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Essential Blog Writing Tips for WordPress Beginners

Good blog writing skills contribute a lot to promote a website. In order to build a large audience base and tremendous popularity with lots of new visitors each day, you need to pay more attention to content creation to catch readers’ attention. Without quality content, whatever you have done in your blog will be in vain.

Thus, improving the skill is a top task for beginners. However, they may be confused about how to write, what to write and how to make their blog eye-catching. Considering this, we have comprehensively concluded following important blog writing tips for our readers.

Be Enthusiastic about Reading

Enthusiastic ReadingBefore being a good writer, you need to be a good reader at first. In fact, many successful writers have a good habit on reading. When reading some articles selected from other authors, you need to learn how they can write such fascinating posts. Besides, the best way to get the skills from others is taking notes of some graceful sentences and words, and then, you can write them into your own articles.

You need to keep writing regularly. For example, you can stipulate to write 1 article every day, and each of them should be at least 500 words. When finishing a post, you need to check it and correct some improper content. Additionally, you can also rewrite the articles from newspaper and magazine, which is a good way to improve both of your writing and reading skills.

Track Readers

Before processing into writing a post, you need to know who are or will be your readers. Accordingly, you can write articles that meet their appetite. There are a lot of tracking tools for WordPress websites such as Google Analytics, WP SlimStat, WordPress Post Analytics, and others, which aim to helping blog writers analyze statics about websites and track the state or location of readers. Please read this post to know more information about tracking tools.

Get Ideas from Your Audiences

In some cases, you may be confused about what to write. Getting ideas from your audiences is a great way to solve that confusion. After all, great blog posts that answer the most interesting questions from people you engage with on social media. After getting detailed information about your readers, you need to think about what do they really need and what troubles them. When get overall understanding of these, you can begin to write posts covering these problems.


Find a Unique Topic to Write

A thing is valued if it is rare, so as blogs. To attract the readers, writing some very ordinary matters in your blog is useless. In order to drive more traffic to your blog, the first thing you need to do is to find a unique topic to write.It is simple to research what is hot from so many public data available through social media, and there are plenty of tools that you can use to explore topics. What’s more, you need to do some significant research to make sure this topic has not been done before. Be creative and choose a topic that stands out from the pack, as originality and innovation are the first strategy to build a popular blog.

Start with Powerful but Concise Titles

A good title plays a vital role in the success of your blog site. Because one of the most important things for people to decide whether to read your blog post is a clear and attractive title. If your post’s title is very boring and has no interesting point for visitor to look, it is for sure that no one will enter into your blog or share your post. So, having a powerful and compelling title that describes your content effectively is one of the important tasks you need to do.

At the same way, you need to use your keywords in the first 4-5 words on title. For example, if you want to write something about chef, your post title should be something about cook or chef, such as “Master Chef: The artist of a restaurant.” The length of your title should be less than 8 words as it is more concise. Besides, short titles are better to suited for social sharing than long titles.

Make a Strong Opening

text structureThe opening sentence is as important as the headline. Many people don’t have enough time and patience to read a long text. They often just hurry to browse the first paragraph, and exist the page if they do not find interesting content. So you should write a strong opening paragraph and make readers find your central idea in a short time.

What typically works here is writing surprising statistics or making a complete summary. With a fascinating beginning, it’s easy to appeal readers to read about the entire content. With the summary, readers can find what they need at the first sight as well.

Use Keywords in Content

There are hundreds of thousands of blog posts thathave been published each day. Even though your content is very well, it also might be drowned into the post sea. That’s why our editors suggest using keywords in your content. As many people ignore this aspect, we strongly recommend bloggers doing a keyword analysis so you can find what your prospects are searching for online.

Keyword is one of those internet buzzwords that appear constantly. Use keywords in your content so that people can find your blog easily and increase more traffic. Use keywords also can improve your page ranking thus brings you a large number of visitors. With the help of keywords, you will notice that the click of your blog posts boosts rapidly.

Make Use of Sub Header

In general, readers quickly scan the content when they arrive at your post. If there is no highlighted content which they want to read, they exit the post with a short time. You can use sub headers to boldly address the topic you are about to discuss so that readers can find the value at the first sight.

Avoid Grammar and Writing Mistakes

ProofreadThe first principle of a good post is no grammar and writing mistakes because visitors are always disgusted with the post full of grammatical mistakes. These little slips damage your website’s image and let readers’ believe that you are not professional and careless. So how to free from mistakes?

Of course, nobody can totally be flawless; however, you can use some useful software to diminish the possibility. For example, GrammerCheck can automatically check and correct grammar errors and Google dictionary helps correct spelling slips. When find some mistakes in the article, you should revise it promptly and avoid making the same error again.

Set Good Text Layout

In addition to the content of your post, you should also pay attention to the appearance. The chaotic and messy page gives a bad impression to visitors at first as visitors see the page appearance at first sight. Before publish your post, you can adjust the text layout to create an attractive look. It’s wonderful to insert some pictures or video appropriately.

Write Short and Sweet Paragraph

No one wants to read lengthy text with empty theory and pale words. To create a pleasure read experience to readers, you can keep your points short and leave lots of white space throughout your post. Based on our experience, you’d better get shorter than 5 sentences with leaving a paragraph break.

Keep Pace with New Trend

This is an ever-changing world filled with a bunch of new things. A successful blog need to keep pace with the new trend to attract those who walk on the frontline of fashion. In order to achieve this, writers need to pay attention to news, look through famous websites in the field. For example, bloggers focusing on WordPress sources can follow, while writers about web hosting reviews can look through

In addition, bloggers can get the latest information from social networks like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. And they can try new things that audiences discuss lively.

Take All Feedbacks Seriously

CommunicateTo attract more visitors, you need to know what they are fond of and encourage them to make proposals. The best way to collect their feedbacks is to set a commenting area at the end of each article so that readers are able to write down their opinions. Meanwhile, you can reply their comments to interact with them and get more useful suggestions, from which you can know about their preference on reading.

Share Your True Feelings

A sincere and genuine writer is bound to be favored and preferred by readers. Think about what makes good writer welcomed. For example, Benjamin Franklin and Earnest Hemingway, they are popular because they write what they really think and these experiences inspire and instruct people. Bare this in mind and share your true feelings.

Publish after Selection

Sometimes you may be sized by a whim and write a lot of things. For instance, you quarrel with a good friend or breakup with boyfriend. Then, you write a lot of things to show how sad you are and who is to be blamed and so on. Indeed, these are exactly your true feelings but do you think readers will be attracted by these personal staffs or nonsense statements, definitely not. Thus, before publishing a post, think about whether it is nonsense for readers.

Make Content Meaningful

While have a perfect title, the next important thing is to create an interesting and meaningful content which is highly shareable. If you blog post is regarding something about chef, but in your content, nothing relative containing your keyword can be find. That will be not only valueless but also decrease the number of your audience. So you should make your content effectively, meaningful, and tightened tied to your ultimate objectives.

Besides, in order to make your content convincing, you can utilize your unique experience, write something that you are particularly good at, or something your audience will find interesting and useful.

meaningful content

Participate in a Writing Community

In addition to improving the writing skills by yourself, you are also able to realize it by communicating with other experienced writers. There are many writing communities available to you, like,,, etc. You can join in those groups and learn from other authors.

Don’t Overdose SEO

SEO is one of the most important parts to make posts have good search rankings. However, do not be a slave to SEO. As the future of SEO continuously changes, it is uncertain to do what to optimize your post. However, we can clearly know that no matter how SEO changes, the compelling and original content always remains key to a successful online strategy.

Writing Interesting and Funning Things

blog writing funny thingsReading blogs is a pastime for most people so that it is supposed to be interesting and less serious sometimes. The article that is only filled with words usually looks boring and rigid. As a blog writer, you can pay attention to pop news, closing trends and gossip news and insert some relevant images and videos into the post, which make the whole article creative. In addition, the illustrated graphs can help explain the words vividly so that readers are able to grasp the information that you want to deliver to them. Besides, cultivate wide interesting for yourself purposely.

Write after Deep Thinking

If you get an idea, don’t hurry to write it down. You’d better do a brainstorm first, think some related things and get more relevant information. After this, choose special, useful and attractive ones to write out.


Since there are millions of sites on search engines, you need to post more fascinating content to attract more visitors so that your website can get a high ranking on search engines. Thus, the first thing you should take into consideration is making a breakthrough on your writing skills. By following those tips mentioned above, you can have a great improvement on your blog writing.

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