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Bluehost Review

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BlueHost ( is an award-winning web hosting companies and is well-known for its high quality Linux-based web hosting. In below Bluehost review, we will talk about all its hosting solutions to see what make it one of the best web hosting in the world.

Before we get into the reviews, let’s talk about the history of Bluehost. The business was found in 1996, and has become one of the most famous and biggest web hosts who serve millions of domain names and websites. The company very focused on the Linux-based shared web hosting in their first 15 years until they are acquired by EIG (Endurance International Group) in 2010. After this acquisition, Bluehost started building their 3rd data center using all the latest technology available and this state-of-art data center enabled Bluehost to offer more hosting options to their customers, which includes VPS hosting, Dedicated Servers, and Managed WordPress Hosting.


Bluehost Deals

Bluehost product price is quite reasonable in the industry. Just like all the other web hosts, Bluehost give a good discount to their new customers, and charge at regular when renewing the service. For example, Bluehost “plus” hosting package is its most popular product, and the regular price is $7.99/mo, and now it’s offering a 64% off via this special Bluehost promotion link, the price could low to $2.95/month only. Please find the details of the price structure from below:

Year of Service Original Price Discount Price! You Save!
1 Year $7.99/Month $4.95/mo $36
2 Years $7.99/Month $3.95/mo $96
3 Years $7.99/Month $2.95/mo $180

In terms of payment method, Bluehost accepts Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Everyone could easily place an order on it. Bluehost guarantees 30 days Money Back, people could ask for a refund at any time within the first 30 days. Without asking for any reason, Bluehost will offer you a full refund. No setup fee or other hidden cost.

Bluehost 64% Off Bluehost 64% Off

Below are some other more deals from Bluehost:

Find the detail of the deals from Bluehost Coupon Code.

Bluehost Speed and Uptime Review

Uptime and speed of a web host are determined by its data center infrastructure, web server hardware, and engineers. As a company operated by a group of Linux geeks with over 15 years experience in hosting, Bluehost knows all the tricky issues related to its services. To gain better security and speed as well as control more web server, Bluehost engineers enhance existing Centos Linux to

  • Improve the efficiency of file writing and back up;
  • Optimize the performance of MySQL database;
  • Monitor CPU or disk I/O of each account to avoid CPU or disk I/O intensive processes take the system down or slow down other users or more important processes.

Unlike the other web hosts rent data centers, Bluehost choose to build this by itself to gain more control over the infrastructure. All its 3 data centers are equipped with UPS power, diesel generators, and multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections to locations around the world, which represent the best in the industry.

And to bring the best experience to its customers, Bluehost high performance web servers come with 16-core AMD Opteron, 256 GB memory, and RAID-5 disk, which are far faster than industry normal.

Some customers will even get CloudFlare CDN integrated with their servers. Thereby, no matter where their clients are from, they could ensure fast and reliable performance as clients are near to Bluehost data centers.

Bluehost guarantees 99.9% uptime!

Bluehost Hosting is Easy-to-use

Bluehost hosting is really easy-to-use. Each of its customers will be provided with cPanel as free. This control panel comes with many excellent features on its GUI, and its navigation menus are also easy to understand even the newbies could learn how to manage files, emails, user account, domains or server setting quickly.

Bluehost also allow its customers to change .htaccess, customize error pages, access server log file, login via shell access and set up cron jobs. All those advanced features give a lot of convenience to webmasters to gain more control over their web servers.

Most importantly, Bluehost conducts backups for customers regularly to ensure security all the time. The backups show importance especially when customers need recover data. Also, this company is responsible for regular server maintenance, such as operating system updates.

Bluehost Hosting Service Review

Bluehost offer their customers various hosting solutions to meet their customers needs at different level. As a beginner, you could consider its shared web hosting, and managed WordPress hosting. Once you gain more traffic, you can upgrade to VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting.

Shared Web Hosting

Bluehost shared web hosting is the core product of the business. It’s the most popular hosting choise within individuals and small businesses, and is powering over 2 millions websites. In below review, we will reveal why.

Bluehost Shared Web Hosting is Affordable

On the other hand, Bluehost hosting service is billed at very affordable prices. Instead of the regular price at $7.99/mo, Bluehost now promotes its hosting at $3.49/mo. However, the basic package limits some of the features, while customers can upgrade to the Plus hosting package at only $3.95/mo with more features, like 1 free SpamExpert.


No matter customers go with yearly, 2-year or 3-year plan, they will be guaranteed Anytime Money Back Policy. If customers are happy with the service and cancel their accounts within the first 30 days, Bluehost gives them a full refund. After the period, they can also get a prorated refund at any time.

Bluehost Shared Web Hosting Include Rich Features

Based on the most popular Linux operating system, Bluehost hosting service includes great rich features and tools, which can be used to set customers a proven and powerful platform for hosting their websites.

Its shared hosting is divided into Basic, Plus and Business Pro three packages, and customers can choose the most suitable one. In addition to one-year free domain name registration and unlimited GB of transfer, Bluehost hosting offers up to unlimited disk storage, domains allowed, parked domains, sub domains, FTP access, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. The company also supports multiple PHP versions, Python, Perl, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, DHTML, Shockwave and so on.

All Bluehost hosting packages contain enhanced but free cPanel control panel and SimpleScripts 1-Click Script Installer, so customers enable to install applications and manage their domains, emails, databases, files and websites from one place with few clicks. Besides, CloudFlare CDN is directly built into Bluehost hosting, and it will help improve customers’ website performance automatically.

Bluehost offers customers some other optional features like unique IP address, SSL certificates, SiteLock, Site Backup Pro and Spam Protection at very affordable prices. Customers can use these to make their websites more powerful.


Is Bluehost Shared Web Hosting Recommended?

After reviewing, we can easily find that Bluehost Linux hosting is feature-rich. Customers cannot only build very powerful websites, but also receive fast & reliable performance to satisfy their visitors/clients and themselves. Bluehost hosting price starts from only $3.49/mo, and comes with leading & friendly Anytime Money Guarantee. Its trained and in-house support technicians are 24/7 available.

With all these benefits, Bluehost shared hosting is considered as the best option for individuals and businesses to set up blogs or corporate websites. Even if sites grow up one day, Bluehost supports easy upgrade to its VPS without downtime. Please visit: to find more useful information about Bluehost and its services.

VPS Hosting

Whether you are looking for an online outlet for your business or to establish a personal web presence, choosing a premium VPS plan is very essential. And many customers have been relied on Bluehost, especially since they launched their VPS hosting plan in 2013.

Bluehost VPS Feature Review

Bluehost gives 4 package options on its VPS hosting. All of packages come with a large number of server resources that include standard 2 GB RAM, 1 TB monthly bandwidth and 30 GB disk space at least. And Bluehost guarantees all customers resources to be available at all times, due to their KVM hypervisor virtualization. Besides, each Bluehost VPS package comes with 1 free domain and 1 or 2 IP address.

Since the service from Bluehost is fully managed, meaning that Bluehost will maintain and secure customers information making sure it’s not breached by unknown users. All the company’s VPS servers are pre-installed with cPanel & WHM as well. Customers can get a whole variety of rich features in the enhanced cPanel control panel which is as easy as in the shared accounts. Moreover, every customer is able to take advantage of the SSH and root access to get full control and access to the server.


It just takes seconds to get Bluehost VPS active after placing an order. What’s more, if people just find out that their websites grows fast and need more resources, Bluehost enables them to easily add additional resources, such as storage, inside their cPanel.

Bluehost VPS Price Review

Bluehost has four VPS plans: Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate plans. They are all upgradeable. Furthermore, not like other web hosts that offer expensive VPS hosting, customers can now get Bluehost VPS hosting plans at good price rate.

For example, Bluehost Standard VPS plan costs $29.99/month, but all new visitors can get 50% off for the first month by going through this Special Bluehost VPS Promotion Link and pay only $14.99 for the first month. Visitors should sign-up for a 1 year service term to claim this discount.


Bluehost is the Best VPS Hosting

To drop a brief conclusion, Bluehost VPS has multiple packages with rich features and good price rates. Since it is fully managed, people can focus on their online business. Due to its own data centers, Bluehost guarantees a high level of uptime, page loading speed and security. The customer support is user friendly and reputable as well. Therefore, we name Bluehost as one of the best VPS hosting in the industry today.

For more information about Bluehost VPS, please visit, don’t forget to claim 50% off now.

Dedicated Server

Bluehost Dedicated server will give you all the control over servers to gain better website performance, and security. As for its high price value, this product has become very popular within webmasters.

Bluehost Dedicated Server Review on Features

Bluehost dedicated server solution has plenty of guaranteed resources for customers to create powerful and solid online presence. In total, there are 3 plans for customers. Taking the Standard plan as an example, we check out features including 4×2.5 GHz CPU, 4GB RAM, 1TB storage, 5TB bandwidth, 3 IPs and a free domain.

Check out a little more about Bluehost dedicated server storage: Bluehost is one of a few web hosts using RAID level 1 storage. It means Bluehost drives are fully mirrored to make sure well protection of data. Moreover, this company allows its customers to add more storage on the fly anytime they require.

Bluehost dedicated server also comes with instant provision. Instead of waiting for hours or even days, Bluehost makes it possible for customers to run their servers immediately after they paid.

As to management, Bluehost provides improved cPanel, which makes it easy to manage all of customers’ websites and other issues. For advanced customers, they could use SSH and root access to fully control over their servers in a secure way.

There are some optional services such as extra resources, domain privacy, sitelock, site backup pro, spam protection, encrypt the connection and etc. available to address customers’ growing demands. To be honestly, this is one of the most feature-rich dedicated servers in the industry.


Bluehost Dedicated Server Pricing Review

The dedicated server of Bluehost has Standard, Enhanced and Premium three packages, charging at $149.99/mo, $199.99/mo and $249.99/mo respectively. Now, with Bluehost latest promotion, customers can get nearly 50% off to make the service prices at $74.99, $99.99 and $124.99 for the first month.

If you go with yearly service term, then you could receive additional 20% off, and make the price to be $124.99 per month. If customers are not satisfied with Bluehost dedicated server service, they can cancel account within 30 days for a full refund, or they can also cancel at any time and receive a prorated refund for the remainder of the current hosting term.


Bluehost is one of the Top Dedicated Server Hosts

Bluehost is currently amongst the best dedicated server hosting providers. As we reviewed above, Bluehost dedicated server is high-end with the latest technologies as well as rich offers. Performance is leading in the industry while this company supports customers anytime. And pricing is within the reasonable rates. Therefore, if you are looking for a dedicated server, Bluehost could be an option.

For more information please visit their website at:

WordPress Hosting

Globally web hosting leader Bluehost launched a new optimized WordPress hosting service especially for its WordPress users. This is great news for bloggers and SMBs owners with lots of traffic and bandwidth every month. Below we will review Bluehost managed WordPress hosting based on features, usability, performance, tech support and price to see why it is one of the best Managed WordPress Hosting providers in the industry.

Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting Features

Bluehost Managed WordPress hosting is based on VPS servers with KVM hypervisor so that customers will get guaranteed resources and run their WordPress sites extremely smoothly.

Besides, this company offers some advanced features to make it breeze for customers to run their WordPress websites. We list out some of these features as following:

  • SiteLock for completely security
  • Advanced NGINX architecture and custom PHP-FPM configuration for extreme speed
  • Integrated caching by W3
  • MOJO Marketplace – Easily find plugins, scripts, and more to enhance your site in just one click.

As to specific plans, Bluehost offers 4 plans. The entry-level plan supports customers to create 5 WordPress-based websites along with 1 free domain. From this plan, customers will get 30 GB, 2 GB RAM and 1 IP address.

Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting is Easy-to-use

Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting also includes instant provisioning, dynamic upgrades, enhanced cPanel, WordPress-centric controls that manage WordPress on customers’ server, and automate backups.

Even though Bluehost managed WordPress hosting is based on virtual private servers, it could be instantly provisioned. Moreover, if people feel it necessary to get more resources one day, Bluehost satisfies them with dynamic upgrades.

Each customer will get enhance cPanel that is integrated with many useful tools. Via the cPanel control panel, customers will easily manage their WordPress websites, domains, emails, databases, files, etc. The scripts installer inside cPanel enables customers to install scripts they need as well.

Most importantly, Bluehost conducts backups for customers regularly to ensure security all the time. The backups show importance especially when customers need recover data. Also, this company is responsible for regular server maintenance, such as operating system updates.


Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting Price Review

Bluehost’ Managed WordPress Hosting plans starts at $12.49/month for the first month and then renews at $24.99/month, so basically customers get 50% off on the first month. And if people would like to pay annually, the pricing could be lower at $21.99/mo, which is another 12% off.

Bluehost cares about its customers and offers a 30-day money back guarantee in case its WordPress users are not pleased with their WordPress services. Even after first 30 days, customers can get a pro-rated refund if they cancel accounts and inform Bluehost.

Bluehost is the Best Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

With all the highlighted and customized features for the end user, Bluehost is an excellent choice as managed WordPress hosting provider. Plus VPS power, extreme ease-of-use, world-class customer support, and affordable rates, Bluehost managed WordPress hosting is indeed recommendable. To know more details of Bluehost managed WordPress hosting, please visit

Bluehost Top Level Technical Support

Bluehost is a company which takes customer support really serious. All its customer engineers are 100% us-based, in-house and well-trained with good knowledge on Linux and server management, who could answer all the possible questions related to website hosting.

Bluehost provides the effective technical support via Toll-free phone, email and Online Chat 24x7x365. Customers can also open a support ticket get a response within 24 hours. Bluehost also offers community resources such as video tutorials and knowledge base so that customers can learn more about VPS service. The user forum will enable them to communicate with Bluehost experts and experienced users.

Bluehost also provides 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee to all their hosting solutions. If customers aren’t pleased with their services and choose to opt out 30 calendar days of registration, they can receive a full refund of all fees.

To know more about the reviews from their real customers, you could check out HostUCan.

Bluehost Review Summary

Bluehost is a web host we strongly recommended. Based on 3 self-owned and self-managed data centers, Bluehost launches diverse web hosting solutions, no matter you are individuals, small business or even eCommerce business, you could find what you need from Bluehost.

Visit Bluehost now to know more about Bluehost.

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