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Top 12 Blog Platforms

Currently, blogging has become a popular social activity online. It is not only an easy way for you to connect with the outer world, but also a good platform for you to make money. You can use your blog to share what you like, learn and meet with others; you can record your experience every day; you can get also use your blog to promote your own and others’ business. In a word, for you, blog is worth having a try. Then, there is a question you need to solve first. Which blog pflatform you are going to use?

It is very important, deciding your blog’s future development. However, it is not an easy question, especially for those novices, because there are many blogging platforms available out there. How do you distinguish those platforms to pick up one right for you? That’s also the issue we are to discuss in this article.

To help you easily find out the right answer, we compose this guide of Top 12 Blog Platforms. By virtue of our rich experience and users’ feedback, we are to introduce 12 reliable blogging platforms. To make it more understandable, we will go through each platform’s pros as well as cons. We are also to give you the best available option at the end of some self-hosted platforms.

What to Consider When Choosing a Right Blog Platform?

Before we jump to the main body of this article, we want to tell you something about how to choose the right blog platform.

As for notices, you have to consider the ease-of-use of that platform. You are new to blogging, so it is more important for you to look for a better blog platform with the best usability. And it should not require much coding skills.

Meanwhile, you have to figure out which type of blog you are going to build, now as well as in the future.

With the growing of your blog, it is possible that you want to change the blog’s look and add more advanced features on it. It also means that your blog platform has to be flexible, giving you the space and power to do those changes. Supposed that you start the blog on a wrong platform, when you need to scale up, it is difficult for you to switch.

Other more, even though you do not have the plan to make money on your bog yet, it is still clever to keep this option for the future development. That’s why you need to think about this feature when choosing the platform.

Bearing these things in min, now let’s start to know the following 12 reliable blog platforms one be one for all notices.

Currently, has already become the most popular blog platform in the world. Although and have many in common, still offers its special customization feature to all sorts of bloggers. As an open source blog platform, enables you to start your blog as you want. is a self-hosted software solution, meaning you have to sign up with another WordPress web hosting provider.


  • org can provide you with the full control over all the customizations of your blog;
  • You can receive thousands of premium but free themes for WordPress, so you can create any beautiful blog making it stand out;
  • org allows you to scale up with more other features such as online store, forums, and membership options;
  • There are minimal 45,000 useful plugins available free of charge. You can use them as the apps on your WordPress blog, which means you have many options to add more different features on you blog;
  • For SEO effort, it is search engine friendly, because WordPress is developed with SEO purpose.


  • As we said before, is self-hosted and offers you complete control over the blog’s every aspect of customization, which means you need to cover many thing to maintain the WordPress blog. For notices, there must be a learning curve to manage the blog effectively;
  • Site backups as well as security patches need be managed by you.

WordPress Hosting Provider Recommendation is free of charge but you still need you own domain name and web hosting to host it. Here we recommend Bluehost, so does Bluehost launches a special web hosting for WordPress usage. Visiting it through our exclusive promo link, you can get this WordPress hosting at $2.95/mo only, instead of $7.99/mo. So you can save about 63%.

Along with the special Bluehost WordPress hosting, you can receive a free domain name registration, one-click WordPress install, free website builders, $150 free ads credits, and 24/7 technical support.


Ghost is a free open source blog platform, which is actually developed with the idea of being a simpler WordPress version – just as a blog platform but without any other advanced content management tool or feature introduced in WordPress recently. According to its development conception and features, we can say it is great for notices and even some expert bloggers, but it is still not the best solution to build a business blog and pro-blog.


  • Ghost is developed as a blog platform only;
  • It has a very clear, simple writing & publishing interface, making it easy-to-use;
  • It features live preview when you are writing, which allows you to correct any coding error and writing error;
  • Ghost is written in JavaScript. Therefore, Ghost is super-fast;
  • The hosted version does not require setup,


  • The setup is a little complicate if you install Ghost by yourself;
  • Compared with WordPress, Ghost is not as easy as WordPress to customize with apps;
  • Ghost does not comes with redundant themes for your to change the blog look.

Ghost Hosting Provider Recommendation

Exclude pro version, you need to buy a web hosting plan with a domain name to host your Ghost blog site but the pro version charges $8 to $200 which depends on the number of the blog site you are to run and the amount of traffic you are expecting. Here we get a cheaper but still reliable option – it is A2Hosting.

Via the exclusive link, you can get the Ghost hosting empowered by Turbo server, which can bring 20 times faster speed, starting at $3.92/mo instead of $7.99/mo. You can save around 51%. Besides, the web hosting plan comes with 1-click Softaculous for Ghost, free SSD drives, 24 hour Guru Crew customer support, CloudFlare free CDN, free cPanel control panel, easy Google Apps setup, SSL certificate and more.


Joomla is like, open source software CMS. If you are just seeking for a complete content management system, then Joomla could be your selection for your blog. Besides, it is self-hosted as well, so you need to get a right Joomla hosting for your blog building on it.


  • Joomla can offers you enough templates to adjust and customize your blog design;
  • Joomla also has redundant apps available for you adding new blog features, so extensions are here;
  • Joomla is flexible and powerful enough to allow you create any kind of blog.


  • There are fewer themes as well as add-ons for WordPress, because Joomla community is smaller than WordPress’;
  • Joomla offers limited support options to community support;
  • You have to handle security, updates and backups.

Joomla Hosting Provider Recommendation

As for the affordable and reliable Joomla hosting provider, here we recommend InMotion Hosting. Purchasing through our exclusive promo link, you can save 57% off the regular $6.99/mo, and start at $2.95/mo. InMotion Hosting Joomla hosting will come with free domain name, free setup & transfer, free data backups, free website builder, free SSDs, PHP 7, Easy Google Apps integration, $250 free ads credits, SSH access, suPHP security, free tutorials, and great support.


For those who are running a blog associated with businesses, Drupal is a good platform. Besides as a blog platform, Drupal is also a CMS. You can create and organize your blog, pages, and other online content along with your blog site within this platform.

In addition to that, if you want to start the blog on Drupal, you have to find a web hosting to host the blog. Notices can easily accommodate it; therefore, Drupal fits those blog upgrading from a free platform, rather than those just starting out.


  • Drupal allows you to quickly set up a complex website, if you have already obtained some experience in creating websites. It means you have more time focusing on blog creative designs, helping your blog stand out from the crowd;
  • Drupal community is very large, so that you can get redundant support and resources to get started smoother;
  • Drupal can offer you redundant resources to meet your expanding;
  • Drupal can not only serve ad your favorable API, but also its own API;
  • It starts with a fully blank slate, allowing you to fully customize your blog.


  • Due to the completely blank slate, to manage Drupal blog site very well need a learning curve;
  • The major update of Drupal could be a headache, because Drupal does not support legacy installations;
  • Drupal consume many web hosting resources, which indicates the rather slow speed of your blog;
  • Drupal cannot meet the complex customization of your blog, while installing.

Drupal Hosting Provider Recommendation

No matter you are a veteran Drupal developer or just a notice for Drupal, GreenGeeks Drupal hosting can provide you with everything you need. Free Drupal migration, Drupal optimized servers, free 1-click Drupal install, free domain name registration or transfer, free SSD RAID-10 storage, 24/7 US-based support, and free enhanced security. Via our exclusive promo link, you can start it at $3.96/mo instead of $9.95/mo, which save you 60%.

For many notices, there may be some confuse about and We have talked about the latter before, which is a self-hosted software blog platform, while the former is a blog web hosting service provided by Automattic that is the company founded by Matt Mullenweg, the cofounder.

Unlike, will come with basic free blog web hosting services. Besides, you can also buy additional options such as additional storage, other premium services, and a custom domain name.


  • com does not require setup;
  • com is developed with the ideal of ease-of-use and easy management. (that has been proved by many users.)


  • com offers limited options, which is not very good for you to extend the blog as it develops;
  • com comes as a blog hosting plan, which offers you all basic feature for blogging you need, but it will not allow you to run any ads on it;
  • You are running blog hosting service at Automattic, so it means you cannot own it, and if find you are doing anything violating its terms of service, then it can suspend your account anytime.

Plan & Price

There is free blog hosting plan, but it will come with its own ads as well as branding. If you are running your own brand, it is not good to make any promotion. In addition to that, it allows you to upgrade to paid plans so that you can get rid of the ads and branding. The Personal plan starting at $2.99/mo allows you to remove its ads and logo and offer you a custom domain. If you still need more design tools as well as other storage, still has other bigger plans available.


For notices to seek for an easy-to-use platform, then Blogger is one of them on your list. This is actually a free blog web hosting service, great for anyone just starting out with a simple blog. In 2003, Blogger is purchased by Google, offering those non-tech-savvy users an easy and quick way to build a blog.


  • This platform is totally free;
  • Blogger is easy-to-use and does not require many technical skills – it allows you to just type your content, add images, and then publish it;
  • With Blogger, you can add widgets and edit HTML, which are not available for notices at many other blog platform;
  • Because of Google’s acquisition, Blogger is a blog hosting service offered by Google now, which also means you can enjoy the reliability and security from Google.


  • Blogger comes with limited blogging tools, so when you need more features and tools, you have to move to another platform;
  • Blogger often offers limited design options and fewer templates; its 3rd party templates are usually low quality as well;
  • The updates and new features are not frequently offered;
  • It is Google’s service, so Google can suspend your account anytime or even cancel this service completely.


Medium was pushed out on the market in 2012, and now it has developed into a professional community for bloggers, writers, journalists, as well as experts. In fact, Medium is a simple and easy-to-use blog platform having limited social network features.


  • Actually, Medium is a free blog platform, and both individuals and businesses can sign up for Medium accounts free of charges;
  • Medium is simple blog platform, great for notices starting here, because it is easy-to-use, and does not require setup and high-level coding skills;
  • Medium is a good place for bloggers sharing their ideas, interests, and experience with each other;
  • Medium is also the platform helping you to focusing on blog writing solely, and leave website designs to the platform.
  • At Medium, you can also embody other content and videos from 3rd party platforms, lie YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Vimeo;
  • Medium is also very user-friendly, allowing readers to know how long and how popular the posts are so that they can decide if they read them; for you, you can now the views and the traffics;
  • Medium also offers some appropriate suggestions about creating blog posts;


  • Like we said before, you can get rid of the worry about website designs, which also means that you can only receive limited options for site designs and create your brand special with fewer tools;
  • You build the blog on Medium, so Medium has all your audience if you cancel or lose your Medium blog, it means you will lose your followers in all as well;
  • Medium also does not allow you to run your own ads so as to make money;


Squarespace is web site building platform, offering you the ability to set up amazing web site via drag-and-drop editor. Since it was founded, it has been paying attention to small business webmasters needing a simple ways to build a wonderful online presence. For bloggers, it of course can help you create the blog site as you want.


  • Squarespace provides you with a wide range of options, giving you the great power to customize your blog site, and allowing to change everything without much coding knowledge;
  • For bloggers, Squarespace can help you expend your blog site services and features to develop your business;
  • You can get professional and beautiful website designed templates to create beautiful blog;
  • Squarespace offers SSL/HTTPs as well as e-Commerce store, along with your domain name.


  • Squarespace also has downside for bloggers – its plugin and theme support is not good as it could be, so if you need those options here, you need some coding sills.
  • For plan features, the Personal plan comes with limited options, like 2 contributors, one blog, and 20 pages;

Plan & Price

Squarespace offers two levels of website builder plans: one is Personal and the other is Business. Personal regularly starts at $16/mo, while if you sign up for annual plan, then it will be at $12/mo. Business plan is from $26/mo, and $18/mo for annual plan.


Among younger people, Tumblr is pretty good blogging option that is simple to use. In fact, Tumblr is a little different from others, which is a microblog platform, including social networking features like reblogging, following other blogs, built-in sharing features, and others.


  • Tumblr is free to use and easy-to-use;
  • As microblogging platform, it makes things easy so you can easily and quickly blog GIFs, videos, images, as well as audio formats;
  • The blog platform integrates with a social media component.
  • Tumblr focuses on blogger community; therefore, you can get many reblogging and sharing content tools.


  • If you need to expand your blog site, then Tumblr cannot offer you redundant features to make it;
  • You can get many themes for Tumblr but without any other extra features;
  • To back up your blog or to import your Tumblr blog to other blog platforms is a little difficult.

Plan & Price

As a matter of fact, Tumblr is a free platform, so to run a blog At Tumblr, you have to purchase a custom domain. Besides, you can buy other 3rd party apps and themes here as well.


Wix is a well-known website builder provider, which is actually not only a hosted platform for website building, but also the platform for starting blogs.


  • Your blog created at Wix will be supported for portable devices, which is good to your audiences reading and viewing your content and posts on different devices;
  • You starting a blog at Wix can get wonderful support from it as well, via email and phone; besides, there are abundant resources for you to learn to elevate yourself;
  • Wix allows you to customize your blog site by using many templates as well as 3rd party apps;
  • Wix also provides you with easy-use-use drag-and-drop editor, so there is not coding knowledge required;
  • You can easily sing up for a Wix account quickly.


  • It indeed offers free 3rd party apps, but the number is limited;
  • Wix does not allow you to change the templates once you decided it;
  • Wix plans also include some negative features for you to get better SEO efforts, such as the Wix ads and banding showing on your site if you sign up for the free account;

Plan & Price

Wix offers free website builder, while there are also some premium plans available. The entry-level paid plan starts at $4.5/mo, allowing you to add a connect domain.


Just like Wix, Weebly is another famous hosted platform as well, allowing you to create your own web site by using its drag-and-drop editor. Besides, you can receive many other ready-to-use themes and web-based interface for your site. Of course, it can be used as a blog platform.


  • For notices, ease-of-use is important and Weebly knows it, offering the Dra-and-drop site builder that does not quire any technical skills;
  • Weebly hosts your website, so you can set up easily and quickly
  • There is free plans available, giving you the chance to experience Weebly service free.


  • Weebly has limited built-in features and you are not allowed to add any new feature into it as well;
  • The 3rd party platform integration is also limited;
  • It is a little difficult to export Weebly site to other platforms;

Plan & Price

Besides free plan, Weebly paid plans start at $8/mo when annually, coming with limited features like a free domain; so to get more, you need to upgrade to other higher plans.


Typepad as a blog platform, offers notices and experienced bloggers a simple to use interface.


  • It comes with easy-to-use tools like its simple and clean interface;
  • There are rich themes for you to choose from to make a beautiful blog;
  • With TypePad, you can also get a wide range of plugins to make it your personality.


  • TypePad hosts all bogs on its own servers, which limits your hosting provider choice;
  • There is also some difficult to edit code.

Plan & Price

TypePad has 4 plans available, and all of them come with a 14 day free trail. It is wonderful for you to try its services. And after the period, the basic plan starts at $8.95/mo, along with map your domain, personal support and beautiful designs.

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