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Arvixe Review

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Arvixe review below is based on our own real experience with Arvixe and over 100 reviews we have collected from Arvixe customers, in which we will review Arvixe feature, web server speed, reliability, customer support, pricing and control panel.

Arvixe ( is one of the Top 10 Web Hosting in today’s web hosting business and it prides itself for providing web hosting like Linux hosting, php hosting, ASP.NET hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated servers with a rare combination of unique reliability, quality and affordability. Since 2003, Arvixe has been hosting thousands of personal, small business and company websites on a global level.

Arvixe Review on Speed and Uptime

Arvixe is well-known for high hosting performance in the industry. Its web hosting performs great due to the best hosting environment.

Arvixe chose Softlayer‘s world-class datacenter to market its web hosting service. As one of the top datacenters all over the world, Softlayer has the most advanced security system which will ensure the uptime and speed. In addition to that, Arvixe takes advantage of other data centers in Europe and Asia besides America. Especially the company enables its VPS customers to pick up server locations between America and Europe.

In addition, Arvixe uses high-performance servers along with 15K RPM RAID 10 drives. It regularly updates servers but it updates at nights only in terms of security. The technology Arvixe deploys for server virtualization is Hyper-V, making truly isolated tenants on a same server.

There are multiple network carriers to provide Arvixe with network service while Arvixe monitors network 24 hours a day. It also has DDoS Attack Response to ensure maximum security of applications hosted on its web servers.

In a nutshell, from above analysis on data centers, servers and network, it is easy to understand why Arvixe is outstanding on hosting performance.

Arvixe Review on Ease-of-Use

Arvixe offers cPanel if customers choose Linux web server. This icon-based control panel is so undemanding that everyone could see how to use it quickly. In terms of Windows web server, Arvixe offers WebsitePanel with excellent features and also remarkably simple to use. Customers could be very convenient to manage file, email accounts, domains and databases via cPanel or WebsitePanel.

Arvixe Hosting Service Review

Arvixe offer a wide-range hosting service for their customers to choose from, which include Shared web hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Server and Reseller hosting on both Linux and Windows platform.

Shared Web Hosting

In below, we will talk about Arvixe shared web hosting on its price value. Arvixe shared web hosting is very popular in the industry for their rich features, and unbeatable high price.

Arvixe Offers Rich ASP.NET Hosting Features

Compared to some other reliable web hosts who specialize in Linux hosting, Arvixe offers customers more options that its hosting service is available on both Linux and Windows operating systems.

In its Linux web hosting, Arvixe integrates all needed features, resources and tools in one solution to largely and greatly meet the different requirements of different customers. Basically, its hosting solution is unlimited, and perfect for hosting WordPress, Drupal, Magento or Joomla websites.

There are some valuable features that contained in Arvixe hosting solutions. For an instance, free domain name for lifetime, free CloudFlare CDN, RAID 10 drives, and free cPanel control panel with Softaculous Script Installer and other tools to ensure fast and easy hosting experience.

For others, Arvixe hosting provides unlimited monthly transfer, unlimited disk space, 6 websites hosted at least, unlimited domain aliases, sub domains & FTP accounts, unlimited IMAP & POP3 email boxes, Forwarders, Mailing Lists & Auto responders, unlimited MySQL & PostgreSQL databases, and the support of PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, SSH, shared SSL, SSI and full range of management, development, statistics features.

For Arvixe  ASP.NET hosting, the company offers two different ASP.NET hosting packages for customers to choose that are Personal ASP and Personal ASP Pro. Let’s take the basic, Personal ASP as an example.

If webmasters choose this plan, they can get boundless disk space, monthly data transfer and email accounts as well as one free domain name for lifetime. Beyond what we mentioned above, Arvixe ASP.NET hosting customers can also get lots of additional ASP.NET hosting features, including Windows 2012, full trust level, 6 dedicated application tools, ASP.NET MVC 2/3/4, ASP.NET v2/v3.5/v4.5, unlimited MySQL and MSSQL databases, Remote IIS & Management, MS web deploy, URL rewrite as well as easy to use WebSitePanel control panel and more.

All above would be good enough to meet almost all the hosting needs of an ASP.NET site.

Arvixe Shared Hosting is Affordable

In terms of price, some webmasters deem that it is not cheap to purchase ASP.NET hosting solutions when comparing with Linux hosting. However, we are happy to tell webmasters that they can host their websites at an affordable price at Arvixe.

The regular price of Arvixe ASP.NET hosting starts at $5/mo. Now, the price can be much lower if webmasters use our exclusive coupon code “clue30”. After that, Arvixe ASP.NET hosting customers only need to pay $3.5/mo to get the service, which is a 30% off. If you need a Linux web hosting, the price could be low to $2.8/mo.

In addition to the low price, the company also offers 60-day money back guarantee to webmasters. In this way, they can ask full money back within 60 days as long as they are not totally satisfied with their hosting plans. And the company will refund immediately with no questions asked.


In general, Arvixe shared hosting is highly recommended for individuals and small businesses. To know more, please check out Arvixe office site.

VPS Hosting

On VPS hosting services, Arvixe has excellent performance as well. The company provides both Windows and Linux based VPS hosting services for small to medium-sized businesses. Below we will share and review Arvixe VPS Hosting and declare if its VPS is really good.

Arvixe VPS Hosting Essential Features

In order to guarantee customers fast, powerful and secure websites, its VPS hosting is also optimized and integrated into tons of advanced features. No matter the Linux VPS hosting or Windows VPS hosting Arvixe offers,  great rich features are included such as:

  • fully managed level;
  • up to 8 CPU cores;
  • unlimited bandwidth, email accounts and hosting accounts;
  • free domain and SSL for life.

Besides this features, for Linux users, Arvixe provides cPanel control panel while Windows VPS users get WebsitePanel, so that customers can completely and easily manage their accounts. Also with Softaculous included also in cPanel, customers can install almost any scripts and software on their websites by a few clicks within seconds.

Arvixe VPS Class is Affordable for VPS

Arvixe VPS hosting contains 2 plans for its Linux platform: VPS Class and VPS Class Pro. The VPS Class plan price starts at $40/month, and VPS Class Pro plan at $70/month. However new customers can get Arvixe VPS Hosting at $36/month during signing up using the coupon code “VPS10”, making it very cheap for VPS Hosting. Considering the features included (mentioned above), Arvixe VPS hosting is a cost-effective choice.


In a nutshell, Arvixe VPS Hosting is good, especially for small to medium-sized business. Find more information, please visit Arvixe. Customers shouldn’t forget the coupon “VPS10” and can claim 10% off their VPS Hosting.

Dedicated Server

Founded in California, Arvixe has been providing reliable and fast web hosting at an affordable rate for over 10 years now. The company has an excellent dedicated server services provided on a Linux or Windows based platform for online business and enterprises. Below we will share and review Arvixe dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Hosting Essential Features

In order to guarantee customers fast, powerful and secure websites, Arvixe breaks down its dedicated hosting plans into: Dedicated Class and Cloud Class. Both plans are fully customizable and come equipped with great rich features such as:

  • Server Management – 100%
  • Choice of Software – Linux or Windows
  • 24×7 Dedicated support
  • Hyper-V Technology
  • Customizable Dual Processor servers
  • Pre-installed firewalls
  • Nightly security updates

Besides this features, Arvixe’s provides free SSL and domain for life for its dedicated server customers. It provides options of cPanel and WebSitePanel based on which operating system customers choose.

Arvixe Affordable Dedicated Server

Arvixe has three dedicated server plans which all can be customized for the user. Its Cloud Class plan starts at $108/mo. As to its Dedicated Class, single processor plan charges from $175/mo while multi processor servers need $359/mo at least.


As one of the best web hosting providers in the market, Arvixe dedicated server hosting has fast, reliable server performance, and powerful features. For more information about Arvixe dedicated server hosting please visit Arvixe.

Reseller Hosting

We’d like to introduce one of the best reseller hosting service providers in the industry. That is Arvixe! Below we will review Arvixe reseller hosting solutions based on features, uptime & speed, price and customer support.

Arvixe Reseller Hosting Features

Arvixe has plenty of great features that people need to create web hosting reselling business. Just OS, they have choices of Linux and Windows while based on each OS, Arvixe provides them with 2 plans.

  • Unlimited hosting accounts and email accounts;
  • rich offerings on storage and bandwidth;
  • free domain for life;
  • free SSL for life;
  • $200 marketing offers;

From above terms, we could see Arvixe offers its resellers really rich features. Besides, Arvixe provides a wide range of tools to help resellers on business management. Some tools are like Domain Reseller Account, WHM Control Panel, WHMCS license, cPanel, wevsite builder, etc. Moreover, private /anonymous name servers allow Arvixe resellers to resell web hosting with their own company names on servers.

Arvixe Reseller Hosting Pricing

Arvixe has two reseller hosting plans based on each OS: ResellerClass & ResellerClass Pro. The Linux resellerClass is the cheapest costing $25/month, but all new customers by going through the exclusive coupon below will only pay $20/month. Arvixe ResellerClass plans all come with 50GB of disk space and 500GB of bandwidth.

On top of that, Arvixe provides a 60-day money back guarantee on all reseller hosting plans, no questions asked!


Based on above review, Arvixe reseller hosting is outstanding with rich offerings, hgih reliablity, low costs and award-winning support. For more information, check out Arvixe website at

Arvixe Review on Customer Support

Arvixe provides 24/7 US based “None-stop” phone support. Technical support representatives of Arvixe are working 24 hours a day so customers can be sure to get their hosting problems resolved as soon as possible at anytime. By the way, the respond time is within 15 minutes. If customers are not satisfied with Arvixe’s services, that is fine. With Arvixe 60 days money back guarantee; customers can cancel their account at anytime within the first 60 days and get full money back.

Arvixe also guarantee No Hidden Fees once customers open a new account with Arvixe. Besides, Arvixe offers free website transfer if customers choose its hosting service. It can assist customers in transferring their domains, pages, databases, etc. and all of the websites transfer are totally free.


Arvixe is a high price value web hosting provider. Especially it offers customers diverse web hosting solutions. No matter what kind of websites customers are going to build, Arvixe can fully satisfy them with high performance, top-class customer support and affordable rates.

To know more about Arvixe, please visit and don’t forget to benefit from Arvixe Coupon “CLUE30” to get 30% off.

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