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BlueHost vs SiteGround

In order to help webmasters choose a right company for them to host their websites, we are going to introduce two popular web hosting providers, namely BlueHost and SiteGround. And in below, we will make a comprehensive review on the two hosts from features, ease to use, overall performance and customer service to tell the reason why BlueHost is a better choice when compared with SiteGround.

BlueHost Offer More Features than SiteGround

In terms of the features guaranteed by BlueHost and SiteGround, BlueHost and SiteGround are capable of offering many essential features to their customers, but BlueHost can offer more features than that of SiteGround.

As for BlueHost, the company offers three different hosting plans for webmasters to choose from and the entry level plan one, Starter contains one free website, 100 GB website space, 25 sub-domains, unlimited data transfer, 5 parked domains, 100 email accounts, 500 MB per account email storage as well as $50 marketing offers and many more.

In addition, BlueHost is also powerful to offer some developer features, such as multiple PHP versions, Ruby, Perl, Python, Apache and many others.

When coming to price, the price of Bluehost web hosting starts from $3.49/mo only, which is a little bit lower than $3.95/mo from Siteground.

Bluehost $3.49 Discount Bluehost $3.49 Discount
41% Off

BlueHost vs SiteGround on Ease to Use-Both Win

We know that people are all want to handle their websites easily. In respect of ease to use, we are delighted to tell webmasters that BlueHost and SiteGround both are capable of providing its customers with easy to use control panel.

At the two companies, they promise to provide their customers with enhanced cPanel that comes with optimized interface. With it, BlueHost and SiteGround webmasters can manage their websites, databases, files, email accounts, domains and more easily, even for people who lack of web hosting experience.

Bluehost has Better Performance than SiteGround

We understand the importance of high performance online environment and we also know that people are eager to run their websites with high speed and no downtime. According to the tests of uptime and speed of the two companies by our experts, we find that BlueHost can offer a more reliable and secure network than that of SiteGround.

Since its initiation, BlueHost has been committed to offering the best possible technologies and hiring qualified technical supporting staffs who have a wide range of web hosting experience to deliver industry-leading stable, secure online environment. In fact, we find that over 99% of BlueHost customers are satisfied with BlueHost in terms of speed and uptime.

BlueHost Customer Service is Better

In order to try to meet the requirements of webmasters at the extreme, BlueHost and SiteGround both claim that they will try their best to help webmasters run their websites successfully and smoothly.

If BlueHost or SiteGround customers have some problems or issues needed to be settled down, they can contact the support center of the two companies through several useful and responsive supporting methods, including phone, email and live chat.

Furthermore, the supporting staffs of BlueHost and SiteGround all have tons of web hosting experience and they are very patient, professional and courtesy, so they can always help their clients deal with their problems or issues with a correct manner as soon as possible.


In conclusion, it is not difficult to find that SiteGround has its own advantages in terms of hosting a website. However, we have to say that BlueHost is a better option than SiteGround by considering that BlueHost can offer a more reliable, secure and high performance online environment. Moreover, the price of BlueHost web hosting is affordable. Therefore, we highly recommended BlueHost for people to manage their websites.


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