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How to create an eCommerce Website?

Building an eCommerce website from the atom is not that tough but if you want to turn it into a success; you may be treading down a higher and tougher road. We all wish to have one successful website that will become a source of some extra bucks on a regular basis. But how should you do it? Having a good design and choosing best eCommerce website templates is absolutely necessary.

Steps to create an eCommerce website

eCommerce website templates

Making an eCommerce website as success asks for a lot of things to be done and these things have to be done with a lot of patience. If you want to create a successful eCommerce website, you need to follow a certain set of steps. Listed below are some of the most important steps for building a successful website-

Step 1: Choose a niche

This is the hardest decision you will have to take as it will either make your business or break it. This decision will require you do a lot of research and choose a niche that suits you or something that you are good at. It may cause a lot of headaches but you will have to be very patient throughout this step.

Step 2: Build a product

An eCommerce website is all about selling a particular product. So, you have to build a product that will generate a lot of interest among all your visitors. There is a lot of competition in every industry and you have to make sure that your product is better than all the rest of them or your product must have a certain appeal to it. Your product must be such that it fulfills the need of your visitor and is one of the most desirable things in your niche. Keep the following things in mind while building a product-

  • The price should not be too high or too low. While you must earn a certain profit on the sale of each product, the customer must not feel cheated also. In case the price is a little high because of the product’s quality, make sure that you have a customer care number because the customers will want to talk to someone before they invest a large amount of money. An ideal price range for best sales online is $100 to $200.
  • Depending on your industry or niche, you have to decide how much margin you are going to keep for all products. Generally, all online store owners keep a margin of 30-35%.
  • Make sure that your product is not available locally. If a customer is able to buy your product from a store near him, he will definitely prefer to do it from the store. There will be no reason driving him to open up your website and place an order.
  • Try to build a product that is not too big in size. Bigger products tend to have higher shipping charges and this will be a major turn-off for your customers. If the shipping charges are almost equal to the actual cost of the product, no one is going to want to buy it.

Step 3: Find the best manufacturers

Once you have made the decision about which product you are going to sell on your eCommerce website, you need to find the best manufacturers of that particular product. You can make use of Google Shopping or other web directories to find manufacturers.

Step 4: Build your website

Now that you have taken all the major decisions about your business, you need to shift your focus on building a good website.

  • You can either go for a hosted eCommerce platform or a self-hosted eCommerce platform. Hosted sites are more user-friendly and they help you in building a site without getting too technical. On the other hand, self-hosted websites are less user-friendly.
  • You must go to a hosted website if are not too strong technically. There are a lot of hosted software available for eCommerce websites that will give you all the right tools and features. You simply need to build the website you want by dragging and dropping. Some of such software available are Shopify, BigCommerce etc.
  • If you are going for a self-hosted option, you will have to choose a domain name, web host and SSL (secure sockets layer) too. The website name is going to be same as the domain name so choose wisely. It should denote your industry clearly and be easy to remember. If you want to make all these steps easier, you can choose platforms like BlueHost that will get everything done including domain name, hosting platform as well as SSL certificate.

Step 5: Logo

Next important step is choosing a logo for your eCommerce website. A logo must be attractive-looking and should be relevant to your niche. You can hire a professional graphic designer or logo designer for doing the work. You will get the best result just by investing a few dollars.

Step 6: Design

Now you need to make a design about designing your website. The design must be as simple as possible and it should focus only on your products. To make things easier, you can purchase eCommerce website templates. There are thousands of options to choose from. Choose a template that is user-friendly, easy to use and also mobile-friendly. Such templates will cost you around $50 and they come built with a lot of customization options.

  • The storefront or the home page of your eCommerce website must be stunning and it should keep the user interested.
  • The product galleries must display the list of your products clearly. Depending on the template you use, you can go for a classic look or a more bold view. It’s your decision and so, choose one that looks best to you.
  • Your website must have the features of tracking an order too.

Step 7: Make your website online

Once you have completed all the above steps successfully, you can now go out and make your website online. Once you do this, start focusing on branding and marketing your website. You can do this by making an official account of your website on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. These platforms are an amazing way to build a great online presence.

Step 8: Management

Once your websites start to get recognition, your visitors will start placing orders for the products you like. This is the hard part where you have to manage everything perfectly so that you never leave a customer dissatisfied.

  • Your team must be able to handle all orders perfectly without making a single mistake.
  • The customers, as well as your team, must be able to track the orders and maintain an inventory.
  • Your website must offer different options for payment like Debit Card, Credit Card and Cash on Delivery. This makes things run smoothly for the customers as well as your team.
  • Promote your sales by offering different coupons for your customers. This will keep the coming back every now and then.
  • You must also set a limit to tax and shipping for every destination your website will be delivering to. Depending on the location, both these things tend to vary.

Best eCommerce website templates

The eCommerce market has been flooding with a lot of new ideas every other day and the competition is getting tougher by each day. You can convert a website into a business while generating a good amount of revenue every day. But you have to be very careful about the way you do it. One of the most important things that will affect the way your business is running is the template you are using for your website. The design will be a deciding factor that will either convert the visitors into customers or make them go away. Here is a list of the best eCommerce templates that you can choose from-


This is one of the most popular templates used by online stores. The design is very responsive and you can make changes very easily. It will help build a website that focuses on your company’s profile and also showcase your products in the most convincing manner. Recently, the developers of Shopkeeper have made the theme even faster than it used to be.


This is a free HTML template that comes packed with a range of exciting features like slider bar, cart options, preview options and many other amazing features. The best thing about this particular template is that you get all the necessary features for free. If you want to add a certain feature to your website’s theme, you can always buy them.


This theme is known to be very user-friendly as well as developer-friendly. The layout is very powerful and warm when a visitor lands on your website he will find the design very inviting. This template comes packed with all the applications and features required to build a successful eCommerce website. This theme is built on Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3.


This is template comes built-in with 18 varieties of homepage designs. You can choose to display your products in a different manner. Other important features offered by this template are unlimited colors, unlimited types of header and more than 300 customization options available in the Control Panel.

New Standard

This template is suitable for all types of products so you have to worry about the fact whether this template will suit your industry or your product. The design is minimalistic and very clean-looking; this helps the customer in looking for the products easily and not getting confused. Other important features of this template are mobile-friendly design, features list of products and an option for the slideshow.


Jevelin is another responsive website template that is very reliable and easy to use. This theme is full of resources and comes packed with a large number of features. This is a multi-purpose theme that is well-suited for a large number of products. If also offers the option of demo image in very high resolution. You can make your website online as soon as you have added all the content to it. If you are looking for a modern design for your eCommerce website, this template will serve you the best.


This website template is perfectly suitable for boutiques, craftsmen as well as artisans. Hence, if your website is something related to art or style, then this type of website theme is best for you. One major reason behind this fact is that this theme allows the visitors to view the product in full page and this helps in getting a detailed look at the quality and design of the product. Other important features of this theme are that it offers many levels of menus, simple settings, and retina-ready graphics.


This theme offers many exciting features like clean cart, slider bars, rollover product images and many other important ones. This theme works on a Bootstrap framework which makes sure that your website always looks the best regardless of the fact that the visitor is using a laptop, smartphone or a tablet. You get an advanced type of control over all the features of your website with this template.

The above-mentioned website templates are one of the best and most used templates in the business of online stores. Depending on your industry, you can choose any one of them and start adding content to your website as soon as you have added the content to it. Before you think about starting a website, you must know that it is not going to be an easy task. This will be a test for the level of patience you have. Things may go wrong from time to time and you may need to re-establish your way of running the business, but if you stay true to your ways and if you are truly passionate about your business, you will have a successful eCommerce website in hand!

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