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How to Check PHP Version of WordPress Site?

phpThis is a simple guideline written for helping people check PHP version of WordPress server. As WordPress is a powerful application written by PHP, it can run well only with the proper versions of PHP. Using the below methods, you can easily check your PHP version and upgrade it to a mature version.

The different versions of PHP have various settings and suit for different versions of plugins and software. In general, the advanced versions come with a series of new features, which gives the scripting power to serve for the newest technologies and satisfy the requirements of the latest software.

The WordPress server requirements for Version 3.2+ are PHP version 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater. To keep your WordPress site running smooth and secure, today we are going to introduce the methods to check PHP version of WordPress Hosting server. Mainly, we are taking use of code and suitable plugins.

Check PHP Version With Code

If you are a familiar with programming language and code, we suggest you to check PHP version with code. PHP comes with an effective phpinfo() function that can tell you major information about the PHP settings, of course, including the PHP version.

Starting with this method, you should first go to create a text file and name it as phpinfo.php. Then, you need to copy and paste the below code into this document.

In this file, the <?php ?> tag indicates the code should be executed as PHP and the phpinfo(); function instructs the PHP engine to tell you about itself. By this way, you can get the detailed settings and information about the PHP version you are running.

The thing is not ended. You need to upload the file to the web server and execute it. You can upload file with PHP code manually, or you can use FTP client or a file upload plugin to complete the process.

Once uploaded, you can visit the URL of that file in the browser, it may showcase as the below screenshot.

check php version

In the case, you can click on the phpinfo.php link and see the detailed information.

php information showcase

Check PHP Version With Plugins

If you have little knowledge about PHP and programming skill, WordPress gives you the ability to check your PHP version with suitable plugins. For example, Display PHP Version is a simple plugin that display your current PHP version in the dashboard widget; Health Check is a functional plugin to check the PHP and MySQL versions of your server, avoiding they are too low to meet the minimum requirements of WordPress.

Using Health Check is very easy to check PHP version. In the below, we just take it as an example and show you a simple process. You just need to log into your dashboard to install WordPress plugin. Then, you are required to activate the plugin. Once activated, you can see the below screenshot, which tells you the version of your PHP and MySQL.

check PHP version using plugin

In the example, it tells that my server is running PHP version 5.3.28 and MySQL version 5.5.37 which will be great for WordPress 3.2 onward.

Please note this way is only suitable for checking PHP version for WordPress usage. If you have other purpose, you may need to apply the previous method.

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