanels to create convenience for webmasters to quickly install popular apps and scripts for free.

A2Hosting vs SiteGround on Performance – A2Hosting Wins

Generally speaking, A2Hosting and SiteGround both can offer multiple data center locations, reliable online network and rock solid servers for webmasters to host their websites, but it is tested that SiteGround still needs to make some improvements compared with A2Hosting in this respect.

In order to make sure A2Hosting customers can run their websites with high speed and reliability, the company picks up 2 data center locations: one is in USA and the other one is in Iceland. The data centers are state of the art to optimize server performance and make uptime at 99.9% or higher sometimes.

What’s more, A2Hosting high performance SwiftServer platform has features of SwiftCache, SSDs, no server overloading, 12 cores minimum, 64 GB RAM minimum, Turbo server choice, CloudLinux OS and more. Besides, quadruple network  remains that servers are always connected to outside world. They are Level 3, Saavis, Cogent and Comcast, which are globally famous. Free CloudFlare CDN is another benefit that A2Hosting gives to speed up websites hosted on its servers.

A2Hosting vs SiteGround on Customer Service – Both Win

To be frank, more than 90% reputable popular web hosting companies have the ability to offer industry-leading customer services to their customers, so does A2Hosting and SiteGround.

If webmasters have some queries or problems needed to seek assistance, they can freely contact the support center of the two companies via some useful methods, such as phone, email and live chat. According to our real tests, it is safe to say that the support staffs of both companies can always help their clients get their issues resolved as soon as possible.

More than that, both companies also provide 30 days money back guarantee in case their customers regret after buying hosting solutions. If they do, within the first 30 days, they can still get their money back.


By checking the above review, we believe that webmasters must have a clear idea of A2Hosting and SiteGround. Although the two companies can be trusted by webmasters, A2Hositng is a more popular one, which is highly recognized by tons of webmasters  since the company can offer higher price value web hosting solutions, faster page loading speed and highly reliability.


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