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Bisend (, founded in 2016, is an integrated web services provider. Although it is quite young in the web industry, it is a fast growing player with delivering the best possible experience to individuals and SMBs. At present, the company has diverse domain services, a wide range of SSL certificate brands, cheap Linux web hosting, optimized ASP.NET hosting, VPS, and both Linux and Windows-friendly reseller hosting available.

In below, the Bisend Review is based on our real experience and hundreds of its customer reviews. With this detailed reviews, you can know Bisend services and their quality better.

Bisend Deals

Bisend web hosting now offers customers up to 64% off discount. Normally, its shared web hosting starts at $7.99/mo, while if customers link into our following exclusive promo link, it is at as low as $2.95/mo.

Bisend Exclusive Deal Bisend Exclusive Deal
64% Off

Even better, the company includes many attractive features, such as free SSL certificate, SSD RAID 10 storage, 1-click WordPress installer, and so on.

In addition to that, Bisend is very confident to provide customers with 30 days of money back guarantee, with which customers can feel free to try Bisend services. If it is not they right one to go with, they can ask a refund without any question within the first 30 days.

Bisend Review on Uptime and Speed

Bisend guarantees that its web hosting services come with a 99.9% uptime, which is worry-free for customers. Different from some other cheap web hosting providers, Bisend offers cheap web solutions with fast speed, high security, and smoothly online experience.

First, we check out its data center information. The company offers customers two locations to choose from: one is in Chicago, and the other is in Hong Kong. Allowing customers to decide the best location for them means they can deliver better response time to their website visitors.

As for the infrastructure of the two locations, we take its Chicago SAS 70 Type II certified data center as our example. Within it, there are 2N UPS, 2N Utility, N+1 cooling system, BMS monitoring, and etc. To keep the best reliability, it has staff around maintaining and monitoring customers’ servers well.

Then, we take a look at its server specs. The company uses high performance Dell and Cisco servers. Each one has at least 24GB CPU cores, and 64GB memory. The industry-leading SSD hard drives are configured in its web solutions as well.

The last thing we concern is about its network and related services. Bisend makes full use of CloudFlare CDN services, which ensure the most advanced protocols on the Internet. Additionally, Bisend has developed very close collaboration with premium bandwidth carriers and is able to set up the multi-layer network architecture that speeds up connectivity and lower down the latency.

That’s the reasons they Bisend has the ability to deliver a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Bisend is Easy to Use

Bisend understands how important the ease-of-use is for customers, especially for those beginners. In order to help customers manage the most time-consuming issue well and easily, the company prepares a series of tools in web solutions.

Plesk Control Panel

Bisend has established good partnership with Plesk International GmbH, so it can offer the industry popular control panel Plesk in each plan. With Plesk, customers can easily manage all aspects of their site and hosting accounts, including email, applications, software, files, etc.

WordPress Toolkits

In shared hosting, Bisend provides customers 1-click WordPress installer which enables WordPress website migration, backups and restore effortlessly.

Backups and Recovery

Customers have no worries about their data security, because the company offers weekly automatic backups and recovery. With this service, customers can almost instantly restore their site data to the previous state when they have a server outage.

Bisend Service Reviews

Bisend is a young player in the web hosting, but is understand what solutions customers need most. At present, the company has ASP.NET Hosting, Linux hosting, reseller Hosting, and SSL certificates available. VPS hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting come soon later. To make it clear, we make the service review one by one in below.

Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Review on Features

Bisend has made shared hosting optimize for ASP.NET, namely ASP.NET hosting. By including a range of ASP.NET-friendly features, Bisend makes ASP.NET hosting easy to meet all kinds of customers’ needs.

Bisend ASP.NET hosting has three packages available, Standard, Pro and Business. For server resources, there are up to unlimited websites supported, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and unlimited email accounts. Besides, Bisend ASP.NET hosting includes dedicated IPs and free SSL certificate. Before signing up, it allows customers to choose a data center from US and Hong Kong.

As for ASP.NET friendly features and databases, Bisend offers multiple versions of PHP ranging from 5.4 to 7.0, Zend Optimizer, ASP.NET 1.2, 2, 3.5SP1,4.5,5, Classic ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC 3 to 6, .ASP Core 1.0, 1.1, Silverlight 4, 5, and Node.js. Also, SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016, MySQL & MSSQL DBs, remote access, and phpMyAdmin and MyLittleAdmin are offered with ASP.NET hosting.

In terms of server management, the company includes Plesk control panel, 1-click script installers, webmail, and website backups and restore. Everything customers need to make website management easy is included.

Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Review on Price

Bisend ASP.NET hosting is extremely cheap. Regularly, the company charges it from $7.99/mo. If customers click this exclusive promo link, they can receive an amazing 64% off discount, enabling it start at $2.95/mo only when signing up for 3 year cycle.

Bisend offers 30 Days of money back guarantee, which allows customers to ask a full refund from Bisend within the first 30 days. So, they can feel free to have a try.

Bisend Linux Hosting Review on Features

Bisend Linux hosting comes with the same 3 packages, including rich features, ready-to-code hosting environment, and rich resources to make creating a website easy. The latest CentOS 7.x is available.

Its three Linux hosting packages give customers up to unlimited websites, bandwidth, SSD RAID-10 storage, and email accounts support. Additionally, the company offers customers two data center options, dedicated IP address, and free SSL certificate available.

About email, there are Outlook Windows Mail and Thunderbird Mail supports, webmail, anti spam and virus, email alias, and email forward. Easy to use email features can help customers create email campaigns to start business easier.

For other advanced features, Bisend Linux hosting has MySQL 5.5+ with remote access and phpMyAdmin, Zend Optimizer, PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, and PHP7.0.x. Hotlink protection, 301 URL Rewrite, customized .htaccess, protected directory, and FTP over Https all come to customers.

What’s more, the company offers enhanced usability to Linux hosting customers. Now, the industry-leading Plesk control panel and 1-click installer for WordPress are both available.

Bisend Linux Hosting Review on Price

Bisend Linux hosting with free SSL, SSD and Plesk is affordable. It normally starts at $7.99/mo, but if customers go with 3 years plan, it is at $2.95/mo only. With this exclusive promotion, customers can save up to 64%.

Other more, to make customers happy with Bisend, the company offer 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. It is wonderful for customers to try its services. If they are not satisfied, they can obtain a refund of all hosting fees during the first 30 days.

Bisend Reseller Hosting Review on Features

To help customers start their own hosting business, Bisend carefully designs 3 reseller hosting plans, which are both Linux and Windows friendly. The 3 reseller hosting plans are Silver, Golden and Platinum. Also, like the other shared hosting solutions, Bisend reseller hosting include location options: the US and Hong Kong. So, resellers don’t have to worry about their site location, because they have two premium choices.

In three packages, Bisend offers at most unlimited websites, 180GB disk space, and 1.8TB bandwidth to customers. These are enough for them to design their own web hosting packages for sales.

As for other features, Bisend reseller hosting includes multiple PHP versions and the latest PHP 7.0.x, as well as MySQL 5.5+ with phpMyAdmin for Linux OS packages; in Windows reseller hosting, there are multiple versions of .NET and .ASP Core, MSSQL 2012, 2014 and 2016 available. So, customers can deliver ready-to-code Linux shared hosting or ASP.NET optimized hosting to their clients.

Feature-rich email services and the same access & security features in Linux hosting can be also configured to make premium hosting plans for their clients.

Website management is important not only for resellers but also their clients. Bisend offers Plesk Reseller Account Management to help customers manage their reseller accounts easier. Free 1-click SSL certificate, remote database management, and website backups can be delivered to their clients as well.

Bisend Reseller Hosting Review on Price

Bisend reseller hosting is quite cheap, coming with up to 64% off discount. For example, its Silver package normally starts at $43.25/mo, but if customers choose 3 years cycle, the can get 54% off discount, making it start as low as $19.95/mo. To learn more about Bisend reseller hosting deals, please check out our exclusive promo link.

Likewise, Bisend reseller hosting also has 30 day money back guarantee. It lowers most risks for customers and gives them a chance to experience Bisend reseller hosting services free of charge.

Bisend Offers Various SSL Certificate Options

Bisend now works with the world’s leading SSL brands including the former Symantec, Comodo, Geotrust, Entrust, and TrustAisa, offering the highest authority of network security to customers. With these most reliable SSL service providers, Bisend can provide a wide range of SSL certificate options for customers.

Domain validation (DV) SSL, Wildcard SSL, organization validation (OV) SSL, Extended Validation (EV) SSL and Code Singing certificate are all available. So, customers can always get the right SSL certificate option at Bisend.

For example, one of the most popular EV SSLs GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV can offer customers green address bar support in their browser’s address bar to show their site is secure and enhance their business brand image, so as to increase visitor’s confidence to make deal on their site. Once there is accident happening to customer’s site, guarantee $1,500,000 in compensation is included in the package. Only 1 to 5 days are needed for issuance.

It is easy to activate. Bisend has set up a simplified purchase process, and for validation, after purchase, Bisend will be with customers during the whole process to help them prepare materials and submit them for quicker validation.

In terms of prices, Bisend is very confident to offer the lowest pricing that other rivals never offer. Because there are so many options, so we offer customers the exclusive promo link to learn Bisend SSL certificate services well.

Do We Recommend Bisend SSL Certificate Services?

Absolutely Yes! Bisend cooperates with many industry-leading SSL services providers and provides plenty of SSL certificate options for customers at the best prices. Besides, it has a complete, simplified purchase and support process to help customers get their SSL installed quickly. With the most reliable quality and low pricing tables, there is no reason to say no to Bisend SSL certificate services.

Bisend Review on Customer Support

Bisend takes customer support seriously. It offers 100% satisfaction guarantee with the most professional and responsive customer support. When customers have any issues they cannot handle, they can feel free to contact Bisend experienced support team which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just start a live chat or submit a ticket, and then Bisend experts will come as soon as possible.

Moreover, Bisend has created online help center where customers can search for any core products related questions and answers, as well as the purchase guides. Bisend Blog also has many “how to” tutorials updated recently. Bisend Terms of Services include all customers’ rights and the company’s responsibilities.

Is Bisend Recommended?

According to our real experience, customers’ reviews, and this detailed analysis, we think customers should have their own answers, and ours is yes. Bisend offers cheap and easy to use Linux hosting and reseller hosting, cheap and feature-rich ASP.NET hosting, as well as various reliable SSL certificates. With two premium data centers’ support and responsive customer support, Bisend web solutions are reliable. Therefore, we sincerely recommend individuals and SMBs to take advantage of its 30 days money back guarantee and massive discounts to try Bisend.

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