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Bluehost Coupon Code 2020

If you are looking for a Bluehost coupon, then this is the right place for you. We have the best deal from Bluehost which could bring you up to 64% discount, and you could find Bluehost coupon codes in 2018 on Shared hosting, VPS Hosting and dedicated servers from below.

Bluehost coupon on Shared Hosting

There are 3 shared hostings from BlueHost, which are Basic, Plus and Prime, and the regular price are at $7.99/mo, $10.99/mo and $14.99/mo respectively. And now, by following this exclusive Bluehost Discount link , you could get it at $2.95/mo, $5.45/mo or $5.45/mo, after which you could save up to 64%.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Coupon Bluehost Shared Hosting Coupon
64% off

Let’s take Bluehost Basic as an exmaple. At present, BlueHost coupon is getting you an 64% discount – starting at $2.95/mo. The price for $2.95/mo is available for 3 years billing plan, and the BlueHost discount is available for all billing cycle plans. Seeing the different billing cycle prices as the following:

BlueHost Discount 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year
Regular Price $7.99/mo $8.99/mo $9.99/mo
Discounted Price $2.95/mo $3.95/mo $4.95/mo

The renewal price of BlueHost professional web hosting is charging from $7.99/mo, without any discount or coupon code available. So we suggest you choosing the 3 years plan that you could get the cheapest price and save most.

As for the payment, you could be flexible, choosing a credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, America Express and Discover. Eventually, BlueHost also supports the most popular PayPal payment that is much secure and fast.

What Extra Benefits included in this BlueHost Coupon?

Besides giving some discount on price directly, Bluehost also add quite a lot of free extra in its hosting packages which will benefit you more.

# Free Domain Name

Compared to other web hosts don’t provide any free domain or charges 1 domain for $14/yr averagely, BlueHost provides 1 free domain for life. Besides, if customers who have an existing domain name on other web hosts, BlueHost will help them transfer their domains for free, without any downtimes. Overall, with BlueHost, customers could get their websites online fast and easily.

# $100 Google Advertising Offer

There is $100 Google Advertising offer along with BlueHost discount. With the effective Google AdWords credits, customer could show the ad to people at the precise moment, change, pause or stop the ad at any time. At last, they could drive quality traffic to their website and grow their business.

# Free Site Builder & Templates

BlueHost also provides free site builder to help customers create their websites in few minutes. In the powerful cPanel, the one-click installer Softaculous allows for easy installation of over 280 applications, which include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and much more.

With over 1000 free site templates and themes, customers will have a wide range of choices to personalize the websites.

# 24 x 7 Phone, Live Chat & Email Support

As technical is one of the most crucial part of a web hosting, BlueHost provides 100% US based technical support, which is available for phone, live chat and email methods. With well-trained and professional support staffs, customers could get effective and responsive helps in few minutes.

However, if customers don’t want to get helps from a real person, they could visit the online Help Center to open tickets, browse knowledgebase, watch video tutorials or discuss in the user forum. This is quite helpful for customers who would rather like help by themselves.

# 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

After all, BlueHost provides 30 Days Money Back Guarantee to backup BlueHost coupon code. If customers have anything unsatisfied, they could cancel their accounts and ask their money back. In the first 30 days, they will get a full refund. In a word, customers could be rest assured with both BlueHost hosting service and support.

Bluehost coupon on VPS Hosting

VPS hosting service is definitely more expensive than shared hosting as it provides guaranteed resources. However, compared to other VPS services are unreasonably expensive, BlueHost VPS is quite affordable in the field. It has 4 VPS plans as Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate, priced at $29.99/mo, $59.99/mo, $89.99/mo, and $119.99/mo regularly. And now, it still provides 50% discount for customers going through the exclusive discount link, starting at $14.99/mo, $29.99/mo, $44.99/mo and $55.99/mo.

In below table, we list the detailed prices after applying Bluehost coupon.

Plan Name Standard Enhanced
Regular Price $29.99/mo $59.99/mo
12 Months $23.74/mo $47.49/mo
6 Months $24.49/mo $48.99/mo
3 Months $23.99/mo $46.99/mo
1 Months $14.99/mo $29.99/mo
How to Claim Link Activation Link Activation

All plans come with free features as free domain name and dedicated IP address, which value more than $20 per month and make BlueHost VPS more cost effective.

Bluehost VPS Coupon Bluehost VPS Coupon
50% off

Sincerely, we suggest budget-limit customers choose the monthly billing plan so that they can get the cheapest price for $14.99/mo. However, for customers with sufficient budget, it’s better to choose the yearly billing plan to save $75 at most. With both credit card and PayPal payments supported, the purchase can be risk-free completely.

Bluehost coupon on Dedicated Server

Compared to the shared hosting, dedicated server is definitely much more expensive because it provides full freedom and flexibility to manage the entire server but not shares with others. However, BlueHost doesn’t charge customers with unreasonably high price, but provides affordable managed hosting services which are priced from $74.99/mo to $124.99/mo.

BlueHost dedicated server includes 3 level plans, as Standard, Enhanced, and Premium plan, charging for $74.99/mo, $99.99/mo and $124.99/mo, $50% off the first month billing. All plans come with free domain name, dedicated IP addresses, CentOS 6.4 system, KVM virtualization, etc.

BlueHost dedicated server also provides storage upgrades that customers can easily add more storage to their account. Generally, it is $39.99/mo for 500 GB, $64.99/mo for 1 TB and $89.99/mo for 2 TB storage. The one-time discount of the first month price will automatically be applied to the order, regardless of whether which plan customers choose.

Bluehost Dedicated Server Coupon Bluehost Dedicated Server Coupon
50% off

Bluehost coupon on Managed WordPress Hosting

Now, BlueHost presents four managed plans including Standard, Enhanced, Premium, and Ultimate. The price of the cheapest plan is starting at $39.99/mo for the first month trying. However, the most expensive one is pricing starting at $129.99/mo. RAM of plans are ranging from 2GB to 8GB, disk space are changing from 60GB to 480GB. If you want to know detailed information about its managed plans, just visit to checkout.

And the latest discount from Bluehost Managed wordPress Hosting is 50% off first month plus 20% off for yearly package, which make the price of its servier low to $19.99/mo.

WordPress Hosting Coupon WordPress Hosting Coupon
50% off

Why Bluehost Hosting

BlueHost, established in 1996, has grown to be a leader in the Linux based shared web hosting industry. With 16-year experience, it has earned an excellent reputation in the WordPress community and well-known to serve more than 850,000 WordPress sites. Even, this web host is the recommended hosting company listed by

BlueHost has customized Linux kernel for robust web hosting service, along with good industry reputation, affordable price, 100% WordPress compatibility, excellent performance, rich features, strong reliability and US-based customer service.

Terrific Industry Reputation

In all the review we have collected via hostUCan, a famous unbiased web hosting review website since 2006, 99.5% customers are satisfied with their performance and reliability, 98.6% customers are praised the cPanel & software, and 97.2% customers are satisfied with its customer service. The data is really solid.

Bluehost is Affordable

The regular price of Bluehost is really typical in the industry, but with Bluehost coupon above, you could get it at low to $2.95/mo, which is really affordable to almost everyone.

Bluehost is Great for WordPress

BlueHost hosting service is 100% compatible with WordPress. The service supports a number of the latest technologies, such as PHP 7, MySQL 5, SSL, and almost all the PHP extensions including php_exif, php_gd2, php_fileinfo, php_curl, etc. All of these guarantee the utmost WordPress compatibility.

In addition, the company has invested a large sum of dollars to develop the online application installer SimpleScripts, an one-click installer for over 70 top applications. As a result, it helps users to build up their sites easily.

Excellent Performance

Compared to other providers collocating servers with cheap data centers and reselling servers to small and medium sized clients, this company has three world-class dedicated data centers in Provo, Utah, US that they have invested over 20 million USD since 2010. With over 8,000 100% Dell servers, 4 separate physical fiber lines, the Internet bandwidth already exceeds 70,000 MBits totally.

Besides, BlueHost has developed CPU and I/O Segregation to guaranteed CPU resources for every user on every server. The CPU Protection always has sufficient CPU resources available to service incoming requests and to protect customer sites from heavy users. The Segregation has CPU statistics that customers can know how much CPU they have been using each 24-hour period and then manage the usage reasonably.

Based on the powerful facilities and advanced facility monitoring, this hosting service keeps the hosted sites to be safe and secure. With average 0.32s server responding time, the hosted sites can run fast all the times actually, even during a peak usage period.

Strong Reliability

The company has a good reputation on reliability. By leveraging the dedicated data centers, all the Dell server can work well to ensure the hosted sites secure and reliable. The 3x2x2 Megawatt generators provide more than 15 Megawatts of power and over 2000 tons of cooling installed capacity. With the 3x4x750kW UPS, you are worry- free about the power accidents.

We have started to monitor its performance 6 months ago. There is no downtime in this monitoring period and it keeps 99.9% uptime as it guaranteed. In fact, it turns out to be 100% uptime in the latest month.

Rich Features

The service is well-known for the rich features, such as 1 free domain, free WordPress installation, cPanel, PHP, SSL, CGI, etc. These features are more than enough to meet the demanding customer.

Hosting Security

The hosting security is a critical point that BlueHost takes much attention. There are three levels of anti-spam protection you can choose, including the Spam Experts, Spam Hammer and Apache Spam Assassin. If you need, you can protect all your website files and directories using the Password Protection feature.

In addition, if you want to block the access of some users, you can enable the feature to blacklist some IP addresses that are suspicious. As for the secure shell access, it allows you to enter the configuration files in a safe and individual way.

Lastly, BlueHost provides the CloudFlare CDN service. You can enable it via the cPanel control panel so as to thwart the potential DDoS attacks.

E-Commerce Ready

BlueHost allows you to start your online business easily. There are a lot of shopping carts available, such as the OS Commerce, Cube, Zen and Agora. The SSL certificate is available so that you can get the secure online transaction.

Besides, BlueHost provides all the customers with the $200 advertising credits. This way, you can promote your business easily through Google, Bing, Yahoo and some social media platforms.

100% US Customer Service

BlueHost has 700+ employees for the real-time professional customer service through,

  • Telephone
  • Online Chat
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Ticket System
  • Forums
  • FAQ & Knowledgebase
  • Video Tutorial

The 24×7 professional customer service is to ensure the perfect and timely assistance. The service is always responsive and effective via phone, chat and email. The support staffs are all well-trained, with rich experience and knowledge of WordPress and web hosting. With the 100% in-house and on-site staffs in the Utah offices, the ticket response time is under 30 minutes, telephone call holding times is under 5 seconds, averagely.

Customer Voice

Customers are quite satisfied with BlueHost WordPress hosting and have good reviews about it. There are some customer review representatives:

Typic Customer Reviews:

  • I have hosted 5 sites on BlueHost for 3 years and I am happy with it. It is really a reliable WordPress hosting provider with considerate customer service. 2 months ago, I locked my account accidently. I asked help via live chat, it was responsive. The support staff was professional, knowledgeable and spoke clear English. She was effective solving my problem within 10 minutes. Thanks her a lot.
  • I have been on BlueHost since 2009 and I really appreciated its great help for my site and business. Based on the easy to use features and the staff help, I built my site easily. In these years, I have not met any serious attacks or downtimes. However, I actually had issues. I called for help and had experienced the nice customer service. The personnel were professional and kind, solving my question in a short time. Nice work!

Personal Visit Experience – Updated on 29th, June 2018

I personally visited the BlueHost office in this summer. Compared with many other hosting companies doing outsourcing on technical support, BlueHost has 2 standalone buildings (3 floors for each) with 200+ full-time employees and 500+ interns. This is the huge investment that I have never seen in my past 10-year industry experience.

Though, “Upselling” is universal in the web hosting industry considering a staff’s salary of US$3000/mo and service fee of US$4/mo. A representative is hired to serve more than 5,000 users by design at least. In this case, when a user has a generic issue related to a server or network, the technical support is impossible to do anything certainly. However, with BlueHost, I trust they’re a company working for customers, and you don’t need to worry about your website, files and other sensitive data. Meanwhile, paying $2.95/mo only, you also shall not expect a very responsive 1-on-1 customized support.

Also, another great thing with above Bluehost coupon is that what you get with the discount price is exactly the same as what you pay at regular price, you won’t get “discounted” service with “discounted” price. So you should feel safe to redeem the coupons here.

BlueHost Coupon Codes Conclusion

BlueHost is highly recommended for the high performance web hosting with an affordable price. Based on the above checkpoints, it is one of the best WordPress hosting choices for bloggers, designers, developers and small to medium business.

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