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10 Best WordPress Backup Plugins You may Need

If you are running a WordPress websites, you should understand there are a number of thing waiting for you. It means your time is very important to maintain a website well. However, there are always some incident happen, such as your website is hacked, hard disk is broken or you override your data by mistake and want to get your data back. In all above cases, you need to do website Backup to save the data to a safe place regularly. And in below, we list out some best WordPress backup plugins which could help you on this.


Website backup can be done with the help of your WordPress hosting providers, but it is normally not enough! Maybe your provider guarantees to back up your data regularly; however, checking the terms of services carefully, you will find out the most liability and responsibility for the free backup service are on you! Even for those paid backups, there is no 100% safety to the provider’s servers and data centers.

Key Features of Premium WordPress Backup Plugins

Before we dive into the main body of backup plugin introduction, we’d like to bring your some vital features the premium backup plugins should have.

  • Automation. One of the purposes to use backup plugin is to save time for business. So, if your plugin need to conduct manually every time, then this purpose cannot be realized at all!
  • Ease-of-use. no matter backup plugins, or any other tools, you should always try to use the best easy-to-use one. It can not only save time, but also make your program perform better. Besides, it also depends on how much the tech knowledge you grasp. It also means that the easier it is, the better backups are done.
  • It allows you to back up your whole site. There is no doubt that it is great the plugin have the power to back up all parts of your site. If it can’t, how do you decide which parts need to backup more? Besides, it also means there are still a lot remaining to resolve by you manually.
  • Good customer support. This feature available is to ensure that you can use the backup plugin smoothly all the time. It is possible that you are trapped by some issues you cannot resolve. At this moment, the good customer support is important to decide how quick you can fix it. Good customer support normally should contain rich resources for reference or quick contact methods.

According to the features we said above, now let’s have a look at the following premium WordPress backup plugins.



BackUpWordPress is a free backup system on WordPress platform. Up till now, this free backup plugin has been downloaded and installed over 200,000 times and received average 4.7 rating out of 5.

There is one thing you should be aware that BackUpWordPress requires the PHP version of 5.5.3 and later. So, regardless which PHP version your WordPress installed with, you have to firstly check out whether your PHP version is compliant with BackUpWordPress before you perform the installation.

One of the prominent features included with BackUpWordPress is that you can use it to back up the whole website, including your database and files. BackUpWordPress will conduct your order at the schedule that fits your demands.

It does not require setup and normally works on low RAM costs. This feature is very good to shared hosting users, to enhance the security but do not sacrifice performance.

This plugin can also provide your faster backup services with two different options, which are to use mysqldump or zip. If your time is significant, then you can get great benefit from this feature.

Additionally, if you do not store your data backups other places excluding your email or hard drives, then you need to buy an extension. Fortunately, BackUpWordPress just comes with a variety of extensions for cloud storage service, like Google Drive and Dropbox. BackUpWordPress also offers you many options enabling you to back up the data to different locations.

As for support, BackUpWordPress is friendly to provide your multiple languages support.



After we checked out the marketing page on WP-DB-Backup, we find out there is no much information offered. However, this plugin is still very popular and trusted by users. Up to now, this backup plugin has been downloaded 500,000 times with an average 4.6 rating on 5 star basses.

For those code geeks as well as others liking to tinker, WP-DB-Backup may prefer the feature that this plugin’s source code is on GitHub. Nevertheless, if you install it, you can also see the source code from WordPress installation.

As the name of this plugin, WP-DB-Backup only backs up database, other than your files. For those users only need database backups, this plugin is pretty. Well, if you still need to back up your files, then you have to choose another alternative.



This backup plugin is developed by iThemes, providing WordPress webmasters with a comprehensive backup solution. You can easily use it by setting up the automatic backups on schedule.

For backup service, this plugin allows you to back up various sources, including your hard drives, FTP, email, Dropbox, Rackspace, Amazon S3, and Stash. You can opt to backup just your database, or all your files as well. You can also pick and choose certain tables or files to exclude from your backups. Moreover, you can choose to back up the certain part, just database, just files, or both database and files.

Besides, There are some great feature also coming to you, including malware scanning, and database scanning and repair. For developers, its database mass text replacement tool is great.

Additionally, BackupBuddy is not the subscription service, but a licensed service. You can even be licensed to utilize this plugin on multiple sites in you hosting plan. Premium support community forums, plugin updates, as well as 1 GB cloud storage for your backups are all included.



VaultPress is professional WordPress backup plugin and security scanning plugin, which is developed by WordPress creator Automattic.

Different from BackupBuddy, VaultPress is a subscription based plugin. To meet your needs better, there are 3 different level plans available. Generally, VaultPress will offer you an automated real-time cloud backup service with $5/mo.

It is an easy-to-use tool, because you can perform the automatic backups and restorations with just one click within WordPress dashboard. The basic plan also includes security scans every day. 1-click repairs are also includes for most issues in Premium plan. As for customer support, VaultPress also offer support to help you to restore and repair your WordPress site smoothly.

BackWPup Free


As the plugin name implied, this is a free backup plugins, popular among customers. So, by far, BackWPup Free has been downloaded more than 300,000 times, but along with a reluctant 3.8 rating on 5 star bases.

BackWPup Free allows you to back up your files or database on external services, like Dropbox, S3, SugarSync, and Rackspace cloud. Besides, you can also back up your data on your server via FTP access.

BackWPup Free has another premium version which comes with support. If you choose it, you can also back up data to Amazon Glacier and Google Drive.

Apart from that, BackWPup Free can provide you the various options to check, repair, and optimize your database. This is seldom to see with other backup solutions.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox


When you notice the name of this solution, you must know that it will work with Dropbox. This plugin now has get up to 100,000 installations. To make it work, you have to sign up a Dropbox account. It means that if you demands more than 2 GB backup storage, then it will cost your money.

This solution is easy-to-use. The setup of WordPress Backup to Dropbox is simple! You just need to authorize it with Dropbox. When it is done, then you can enjoy the fully automatic backup service.

Additionally, there is one you need to know when you choose it. Here is a requirement to PHP version 5.2.16 and higher along with the cURL support. So, before you install it, you need to check with hosting administrators to know whether your WordPress Installation has the required PHP version installed.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox also claims that there are premium options included. They can meet your additional demands on other functionality. Customer support in multiple languages is also available!



As for the most popular WordPress backup plugins, UpdraftPlus is often listed in, and it is available free of charge. Since its publishment, UpdraftPlus now has over 500,000 installations with a favorable 4.9 rating on 5 star bases. So, we think UpdraftPlus should be taken into our and your consideration.

UpdraftPlus allows you to back up files to your server through a FTP access, or to external cloud solutions, including Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, DreamObjects, and Rackspace cloud.

Actually, the plugin will also be offer the premium version. It will provide you with the gigabyte of backup space on Updraft Vault and other backup plans on SCP, OpenStack Swift, and Microsoft OneDrive. Besides, secure FTP access, database clones, as well as automatic backups while you are updating the WordPress themes. Even better, you can also send your backups to other remote destinations.

Note: for the plugin’s premium version, it is a paid service, and the costs will depend on the number of the sites you need to backups by using UpdraftPlus.



Duplicator is an absolutely powerful backup tool. Besides your data, Duplicator can also back up the whole WordPress website. We think that’s the reason that Duplicator receives up to half a million downloads and up to 4.9 star rating out of 5 maybe.

With Duplicator, you can copy, clone, and even migrate your entire WordPress website from current location to another. If your primary website goes down, then you must need a failover solution. Well, if you desire the full redundancy to handle that issue, then Duplicator absolutely a premium backup solution for you.

However, as a disclaimer, there is a suggestion that when using this plugin, you are required above average tech knowledge. It also means that if you are not skilled in any software configuration, then you have to delegate Duplicator’s administrator to a certain reliable professional. This process must cost additional money!

myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin


Comparing with UpdraftPlus and Duplicator, myRepono may be is less popular than them, but it receives the same high start rating. So, it should be a reliable WordPress backup tool you may need.

It is easy to use, because it can help up set up the automatic backup process in minutes. On, it offers many other tools to improve the backups and restorations solution. Of course, the additional options will charge you some money based on its values. To make you feel comfort more, myRepono will offer those options with the pay-as-you-go billing system. It can help you increase the efficiency of services within your budget.

Additionally, myRepono also offers flexible backup term arrangement. There are hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly plans available!



blogVault is a powerful but free WordPress backup solutions, offering you the automated daily backups for your site. Enjoying a welcome 4.5 star rating, blogVault has been downloaded 9,000 times.

If you are using Dropbox as the online file storage location, then blogVault will offer the automated daily backups to your Dropbox account directly. To set up blogVault, you have to take some time, even though it has claimed that the setup is very easy.

Another great feature is that blogVault will not consume your local space for backups. That is to say, all your storage should be handled offsite, which can make sure the resources for the blog can be guaranteed. Besides, it can provide incremental backups for those huge sites.

Bonus Tips to Use WordPress Backup Plugins

After knowing those two best WordPress backup plugins, you may have made a right choice for your website. Now, we are like to introduce some bonus tips for you to use the backup plugin more effectively. By abiding the rules below:

  • Please always back up your website databases before you install a new upgrade.
  • Please set up and adjust the backup schedule according to your blogging frequency and website updates.
  • When you are backing up any file, please remember to keep 3 backups in 3 different ways/formats or locations. According to the suggestion from WordPress Codex, you’d better back up your database in email account on DVDs or the external hard drives.
  • Please do not backup everything of your site, but only the useful plugins with your valuable files. There are some things you should avoid to back up lest your backup storage should be enlarged significantly, such as your stat plugins and spam filter.
  • Even you are using the best backup plugin in the world, offering you the best automatic backup solutions, you still should conduct the manual backups on occasion as a failsafe solution.

Reading and following above rules help ensure your backups are effective and successful, and you can have no worry about your data loss. Let’s take action right now!

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