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DigitalOcean Review

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DigitalOcean review below are based on our own experience and testing, in which we will talk about its price value, features, and customer support.

As one of the largest web hosts, DigitalOcean was established in 2011 but has grown fast into an enterprise-class cloud hosting provider in the world. With the special care to developers, DigitalOcean designs products that have already been used and loved by 500 thousand developers in almost 230 countries.

DigitalOcean Feature Review

In order to make developers have more time on coding, DigitalOcean allows them to provision a cloud server in 55 seconds. More than that, it provides easy-to-use web-based control panel and API, which save time for developers on the cloud server management.

Additionally, DigitalOcean provides a number of operating system options, including CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, CoreOS, Fedora, and FreeBSD. They can be pre-installed. People will install application stacks with 1 click, such as LEMP and LAMP.

To be specific, DigitalOcean designs 9 solutions. If pre-customized solutions cannot meet demands, people can also contact DigitalOcean for bigger solutions. The smallest solution contains:

  • 1 CPU core;
  • 512 MB memory;
  • 20 GB SSD disk space;
  • 1 TB transfer and free private networking transfer.

Besides simple sign-up, DigitalOcean also provides easy scale-up. For example, people will expand RAM just by rebooting. Or they will get their disk space greater less than 1 hour.


DigitalOcean Price Review

In terms of prices, DigitalOcean cloud hosting is low cost and flexibly charged. We also take above the smallest solution as an example.

DigitalOcean automatically calculates hosting fees at the end of month. If people use the server less than 672 hours one month, DigitalOcean charges them at $0.007/hr. Thus, they will spend less than $5/mo. If they use the server more than 672 hours, then they just pay $5 this month. In other words, $5 is the monthly price cap of this solution.

Moreover, DigitalOcean accepts various kinds of payment methods, including Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. If people are not happy, they can cancel their DigitalOcean accounts anytime via their control panels. But the company does not give them a refund.


DigitalOcean Hosting Infrastructure 

DigitalOcean cloud hosting has outstanding reliability, speed, and security. The company even gives 99.99% uptime SLA, which a few web hosting providers can offer.

DigitalOcean operates 10 state of the art data centers in all, which are based in 3 continents: America, Europe and Asia. Furthermore, it allows customers to pick up a datacenter nearest to them or to their end users. Each data center is equipped with redundant power, battery backups, standby diesel generators, network transit paths and physical security.

What’s more, each data center is connected to outside through multiple bandwidth providers that are all tier 1 in the industry. 10 gig-E connections make DigitalOcean network capacity redundant all the time.

Another reason for high performance DigitalOcean cloud hosting is servers. This company uses KVM technology to virtualize its servers. Moreover, its servers are configured with Intel Hex cores, ECC RAM, and solid state disks. SSD is of benefit to speed up I/O and then cause a faster page loading performance.

DigitalOcean Technical Support Review

DigitalOcean only offers ticket support if people need to talk with its technicians. As a matter of fact, DigitalOcean has a much active community, in which people can browse tutorials or ask questions. This community covers technical guide or solutions on databases, scripts, servers, network, or others. More than that, content of this community is frequently updated.

DigitalOcean Review Conclusion

DigitalOcean cloud hosting is easy to set up and scale up. Moreover, DigitalOcean gives customers many options on hosting sizes, operating systems, server locations, apps, etc. Prices are affordable, starting at $5/mo or $0.007/hr. The performance is award-winning with 99.99% uptime guarantee. In a word, DigitalOcean cloud hosting is good enough to be recommended to every user, from individuals to large companies. For more DigitalOcean information, please visit


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