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Domain to a website is as the identity to a person. Thus, knowing what is domain name and how to choose a proper one are two primary considerations for a webmaster planning to start a website. To help readers make a wise choice on their domains, we make a comprehensive introduction about domain and list several tips on how to select the best suitable one.

What is Domain Name?

Domain name is a unique name used to differentiate your site address from others, which is used in the URLs. For example, in the URL, the domain name is People are able to visit your website by typing it into the address bar. Note that the domain name should be different from any other domains in the world.

A complete domain includes the top-level domain (TLD), which is the suffix of your domain, like .com, .net, .org, and so on. For different people have unlike purposes to develop the websites, they need to choose an appropriate TLD at first.

In addition to the TLD, a domain contains second-level domain (SLD) as well, which is to the left of the top-level domain. Here, we also take as an example, of which the TLD is .pro while the SLD is createwebsite.

Top 10 Domain Registrars

How to Choose a Proper Domain Name?

In addition to get a domain from the domain registration, you can also make it from some reliable hosting providers. Some hosting companies even provide you with free domain. When registering a domain name, you need to consider how to find the most suitable one for your website. In the following guide, we list several tips to help readers select a proper domain name with ease.

Nice & Catchy

As the unique way to your website, the domain name should be short and clear. Some successful sites, like,,, all use a few letters as their domain names, which are easy to understand and spell. Thus, when selecting a domain, you should avoid difficult words and specific symbols.

Relate to the Web Content

The domain should be related to the brand closely so that visitors can get a general understanding about your website at the first sight. For example, if you are running a coffee shop named as A’s Coffee Shop, the most suitable domain for the website is

No Hyphen

For many people, it is a troublesome step to type hyphen when fill the URL in the address bar. And also, if a domain name is mixed up with one or more hyphen, it looks cumbersome and wordy. In this case, you’d better set your domain as rather than

Make it SEO-friendly

When running a new website which is not known very well by other people, you need to use an SEO-friendly domain that is more likely searched by visitors. To get the words that acquire high monthly search on the Internet, you can make it by using Google AdWords. With this powerful tool, you are able to find the words which are popular with visitors. Based on the results, you just need to add the commonly searched ones to the domain name.

Be As Soon As Possible

Every website has its own domain name, which is different from any other sites. Namely, you are not allowed to have the domain which has been registered by others. In this case, you need to finish the registration as soon as possible. If the domain is registered before you do it, you must use another option.

.Com vs .Net

Which domain extensions should you choose: Com or Net? This is a question which has often been asked by our readers. This article answers how to make a choice between Com vs Net on the basis of their difference.

What Are Com and Net Domain Extensions?

A domain name is the address of your site which users type in the browser URL bar to access, for example, A domain name plays an important role in the process to achieve your business goals. More specifically, choosing a domain name can have a great influence on your search rankings and branding.

Domain extensions, a part of your website’s address, can be .com, .net, .org, or many more. It is a fact that you are free to choose from different domain extension options. But having a proper domain name extension will do you a favour to create a recognizable brand.

Among the hundreds of domain extensions, Com and Net are often the first choices. That’s misleading that the .net domain extension is a good alternative to the .com domain extension. Your choice of domain extension should be according to your goals.

When to Choose Com Domain Extension?

More than 46% websites come with the .com domain extension, which points out the great popularity. Also, the com domain extension is easier to remember than any others, which can increase the chance to build your brand and grow your business.

Business websites should always use a Com domain extension which comes with a familiar address. And your business will seem to be more established and professional, which earn more trust from your audience.

But it will be source of disappointment that good .com domain names have been almost taken. So chances are that you will have some trouble finding a good one. Here we would like to give you some directions on how to discover a proper .com domain name.

  • When choosing your domain name, you should take your business into consideration. Judging from your website name, your audience should know what your business is.
  • There are some instances where your preferred domain name is not available. Then small words can be added before or after it, which can still help you create a unique domain name.
  • Things can be much easier with the use of online domain name generators. Thanks to the recommendations, you will find it much easier to obtain a domain name which is available and unique.

When to Choose Net Domain Extension?

.net domain name should be your choice, when you plan to provide email hosting, networking, or similar services. It is more suitable for you to create an online community.

When you have the failure to find a perfect .com domain extension, a great many domain name generator tools will recommend a .net domain extension. Thus there might be a wrong impression that .net domain extension takes over more market share than it actually does.

In fact, the .net domain extension comes after almost 4% of all registered domain names. Even, some of them are chosen to protect their business name from being infringed. Or, some businesses have to start with a .net domain extension, because have no access to their desired .com domain name. But when there is a chance, they will soon embrace .com domain name.

Com VS Net – Which One Is Better for SEO?

As for which one is better for SEO, there is no difference between both domain extensions. Search engines give no preference to either of them. What counters for much is your domain name itself, instead of the extension. Search engines prefer the domain name which contains a popular keyword. Besides, some best SEO practices should be taken to optimize your website.

Wrap Up

For commercial purposes, the .com domain extension is recommended to make money online. However, Net should be the domain extension for networking service providers, email, and internet.

What is an Addon Domain?

Addon domain is a functional domain that can be created in control panel. The practice allows users to establish several different websites within a hosting account and manage them with the same control panel. Once you create an Addon Domain, there are three processes: the creation of the domain folder, the establishment of subdomain, as well as the connection between the new domain and the subdomain.

For example, you already have a domain name that is on your account, and then you create the as the addon domain. After this, the becomes an independent website, and nobody except you realizes this website is a part of the primary

Pros of Using an Addon Domain

By adding an addon domain, you can build a totally new website without purchasing another hosting account. This will save you much money with the aim to create multiple websites. What you need to do is to check whether your server resources permit first. At the same time, the control panel comes with an interface where you can not only manage your primary domain but also deal with an addon domain.

Cons of Using an Addon Domain

In fact, there are also some cons of using an addon domain. Before the creation of an addon domain, you should get a whole picture of it. An addon domain will share server resources within a single hosting account. There is a great possibility that your websites will experience slow speed with limited resources. And the stability and security of an addon domain has a close relationship with that of the main name. This could be the major concern for most webmasters. What’s more, ONLY the main domain name has access to technical support and backup service from a web host in most cases.

An advice for an addon domain is to create a FTP access. This is a quick way to directly remove and upload files for an addon domain.

What is Subdomain?

Subdomain is also known as child domain, which belongs to a part of domain name in Domain Name System hierarchy. It is the third level of a domain name and used to better organize the content of a website, and divide big website into small sections. For example, is the ordinary URL without a subdomain; however, is the URL with a subdomain “posts.”

There are three level of the latter URL. “.com” is the first level or top level of the domain hierarchy; “wordpress” is the second level while “posts” is the third level. Apart from helping to organize a website structure, subdomains also contribute to share disk space with friends by creating subdomains for them and simplify email address. Now, nearly all the web hosts offer unlimited subdomains for users; therefore, website owners can add as many subdomains as they prefer to make their websites tidy.

What is a Parked Domain?

Domain name is an essential part of online presences. However, many people are confused and puzzled for the different kind of domain names, such as sub domain, add-on domain, and parked domain. We have introduced the previous two in details before, today we are going to discuss the parked domain in detail, explaining what is a parked domain and how to part a domain for WordPress.

What is a Parked Domain?

Parked domain is a domain name without any email or web hosting service. In general, the parked domain is registered but doesn’t have any website content, aiming for domain sale or redirecting visitors to another domain.

Parked domain is a practical method to make money online. For example, some people only register a domain but don’t create a website for it. They host the domain on domain registrar and resolve it to a webpage that includes a series of advertising links, which are dynamic changed according to the visitors’ interests. Also, the domain owners can get money once visitors click through these links.

For the other purpose, parked domain is also widely used by webmasters to drive traffic to another domain. For example, I have a website named as, and then I assign the other domain name as a parked domain of this website. As a result, no matter visitors enter which domain name in the address bar of the browser, they can be sent to the same site and see the same content. The process is done without redirecting to the primary domain, and the URL of parked domain remains in the browser’s address bar.

How to Create a Parked Domain?

For the second purpose, a website can drive double traffic from search engines with parked domain, but only need to create single content and framework. Thus, we guide you to parking a domain name for WordPress websites in the below part.

As a matter of fact, the most popular cPanel offers an easy entry to park a domain name. In this tutorial, we show you the detailed steps with explanations and illustrations. Note that the illustrations are based on cPanel customized by HostGator. Maybe you see some differences within your control panel, but the functions are almost the same.

First of all, log into cPanel and scroll down to the Domains section, and then you can see Parked domain icon. Click on it and you can be linked to another page, where you can create a new a new-parked domain.

parked domain icon

Enter a domain name you want to park on your site, and click on the button to add a domain. Don’t type any “http: //” or “www” elements and note that the domain should be registered with a valid registrar and configured to point to your DNS servers before it can be used as an alias.

create parked domain

In the next, the screen shows the parked domain has been successfully created.

At present, you successfully add a parked domain on your main site and visitors can reach your site through both the primary domain and the parked domain. If you are still confusing with these steps, please watch this video tutorial.

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