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Constant Contact ( was founded in 1995 to offer email marketing Software and by the year 2005 the company had over 50,000 customers and expanded ever since.  Constant Contact offers a toolkit that helps in email marketing campaign and also provides services where businesses can hire a team to churn out a useful campaign or design an attractive email template. In below Constant Contact review, we will explain why it’s one of the best Email marketing service in the industry.

High Pricing Value Constant Contact Service

There are valuable services offered by the team at Constant Contact to promote email marketing campaign. These include:

  • Email Quick Start at $149 to design a suitable email template.
  • Email Campaign Creation at $199 to design and send emails.
  • Email Template Creation at a range of $399 to $599 for designing newsletters.
  • Premium List Service at $300 for managing a large database of contacts.

The toolkit can be used under the Basic Plan where users can send emails at $20 per month, Essential Plan where users can access detailed tracking and other facilities at $45 per month, and Ultimate Plan, where users can use the toolkit as well as get personal help from experts at $195 per month.

Constant Contact Great Deal Constant Contact Great Deal
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Constant Contact review on Contact Management

Constant Contact gives a lot of importance to email list management where email IDs are created but not rented or sold.

It cannot be traded or shared as it will create a spam and make the entire campaign futile. The users are allowed to create the email list based on the contacts in their database. Emails up to 1,000 can be added into the existing list. The main list can be further segmented into sub lists depending on the customer’s demography and geographic location.

One can even empty a list as well. Lists already drawn up can be renamed and merged with other contact database files, such as excel sheets or phone book contacts from smartphones. It can be segregated as favorite lists or deleted from the group of existing lists. New emails can be imported from web forms and sign-up forms. Users can view the details of the IDs in a

list. Copying one contact information to the main list can be done easily with just few clicks. One can move contacts from one list to another, allow contacts to opt-in and opt-out from an email campaign.

Great Email Creation & Sending Feature from Constant Contact


The user can create emails (or rather design them) with the already-installed templates of Constant Contact.

The drag-n-drop editor allows the user to handle email creation and sending effortlessly without the need of the expert. One can change logos, place images from the image library, embed tracking coupon buttons, place web forms and online surveys, and more.

There are 400 and more templates which can be further customized to make them user-friendly. The beautiful and professional email templates can be given a suitable content as well before sending it off to the contacts.

The transfer of the emails is also done methodically where the emails are integrated with the contact list. The contacts must have opted in to the email promotion earlier. Once done, the emails are sent to the respective contacts. Autoresponders are generated automatically. ContactConstant uses special technology to transfer emails at a great speed. It states that delivery rate is at least 98 percent.

Constant Contact Email Reporting and Tracking

Reporting and tracking of the email campaign is done in real time. The reporting is also immediate – no sooner the emails are sent out.

The reports include detailed analysis on open rates, click rates, unsubscribed mails, and bounced mails. Tracking analyses are done on how the surveys have been accepted by the contacts and whether coupons have been redeemed or not. The tracking process also tracks the registrations of events and payment of the subscriptions automatically. It is possible to use the emails for Facebook promotions.

After logging into the Constant Contact interface, the user will be able to access the report sub page where a series of reports will be published. The user needs to click a report and the Export button to view the report on a particular email campaign.

Customer Support

For help, users need to visit the support page and check out articles and information on the utility and its functionalities. There are options to chat, send emails, or call customer care executives if required. To get started, one can even go for live coaching and get adequate working knowledge to use the toolkit. Constant Contact is versatile enough to either provide services or toolkit facilities to its customers. So, check out its plans and pick the ideal one which suits you.

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