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Campaign Monitor Review

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Campaign Monitor ( is email marketing software that allows users to manage e-mail subscribers, lists and track e-mail campaign progression. The company is far more flexible and versatile to address any type of user.  Besides sending email campaigns, Campaign Monitor can also re-brand interfaces, and reusable templates. Campaign Monitor is a well known eMail marketing solution in the industry and in below review, we will reveal why.

Campaign Monitor Review on Pricing Value

There are many plans and most of them can be custom-made depending on the need of the client. For instance, there is a Basic Plan where users need to furnish the fees on a monthly basis. There is also an option to pay-per-campaign. For all the plans, the user can send numerous emails to different types of subscribers. Some common Basic plans include:

  • At least 2500 different emails can be sent to 500 subscribers at $9 per month.
  • At least 12,500 different emails can be sent to 2,500 subscribers at $29 per month.
  • At least 25,000 different emails can be sent to 5,000 subscribers at $49 per month.
  • At least 50,000 different emails can be sent to 10,000 subscribers at $89 per month.
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Campaign Monitor Review on Contact Management

Campaign Monitor professes to let the business grow with better and useful client or subscriber list. The tool can be used whether the user has an existing customer database or intends to start from scratch. Contacts can be seamlessly integrated into the contact list by adding subscriber buttons. Subscriber forms can also be created by the user using a form builder feature of Campaign Monitor. The tool allows contact information to get seamlessly integrated into a list whenever potential customers sign-in a subscriber form. It allows a subscriber button to get embedded in social media accounts, such as those in Facebook or Twitter.

Any new contacts from other databases or excel sheets can be simply dragged-n-dropped to the list and the list gets updated. Users will be able to check the subscriber’s information in a single page. Duplicate emails will be removed while the active emails will be kept in the updated list. There is also an option to prepare multiple email subscriber list depending on the parameters for which they are selected. So, a subscriber in one geographical location will view one email variation than another in a different location. The parameters include demographic features, age, area of interests, and so on.

Campaign Monitor Review on Email Creation & Sending

Emails are created effortless through various templates available in the tool’s library. The email builder of the tool, Canvas has flexible interface that allows customized designs and layouts. Personalized text and links can be added. Emails are programmed to have dynamic content. Resizing and cropping of images are done automatically. Emails are typically:

  • Displayed with inline Cascading Stylesheet (CSS)
  • Without promotional logos or restrictions (such as ‘powered by’)
  • Aided with free hosting of emails and images at CDN servers

And, dedicated team is available to help in designing of the emails – keeping in mind the business requirements and clients to which the email is addressed.

Campaign Monitor Review on Email Reporting and Tracking

Campaign Monitor offers detailed reports and tracking analyses. The reports are in real time and highlight the following areas:

  • Subscribers who opened the mails and those who also clicked the links
  • Subscribers who unsubscribed or did not open the mail at all
  • Bounced mails
  • Social reporting where number of ‘Likes’ and ‘Tweet’ clicks are reported
  • Subscriber reactions for smartphones where the interactions are noted by mobile app, Monitor

There are also tracking management on the subscribers. Quite similar to Google Analytics, the Campaign Monitor has a utility which finds out the actual number of click-through actions. It also checks the conversion rates – number of subscribers who actually became customers.

Campaign Monitor Review on Customer Support

If users face a problem in working with Campaign Monitor, they can post their query at the text box in the support section. There is a comprehensive list of articles where users can read through to gain knowledge and tips about the usability of this tool. For more serious issues and concerns, the customers can email the technical team. Campaign Monitor has different options and features to accommodate the needs to all types of customers. Depending on the type of customer base you have, check out the plans and the corresponding pricing use the email marketing tool.

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