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Best Blog Name Generators

When starting a blog, you might find it’s find to name your blog and to be honesty, making out a perfect blog name for your new blog should be a little tricky job. You always want the blog name not only be memory and special to your business but also be related to the main keywords so as to enhance the SEO efforts. So, sometimes, you might need a blog name generator .

In fact, there are a great number of posts describing how to choose the best blog names, but it is not effective to take many hours in brainstorming a great blog name. Blog name generators are tons available, even though they do not have equal quality.

To make it simple and great for your business and blog, you should make full use of one of those best blog name generators to produce a number of results. In this tutorial, we are to display 8 best blog name generators currently, which are all based on our rich experience and users’ feedback. And in the ending part of this post, we will also compose a small tutorial for new blog name creation.


This is an intelligent blog name generator free of charge that is so creative to produce distinctive and catchy names for you and your site. This tool can really invent new words automatically. Of course, it also works based on the regular phonetics rules. Even though you may not find those words in any dictionary, they obey the phonetics rules and can be roll off tongue, sounded like the real words. Wordoid can also create the new words in Spanish, English, German, French, and Italian.

We know that Wordoid is not the only one free of charge but it is really easy-to-use. Now, we are to introduce 5 choices for choosing when you are generating the blog name via Wordoid:

  • Languages: Wordoid will produce the words as the rules of the language you chose before. And Wordoid also allows you to choose 2 or even more languages so as to blend several languages’ tastes.
  • Quality Level: Wordoid has 3 quality levels including high, medium, and low. The higher you choose, the more similar and natural sounds of the new words, in relation to these selected languages, it can generate.
  • Pattern: On Wordoid, you can decide whether or not to enter the short fragment in the blank field. If  not, Wordoid can create the random words; if you do it, you can also decide where the fragment can appear, at the beginning, containing, or the ending. That is to say, on Wordoid, you can decide the words’ patterns.
  • Word Length: you should understand that the short words look better than those long ones. So, it is important to choose the length of the new words out from Wordoid. There are 5 to 15 letters that can be chosen from.
  • Domain Name: You can decide to “show” or “hide” the words with .com and .net availability. If you choose “show”, your site will display if the new word is available as well as where. For instance, you select to produce a new word in English, with at most fifteen letters and starting with “kid”. Then, there will be a new word suggested as “kidstorio” and it is available at GoDaddy with a .net and .com.


Lean Domain Search can make the task of creating a blog name or a domain name easy, not a frustrating process. Using Lean Domain Search to generate the names has different ways. we will introduce them one by one in below:

  • Normal Way of Generating Blog Names with Lean Domain Search

The most common way to create domain names or blog names is to combine 2 words and more together. And one of these words is often related to your site, business, and main purpose, like,,, and more.

Well, Lean Domain Search is good at generating this type of domain name and blog name. To show you how easy and simple to use this tool, we did a test. We typed “GamerAddict” into its domain name search field. There were near 5,000 domain names available including gameraddict. We finally selected “” from those available. Then, there was a pop-up box showing “Registration Options” containing Bluehost, GoDaddy, and Namecheap, or the option to register and build a blog at

Among those options, Bluehost is one of the best choices, who comes with an extremely cheap shared hosting along with free domain, starting at $2.95/mo only. By visiting via this exclusive link, you can save 64% from original $7.99/mo.

Additionally, there was a notification that our “” is also available on Twitter. So, we can see that by using Lean Domain Search, things can be done in one simple process taking you few time.

  • Other Features of Lean Domain Search Generating Your Blog Names or Domain Names
    • Add Prefixes or Suffixes to produce new words for your domain names or blog names;
    • Lean Domain Search only checks for the .com availability; therefore the it will not display in the field of domain name.
    • It should be well-known that within your domain name or blog name, there cannot be any special character embodied in, like numbers and hyphen. If you add them on, Lean Domain Search will show that the name cannot conduct the search.
  • Lean Domain Search Lets You Browse the Search Results
    • Lean Domain Search can help sort the search results, according to the easy popularity, length and alphabetization. It also allows you to filter the results to display the domain names starting or ending with your search term.
    • Lean Domain Name can check for your search results’ availability. Once you click on these domain names, there will be a small window popping up to check. Besides, it can also check if these domain names available on Twitter.
    • When Lean Domain Search checks the name is not available, then the domain name box will get into pink.
    • Lean Domain Search can also help you track the domain names you favor. You can just mark the favorite search result and then click the star beside domain name in that small availability checking window. It is so easy!


This blog name generator can easily offer you several types of blog names or domain names. Once you enter the target words, and perform the search on it, there will be a plenty of common short domain names, similar domain name suggestions, SEO optimized name suggestions, fun focused names, and mix name suggestions, for choosing. You can just pick up one the most perfect for your blog, site, or business.

Specifically, Name Mesh has some special features, and we will explain as following:

  • Name Mesh will show the search results in different colors – if the name is in red, it means it is not available; in green, it is available. You can also choose to display the names available only.
  • You can easily set up the length of the name’s character via Name Mesh.
  • You can also confirm whether the name is available on both Facebook and Twitter, by clicking your domain option.
  • You can decide whether or not to turn off the extension options, like .net, .co, and .com, to narrow down or enrich your choices.


This is a very reliable blog name generator, which is famous for the clean interface. On Domains Bot, you can just enter the target words or keywords and then hit the search on it. After that, Domains Bot will offer you a long list of suggestions.

Domains Bot also can help you to refine the list further. It enables you to select the disallow or allow the synonyms for your target words or keywords one by one, include the top-level domain extensions, choose your pricing ranges, and more

Other more, the site will show you the list of those names registered before and the name suggestions available. Domains Bot also offers you the names’ social availability. You can also see the button of “buy” nest to each name suggestion. Click “buy”, and then you will be brought to a page showing the list of registration companies with the certain pricing. So, you can easily get the best choice at the best pricing you can afford.


This is not only a site name generator, but also a URL generator. You can use the domain name search to find the name suggestions and register the favor name.

The process is very simple as well as fast on Nameboy. You just need to entry one or two keyword,and select if accept the name with hyphen. Then, you can leave the rest to Nameboy. It uses the cached database for domain names, which means you can get the results quickly. However, there is a thing you need to notice that the name you favor may be registered already.

Besides, Nameboy has some other special features. It allows you to save those available name suggestions you favorite for future usage, after you login. You just need to click “login” at the search page and then all those favor available names will be saved in the search cart. It can also be used to track your current domain name so that you can easily manage it from the one location.

You can simply login, choose you Domain Cart, then choose “Add names I own”, and finally, just click “Manage” beside your domain name. You can return to the original registration management page.


For the sake of ease-of-use, Panabee should be the one listed in your cart. With Panabee, you can just enter one or two keywords, and Panabee will generate new words for your purpose, websites, or blog. It can mere the words, spell the target words backwards, or add characters. All these methods are done automatically. Other names can be generated by doubling last letter,adding they keywords twice, or dropping first letter or last vowel.

Panabee can support a wide range of name extensions, like .us, .in, .com, .org, .net, and more, so, you can get these options as well. You can even add the favorite extension when adding the keyword, although it is not available. Panabee will manage the rest.

If the name you choose is available at GoDaddy, you can easily register it via a click on that name. Those terms related to the keywords will be shown under that name suggestion. These public posts and links from Facebook and Google will also be shown below it. On the right side, there are some apps related to the keywords from Google Play as well as Apple App Store. Besides, these names available and registered will also be shown on it.

If you are not happy with the extension you chose before, Panabee allows you to change it into .org, .biz, and others. When you click on the name you like, it will lead you to GoDaddy automatically and it will offer you further suggestions as well as purchasing plans.


NameStation can generate both the SEO optimized blog names with keyword and those random blog names. It is so intelligent that can produce the word extensions relevant to the specified keyword.

In addition to that, you can also get good keywords and good blog names from its automatic domain generator suggestions. With it, you can even receive search suggestions, keyword lists, fast bulk domain check, cool domain name or blog name suggestions, and the opportunities foe public blog naming contest.


As an old engine for domain name suggestions online, Domain Fellow is still one of the best reliable domain name generators we can trust. It can help you to generate the blog names/ domain names which are both short but meaningful. It can also check these names’ availability.

To be more specific, Domain Fellow generates the domain names by using a popular words database, or combining the keywords. Even better, it is completely free. Note: the name registration is done at other places. Domain Fellow will offer you’re the registration suggestions that are high-quality and accredited.

6 Methods to Create an Amazing  Name for Your New Blog

We understand that even though there are tremendous options for your new blog, you must still feel hard to pick up one perfect. So, we are here to introduce you 6 effective methods, helping you quickly create a right name for your first blog or other new websites, excluding using the intuitive blog name generators.

Before we hit the main purpose, we think it is still worth spending some time in thinking about the 4 questions first. “What’s the main theme your new blog is going to realize?”, “which group is your targeted audience?”, “What’s the tone your blog is going to be like?”, and “Do you want to build the business brand along with the new blog name?”.

After you understand the 4 questions, then you can get to choose the new blog name be following the top in below.

Use a Thesaurus

One of the most effective methods to create interesting new words is to use a Thesaurus by quickly skimming through. If you are just want to use another words to show the same meaning in your new blog name, then we think the Thesaurus could inspire you a lot, because it is often regarded as a source of inspiration.

Pay Attention to Competitor’s Blog Name

We believe that a good web site builder and blogger must have done the excellent research on the field they are going to participating in. Therefore, they must understand there are great bloggers as their competitors. As for you starting a new blog, you can totally save you’re a lot of energy in creating the new blog name.

Checking out your research, and figure out the advantages your competitors have. Learn from it to inspire your creation. However, this easy way is not to teach you how to copy others’ ideas and you will never do it!

Learn from Books Inspiring You

There is no absolutely necessary for you to go after those name creation rules! There are many great writers around the world, and you can also find out the best literature you like as your inspiration.

Don’t worry about the time. With huge number of classic out there, which are all filled with extraordinary words, it will not be so long to take in find the right fun words you are searching for.

Use a Different Language

If you are planning to be outstanding in those already saturated markets, then we suggest that to select abstract words or phrases in a different language except English will be a good method to catch people’s attention. And you can also make full use of online translators like Google Translate to get off smoothly.

Note: when you select the words, you should choose the short ones with less syllables. It will be good for people to pronounce and remember!

Use Humor

Humor and laughter are infectious tonics, making your audience smile easily. You can try to create the new blog name, building a sense of humor, which can boost the endorphins. Of course, if you go this way, it may have no effect on building professional blogs, but if you can make your tone interesting, witty, and fresh, you can still gain a lot. So, it’s worth having a try as well!

Use Abbreviations

If you have ever taken time in research those worldwide famous companies’ names, you should notice that there are a number of brands having the abbreviated names. Actually, using the abbreviated name is beneficial, because it can make the words short, memorable and pronounce, but still keeping the essential value and brand identity for you. Therefore, we suggest that you could abbreviate your full blog name, or you could mix it up just by half abbreviating and then use a word at the end.


Once you decide to start a new blog, beside the building platform and themes you shout very carefully, the blog name is of course one of those important issue need more attention. Making your new blog stunt needs not only the wonderful website design and fresh as well as witty content, the blog name is just like your personality, the new blog’s core value, and the characteristics of your brand. It means you have to take it seriously. So, take your time to read this detailed guide about this issue.

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