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How to Create a Free WebSite

To help you understand how to create a free website, here we take Weebly free website builder ass our instance to illustrate the whole process. Weebly is reputable website builder platform which offers pretty good website building features and tools. Now, it services more than 40 million entrepreneurs to grow their online presence and business.

As for the free version, Weebly provides you with all standard options, including Weebly sub-domain option, free hosting, support of unlimited pages, 200 MB storage, drag & drop builder, SEO, lead capture, community forum, and email & chat support. Other more, there are modern templates available. You can easily use drag & drop to customize them as you need.

Showcase: Create a Free Website with Weebly Free Website Builder

With Weebly free website builder, you can use its easy-to-use editor and create 4 to 5 professional look pages for your site in less than an hour. A Weebly website is perfect for that, with its easy-to-use website building tool that you can master in minutes.

Here is the main process to create website for free completely. Please check the following steps:

Step One: Sign Up on Weebly

Step Two: Choose a Theme

Step Three: Select Domain Option (free and paid)

Step Four: Build the Main Body of Your Free Website

Step Five: Find More and Add Additional Options as well as Elements

Step Six: Publish Your Free Website

Step One: Sign Up on Weebly for Your Free Weebly Website

The first thing you need to do is to visit and click on “Sign Up” in the upper right or “GET STARTED” on the bottom of its landing page. Actually, Weebly previously displays “Try it Free” on the two locations above.

Then, there will be a sign-up page jumping out for you. Enter your full name, email address, and a secure password of your account. After that, you need to click on “Sign Up” which was originally “Sign Up Free”.

Now, you will receive a page asking you if you want a website, store, or blog. Whereas the most cases, you should select “Site”, and the site will allow you to sell products or blog. It means there is no limitation for these usages. The catalogs are just to guide you to choose the theme for your site.

Step Two: Choose a Theme

After you decide the focus of your site, you will be brought to choose a theme, and the right themes will make your free site stand out. Here are things you need to understand when choosing the theme:

  • It allows you to change the theme anytime. Different from some other website builders, who do not give the chance to change your themes. With Weebly website builder, when you change the current theme, your info created will also be automatically imported to new theme. You can save many times and will never lose anytime. So, the first theme you choose is not as important as you think.
  • There are industry-specific themes available. Even though each theme can be tailored to suite every industry, more of them are pre-designed to fit a certain type of business. Therefore, it is clever to choose a theme already designed for your business or usage. And then, all the rest you need to deal with is just to replace the page titles, images, as well as the text.
  • Figure out the aims you are trying to reach. Only when you understand the goal of your site, you can understand what the look of your site will be. Well, you understand which type of themes will be better with your site building and developing.

For example, as for a website specializing in offering information for travelers, then the theme you want could be as following. It contains clear tabs on the top of the page and your visitors can navigate to different parts of your free site to get more related you and your site. Besides, there need to be some links connected to other pages of your site, when they scroll down your homepage.

When you make the decision, go to the bottom right corner and just click on “Choose”.

Step Three: Decide Your Domain Option

After deciding the theme, then there will be a page showed in front of you, and giving you 3 options to pick a domain name:

Here we are to build a free website; therefore, so you can only choose to use a sub-domain of, which is included in Weebly free website builder plan.

Step Four: Build the Main Body of Your Free Website

Now, you should be taken to the website builder screen, where you will make the main constructing of your free website. The picture in below shows what Weebly website builder looks like:

Now, we are to introduce the website builder by breaking down:

Element Bar: it is located on the left of the screen. It displays all the elements you can use to your free website. You can just click on an element block and then use drag-and-drop editor to put it in place as you want.

Site Tabs: many premium website builders will come with a clear navigation tab at the top of the screen, so does Weebly website builder. Here we can find that its navigation tabs include “Settings”, “Store”, “Theme”, “Pages”, and “Build”. When you need to adjust the larger components of the site, you simply need to click the corresponding navigation tabs to change the settings.

Site Preview: The red bold “3” with 3 arrows are pointing to the elements you select and make the settings before on your free website. The middle area under the navigation tabs as well as beside the element bar is the place to chow the preview of the site you are building. And the preview is editable as well.

Add and Edit Pages

At the beginning of the actually website building, there probably only includes several pages by default. Looking at the theme showing below, there are 3 pages, namely “Home”, “Contact”, and “About”:

It is definitely not enough to create a wonderful website. You need to add more elements and delete the useless ones. Besides, each page needs editing. To make it, you can simply click “Page” tab and then you will receive pages screen. Note, if you just want to add a new page ,then you just need to click on the white “+” on the upper left of the page screen. or if you need to delete or edit the a current page, you need to click the page folder icon that is next to that page title.

Weebly website builder allows you to change the page order by simply dragging each the page title below or above other page titles. And we have several things to remind you whiling making change of the pages on your free website:

  • The top page will be your homepage by default. Looking at the screen closely, you can find out there is a house icon on the “Home” page folder. It will designate your homepage. Mostly, your visitors will see it at first when they are visiting your website. Please remember that the page you place on the top will be automatically assigned as the homepage of your site!
  • It is easy to create a sub-page by dragging and dropping a page to the right area. Besides homepage, you can create the pages that will not be shown in the main page tabs, which is sub-page.

To do it, you can create the page as usual, rearrange it under the main page you want, and drag it to the right area. That’s how to make a sub-page. You may find that the sub-page includes an indentation to indicate in the tab.

  • The pages in the site tabs are your site’s navigation pages viewer will see.

Looking the image above, we can easily figure out that “Home” page and “Contact” page are the main pages of the sire, while “About” page is the sub-page of “Home” page. It means only “Home” page and “Contact” page will be shown on the navigation bar. And only when a viewer’s mouse hovers over “Home” tab, can its sub-page “About” appear under “Home” tab.

Besides, you are allowed to edit each page’s settings by clicked its folder icon that we have mentioned before. After clicking the icon, you will be brought to a setting screen like the image in below (supposed that you click on “Home” page icon), and you can edit the settings here to make changes.

Edit or Change Text

It is very easy to change or edit text with Weebly free website builder. You can just click on the title you need to edit or the text box. Note if you have never edit a text yet, then you will see the text box is blank after you click on it to get the text settings bar as following. In the blank text box, you can edit your text. Well, if are to changing the current text you inputted before, then you should firstly delete it and then add new.

For editing a text inside a button, you need to click the button, and you will get a pop-up window like the image below.

Click on “Button Text” and you will get a new window of for button text editing. After typing into the text you want, you can just need to click out of the text button window and the button you add just now will reflect the change.

Add or Change Images

If you just plan to take one image in a theme and change it to a specific one for your site aim, then it is very simple. You can just scroll over that image via your cursor. Then, there is a button of “Edit Image” appearing. Click it!

Next, there will two things and one of them will happen. If the image you take is in a theme page, as we show above, then, you will receive a pop-up window. You will click on “Upload Image”.

Now, you can get the screen here, allowing you to upload the image by choosing one from the hard dive, or directly dragging and dropping one from the desktop.

Mostly, you will choose one from computer hard drive and click on “Upload a photo from your computer”. After that, the screen will preview how it looks like on your page, while you just need to select “Save” upper right of the screen. Besides, when you are saving that image, you also need to choose if you save it to one certain page or t each page of your free site, when the image relates to the background or a header.

If you just need to add an image to that page that does not include an image as well, then you can simply drag-and-drop “Image” element from the website builder element bar onto that page, just like the screen we display in below.

Next, you will get an image box where you can click to upload an image.

One you click on it, you will receive the screen like we showed earlier with a green button “Upload a photo from your computer”. Click on it, find the image from the hard drive, and then double click on it. After that, the image you pick up will be automatically uploaded to your site, instead of clicking on “Save”.

Step Five: Explore Other Element and Option

When you check Weebly free website builder element bar, you can see many elements here and you can try any one you want and there may be some other features your free site needs. However, we will not to explain them one by one, because these elements are too many to illustrate one by one in this post. We can suggest you that there are several thing you can have a try:

  • Change your website theme anytime
  • Add maps to your pages
  • Set up contact forms
  • Add spacing or dividers
  • Add media like audio and videos files
  • Add social media link buttons
  • And more

These actions are mostly easy to understand when you are conducting. If you encounter some tough problems, Weebly have responsive support and rich tutorials you can learn. Do not be afraid of the problems, but just try it for better and go for help from Weebly experts.

Step Six: Publish Your Free Weebly Website

When you these jobs well, you can publish your site. Additionally, when you need to make some changes on your site, you can just go to your Weebly free website builder. It means there are many chances for you to improve the site better, and there is no possibility of making it perfect initially.

To publish it, you can simply click the “PUBLISH” button on the upper right of the editor. Remember that, at the beginning of the free website building, you have chosen the free plan. Therefore, there will be the window showing again, saying several domain options. Please choose “Use a sub-domain of” and click it to continue.

Then, there is only one thing you need to do for publishing the free site. Enter the code displaying for you to verify that you’re human, and hit “OK, Publish My Site!”

Other Top 8 Free Website Builders

To build a free website, you need free website builder software, which will be a good solution for a free website development. Besides Weebly, we also make a list about the top free website builders. Behind the complete process showcase, we are to introduce you other 8 best free website builder software, and you can follow our introduction to pick up the favorite one to start your free website building.

The 8 free website builders are chosen based on several selection criteria and the rating of the software. Functionality, features, editor usability, number of free templates, template quality, advanced options, SEO friendliness, and others are taken into consideration. Of course, Weebly free website builder has those features included that we have unveiled before.

Besides, these free website builders allows you to use the free version without time limitation, but it comes with a little lower in functionality than paid ones. That’s why these free website builders we list below all have premium plans as well, waiting for you to scale. Now, let’s look closely at the 8 best free website builders together.


If you enter the best website builder in Google, we believe that Wix is must listed in the collection. It is a very easy-to-use website builder, specializing in SEO friendly HTML5 web sites. By far, it has been used by more than 90 million people.

On the purpose of create a stunning website with an easy-to-use website builder, you should choose WIX certainly. The free WIX comes with advanced drag-and-drop editor, and the industry large professional website template collection. You can also receive free secure hosting, WIX subdomain, 500GB storage, 1GB bandwidth, a mobile site, unlimited pages, built-in Google Analytics, responsive support, as well as Wix ads showed on each page of your free website.


WebsiteBuilder is one of the professional website builder platforms in the market. It can support you to create a professional website totally for free.

The first highlight of WebsiteBuilder is that you can get thousands of temples covering a wide range of categories, allowing you to build your own free professional websites with drag-and-drop editor. So, even without HTML/CSS knowledge, you can still make your ideas get online. Besides, WebsiteBuilder also provides you with free hosting with WebsiteBuilder sub-domain name.


Sitebuilder is a new platform in the website builder market. It allows you to create beautiful and professional free website.

Here you can get impressive professional website templates, collected in different categories. With these templates, you can also receive a free sub-domain name and the possibility enabling you to build more free websites. SiteBuilder offers you the best the simple drag-and-drop editor and even allows to you add a blog on your free site.

Other more, just like many other free website builders, your free website will have a SiteBuilder’s promotion banner in the footer. is a NASDAQ web hosting company that dedicates to helping small businesses build professional and beautiful websites. One of its offerings is free website builder, making you get a custom free website.

Generally, free website builder comes with everything to help you get succeed online. Specifically, free website builder includes professional web design, Google Local setup, monthly marketing, monthly website updates, smartphone capable site, tracking tools, and more.


Sitey is also a new but trusty free website builder among customers, therefore, for your to make a free professional look website, Sitey should be one of your options.

With Sitey free plan, you can get 1GB bandwidth, 5MB file upload, and 50MB storage. It makes you get a mobile version site as well. When designing, you can access its image gallery and professional template collections. Your free site built with Sitey free plan can easily integrate with social media links. The free Sitey plan leaves small Sitey ads on your site as well.


SITE123 free website builder is an ideal solution for a corporate Internet user or a private Internet user. What it offers can spare you of any coding experience and prior design, so you can handle a website building without a hand from a professional.

With SITE123 free plan, there are 500MB storage and 1GB bandwidth. Additionally, SITE123 offers the templates which are all mobile friendly. Moreover, as an easy-to-use website builder, it also offers ready-made layouts and styles. Meanwhile, it also supports you to build a totally free but SEO-friendly website on its sub-domain. One shortage is that the free website has a floating tag of “Powered by SITE123”.


This is a creative and professional website builder, founded in 2004. Now, Jimdo is a very popular website builder in the market. Jimdo supports to build mobile-friendly, HTML5 website free of charge.

The biggest advantage of Jimdo is that you have the opportunity to build online store for free. Of course, there is limitation of product number and you can sell 5 items on your free site, without any transaction fee.

Apart from that, Jimdo free plan includes 500MB storage, 2GB bandwidth, and sub-domain. professional templates, built-in social media tools, blog, mobile view, photo galleries, Google Maps, videos, file downloads, contact forms, password-protected areas as well as customer support are all included as standard features.


Yola was founded in 2007, aiming at making it easy for you to get your business online. When we check the features from Yola, we find there is something interesting.

Yola free plan provides you with free Yola SiteBuilder, 2 website rather than ordinary 1, 1GB bandwidth, 1GB storage, 5MB maximum file size, a Yola sub-domain name, basic style website templates, SEO-friendly design, drag-and-drop apps & widgets, 1-click web publishing, 6 languages support, standard email support, and built-in site statistics.


To create a free website is very easy by using those free but intuitive website builders. And a free website plan may be enough for your personal blog or small business. However, if you want more functionality and more online store with less limitations, you also need to upgrade to a bigger or higher-class plan, which may cost your money but going with the best website builders, you can make your site better and better.

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