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Elegant Themes Coupon Code 2020

Elegant Themes is a leader in WordPress development, offering an amount of WordPress themes and plugins. Recently, many readers email us for asking about whether there are some coupon codes or promotions to help them save money and start web presence with ease.

To be honesty, Elegant Themes doesn’t offer any coupons under normal circumstances, but there are some effective promotions for specific periods and customers, which we have listed below and you can feel free to check out whether they are valid for your business.

Elegant Themes Coupon

elegant themes couponsElegant Themes has been building WordPress themes for over 4 years. Its designs are beautiful, functional, stylish and affordable. Starting at $69 for all 87 premium WordPress themes, the price is effective to $0.8 for a theme. So customers can be free to access to one of the largest collections of premium themes available for affordable price, which is only half the price of competitors pay for a single theme in the marketplace.

Refund Policy

refund policyElegant Themes also offers 30 days no-question-asked refund to all customers. If customers who are not satisfied with the themes within the first 30 days, then they can just email the company and get refund right away.

Besides, the company allows customers to use their themes on multiple sites as they like. They do not provide any restrictions on how many times you can download or use a theme, nor do they limit the number of domains that customers can install themes to.

Popular Showcases

Elegant Themes is now offering 87 premium themes for WordPress fans. With more than 222,000 customers have experienced these outstanding works, the company earns an excellent reputation in the field. In below, we list some of the popular showcases to help you understand its designs.

StyleShop eCommerce WordPress Theme

StyleShop is a soft and powerful WordPress theme which is designed for eCommerce websites. It provides all tools webmasters need to launch a successful online store. It is also stylish and responsive and contains a unique mobile layout which makes browsing a website quickly no matter what device viewers are using.

Download | Live Demo

StyleShop eCommerce WordPress Theme

The Style WordPress Theme

The Style is a crisp, modern design that is specialized for WordPress magazine websites. It gives your blog a unique visual impact. With its unique jQuery-enhanced fluid width design, the posts always get displayed in a way that is best suited for the visitor’s resolution.

Download | Live Demo

The Sytle WordPress Theme

Fable WordPress Theme

Fable is a responsive theme built for easy reading blogs. Its spacious, full-width, and long-format style makes scrolling a pleasurable journey. Each post type is displayed boldly, giving your content the full-screen attention that it deserves without bombarding the senses.

Download | Live Demo

Fable WordPress Theme

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