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Benchmark Email Review

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Benchmark Email ( is world leader in email marketing service provider that does this job brilliantly – without using too much funds.  The company is well-known and keeps up to date with the latest and ever-evolving technological advances.  Benchmark has grown into an email marketing leader and is dedicated to perfecting email marketing. In below Benchmark Email Review, we will analyze their features deeply.

Benchmark Email Review on Pricing Value

Interested people can sign up for free and check the plans and features of the email marketing tool. Three major plans are offered, such as:

  • Send Based – where 600 emails can be sent at $6.5 month.
  • List Based – where 600 contacts can be sent at $9.55 per month.
  • High Volume – 150,000 emails are sent at $244 per month.

Registered users can get a unique IP address that can work with any plan at $30 per month. There are options to customize the plans further for large corporate houses.

Benchmark Promotion Benchmark Promotion

Benchmark Email Review on Contact Management

Clients are usually tapped through subscriber forms, web forms, social media networks, and more. Many manually stored contact references are imported to the Benchmark Email address list. Any form of database files, such as excel sheets or csv files are synced quickly. Simple pasting the copied IDs to the database will be enough to update the list.

In social media accounts, Benchmark Email helps to create a sign-up link in a suitable page. The visitor’s references are directed to the email list. In fact, the active visitors who have tweeted or given comments in the social media accounts are also added in the list. Care is taken to ensure that there is no repetition of the email IDs. Bounced emails and email addresses with errors are removed from the list. So, the list is updated and has active IDs.

Users will be able to segment the email IDs into various email lists, such as those with similar demographic features, area of interest, or geographical location. There are autoresponders and opt-in features to ensure recipients are those who wish to get the emails or will find it useful.

Benchmark Email Review on Email Creation & Sending

There is a dedicated email editor which allows the user to drag-n-drop the content blocks into the interface to custom-design the email. The email marketing tool also has a useful library of templates which have pre-designed features. The user can either select them according to the theme of their business or custom-prepare them further to create a unique email or newsletter.

The emails can be sent to any operating system or gadget, such as smartphones, tablets, or Macintosh computers. It can be viewed in any browser. A number of campaigns can be done to address the list of recipients. The emails can be scheduled to be sent after a week or month.

These can also be sent instantly. Benchmark Email can churn out online surveys that are integrated with the emails. The contacts can complete the survey forms and return it via a reply mail. So, the users can check the reply and also send another email to those who have responded. The tool also allows multiple variations of the email along with different subject lines. These are sent for testing to check the best one which will be able to catch the attention of the customers. In fact, the used emails can be reused as landing pages with dynamic content to woo a particular section of the market.

Benchmark Email Review on Email Reporting and Tracking

Once the emails are sent, the users can check the outcome in real time. They can start right away no sooner the mails are sent. The campaign can be viewed from varied angles – includes dashboards, social media statistics, individual mails and web forms. It is also possible to:

Find out the existing customers and potential customers who are yet to be tapped.

Prepare email lists based on the tracking result.

Churn out better customized emails to specific segments for better results.

Upload useful landing pages with suitable marketing techniques for different locations

Email tracking also checks the conversion rates and how much revenue has been generated through the email marketing campaign.

Benchmark Email Review on Customer Support

Benchmark Email assists its clients to get started with the tool. Users are requested to visit the helpdesk to get technical support via a phone call, chat session, or email. One can also check the articles on the website to get useful knowledge on the system.

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