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Best WordPress Mobile Theme

Website has become essential component of any business since it open the doors for potential customers around desired locality and around the globe as well. However, the competition is intense over the web. To stand out of the crowd you should make sure that your customers or potential customers are able to reaching you through website regardless to platform they are using. A WordPress mobile theme free can be used for making your website responsive.

Responsive Premium WordPress themes automatically adjust themselves according to the platform they are being accessed through. Smart phones are reaching to more and more people day by day. To make sure that your business is receiving full advantage of this new platform, you must make sure that your website is using a responsive theme. To make your task easy we have compiled a list of best WordPress mobile theme.


Uncode is quite famous among its users for regular updates that helps them in keeping up pace with technology. The theme is completely integrated with major social media platform. The interface is simple yet powerful and user engaging. It is a multipurpose and mobile responsive theme for WordPress platform. It is developed on sophisticated HTML5 and CSS3 plat forms empowered with Bootstrap short codes.

The theme comes with by default woo commerce integration and premium sliders. All page templates and layouts are designed professionally making it a multipurpose theme, ready to go for any website. Off canvas mobile menus are there to make the website look good in smart phone screens.


A perfect solution for fostering the creativity of a website! It is a versatile WordPress mobile theme free with over 1600 happy customers within a month of its launch. With a figure like this, the theme is definitely has something that attracts webmasters towards it. In recent updates significant features such as Sound Cloud and VK icons, dividers for content, default font packs, widgets, etc were added in the package.

Developers of the theme were aiming to develop a mobile responsive theme from the beginning. As a result, we have a great WordPress theme that adjusts each of its elements properly on mobile and tablet screens.

Hestia Pro

Hestia is a perfect solution for those looking for a colorful and engaging website. It comes with all the crafting tools that are required to build up a unique looking mobile responsive website. With being mobile responsive, it is also highly customizable so you would not require playing with scripts and codes to customize it as your likings.

Bootstrap platform is used to create this theme completely mobile friendly. Every element and images on the website are resized and reoriented so that they look great regardless to screen size. There are plenty of templates to choose from making it easy to develop the theme according o your likings. It offers a polished look on any possible device on the earth.

X Theme

X theme is perfectly suitable for any hand held mobile device. Moreover using them, users are allowed to craft mobile responsive sites on their very own without coding. It is an ideal WordPress mobile theme free. Since cross platform compatibility errors are fully dismissed, this theme benefits both users and site owners as well. As long as you possess internet connection you can update and organize your website on the go.

Gorgeous fonts and icon packs are offered in X theme. Like other website elements, these icons are too designed in such way that they will adjust themselves according to various screen sizes. Two different icon packs would be offered with 200 icons in each. The theme is integrated with woo commerce plugin making it ideal for online stores.


Soledad is a perfect WordPress theme for online magazines and blog websites. The theme holds multiple customization features making it ideal for bloggers and magazine websites. There are over 200 different templates and demo websites to choose the layout. Live customizer of the theme is equipped with over 250 customization tweaks. Over 100 combinations of blogging layout and sliders make it perfect for lads willing to have their own unique-custom website.

In both design and functionality, the theme is quite smooth. It is a responsive theme built on Bootstrap platform. Moreover, it is retina ready. Bloggers and online magazine owners would find it perfect since all a blog or magazine website requires is a perfect responsive layout.


Divi is a perfect WordPress mobile theme free for those looking forward to create an amazing website. They provide live preview of the theme so that it is easier to trust if written reviews are just not enough for you. Each element of every page is grouped in various blocks. This layout helps when these elements are adjusted according to particular screen size.

Your content would look the same let it be a laptop, PC, tablet or a tiny smart phone. There are multiple premade demos. However when using this theme, nothing would be stopping you from building a website from complete scratch.


Blogging is at its peak nowadays. Presentation matters as much as content in blogging and this theme focuses on the same. The presentation of this theme along with your quality content would keep the readers stick. CCS3 and HTML 5 markups have been used to develop its stylish looks. Thanks to these simple platforms, installation and customization processes have been simplified too.

Mobile compatibility of this theme also noticeable since it will allow your readers to read you content at their convenient, time and place as long as they have an internet connection and any smart device. It will get your website a good SEO performance and potential readers.


It is a perfect theme for blogs running on WordPress. Your profit count would definitely increase as the theme strike right through eyes of your readers into their heart. It will make your blog / magazine run on any possible screen size on the earth.

It is a fully responsive theme. Size and resolution would never be a problem for blog running on this theme. There are many fascinating features keeping their users happy such as grid layout, classic blog layout, lists, menus, and side menu bars to name a five. Anyone can pick this WordPress mobile theme free since the installation and customization process does not require any kind of programming or scripting knowledge.


Many web masters consider this theme being perfect for fashion industry specifically that covers fashion bloggers, designers, reviewers, etc similar niches. It is perfect for building an attractive and fascinating website that show cases your products in an appealing way. It holds a clean, sleek and dynamic look that appeals almost any kind of visitors.

It is a complete package for those looking for a clean and fast word press theme. This is one of those many simplest word press templates. Sophisticated image galleries and show cases are there to brand your services at fullest. New websites are recommended to use this theme since it would help theme to build their own brand.


If you are looking for quality, Oshine is going to be a perfect solution for almost all of your WordPress questions. It possesses multiple video and text tutorials for those who do not possess any coding knowledge. Since it is a responsive theme as the article title implies, they will adjust as the screen size / window resolution changes.

For those looking to build a completely unique website from scratch, Drag and Drop features are included. This feature has whole a lot simplified the customization and development process. All you require to do is drag various elements around the screen and place them where they are supposed to be.


Design driven interface is offered in this WordPress mobile theme free. It is perfect for ecommerce shops, corporation websites, blogs, etc. It is much of an all rounder theme that would suite any kind of website under any niche. It does not matters what type of website you want to set up, the installation process will take couple of clicks and a few minutes only.

Many plug-ins included in the free package are premium ones. If bought individually, these are much likely to cost you significant amount of money. A premier visual composer plugin is also there for free that costs 28 $ if bought individually.

The Fox

Variety of roles can be served by this WordPress theme thanks to a number of significant modification options. It is not a complex theme that will require you to hire web developers or program developers to apply tweaks. You can do it on your very own using this theme. Nowadays, even 12 years kids are hanging out there with iPhones in their pocked (sorry if it was too much).

In such technological peak, most of the GOOD websites are ruined over web thanks to their poor cross platform compatibility. For lazy geeks, there are almost 20 of premade homepage templates to choose from. If you are ready to put in some hard work, there can be 250 variable combinations using various tweak options.


It is quite an attractive theme that has potential of turning your visitor into a potential customer. However, it is not the only purpose served by this website. In beginning, it was developed and promoted as a blogging website theme. However, the features it offered were perfect for an ecommerce website.

It comes with Mail Chimp news letter already installed. Weekly updates are essential for maintaining your viewership and customers aren’t they? It is highly integrated with social media so that your promotions are made a little bit easier.  Personalized face book and instagram feature is included in the package as well. Post and grid layouts can be tweaked in various possible ways.


This WordPress mobile theme free offers a powerful admin panel with highly intuitive capacities and well designed layouts. With it launch, it has achieved 1300 sells which is quite sufficient enough to prove that these people are not fooling around. A good support team is assigned alone for this theme only.

Most of the word press based themes offer 20 max demo websites to try out. Ronneby comes with over 40 demo websites. This is not a limit to premade templates of this theme. New templates are added every week and users are still waiting for that day we will find out all possible combinations. In their free package, there are various plug-ins and features worth 68 USD.


Despite of being one of the simplest designs of word press, t is appealing and attractive. The layouts are attractive enough to pin the visitors and make him navigate through it restlessly. It includes drag and drop technology for better development and modification experience. Their fonts pack includes over 600 unique font schemes.

The control panel is powerful and user friendly enough to make anyone a master in developing and editing layout of their websites. It comes with attractive slider developed by Theme Nectar. In latest updates they have also lunched video playback support. Screen swipe, loop, limitless scroll, etc are some of the noticeable features.


Every aspect of your website would get a unique touch with this one of the best WordPress mobile theme free. It is famous in web masters using word press platform for the unique and attractive design templates. It is quite unimaginable that this theme lacks something you need since there are 100 different customization sections to choose from. There is also some pre made content that can be directly used in your website without any assist.

They do not consider their responsibility over once the theme is installed. You will receive quality support and regular updates extending capability of the theme.


It is hard to believe if you still not fount soul theme for your website after browsing through these options. If it is the case, consider giving a try to each of them and at least one of them will impress your soon.

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