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GetResponse Review

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Founded in 1999, GetResponse ( is one of the ideal email marketing service providers that allow the user to try out different strategies and designs before sending emails. Here’s a quick look how GetResponse is one of the best email marketing service provider in the country.

In below GetResponse review, we will talk about its service from features, pricing, and customer support.

GetResponse Review on Pricing Value

There is a 30-day free trial as well to allow the users to try out the features of the email marketing campaigning tool. Some common plans are:

  • $15 per month for 1000 subscribers
  • $25 per month for 2500 subscribers
  • $45 per month for 5000 subscribers
  • $145 per month for 25,000 subscribers
  • $250 per month for 50,000 subscribers
GetResponse Email Marketing GetResponse Email Marketing

GetResponse Review on Contact Management

For a well-known corporate house, contacts are generated in thousands. A good contact list will address all active contacts. The idea is to provide maximum focus to the customers and rope in new buyers as well. GetResponse meets these objectives by:

  • Segmenting contact lists based on conditions, such as demography, geo-location, and specific requirements.
  • Helping users to identify specific groups of customers based on advanced search options.
  • Assisting users to check inbox-behavior – for instance, checking whether they opened their autoresponders or not.
  • Allowing users to import search results to the database and sending emails to recipients based on search results.
  • Providing a search panel where users can check how each subscriber has reacted to the earlier email campaigns.
  • And, the user can add, delete, select, and edit the contact list. Multiple contact lists can be drawn. The lists can be further enhanced through quick and effortless syncing of other contact lists.

GetResponse Review on Email Creation & Sending

Once the contact list is created, it can be integrated with the email that needs to be sent in the email marketing campaign. GetResponse has a detailed and easy process of designing and creating emails. For instance, there are numerous templates where users can select one and then, customize it further. The drag-n-drop editor allows the user to quickly pick a content block and position it properly in the interface. However, it is also possible to check the history of the other emails already sent and view the designs, text, and images used in the emails.

The email creation history, basic blocks library, and snippets archive help to reuse the designs that have already been done. It is also possible to import a template by simply copying-n-pasting the code. At last, a responsive email is created which can be seen in all operating systems and in any gadgets. It can be further used as landing pages in different demographic locations. Sending the emails to the prospective contacts is also seamlessly done. For instance, users can:

  • Schedule the delivery timing – based on the best day to get a more engaging response
  • Conduct A/B testing – where email content and subject-line variations are processed and sent for testing. The email which works best in trying to capture the attention of the customer wins the top position. This mail is sent to the subscribers.
  • Send autoresponders – where auto-replies are sent and recipients who have responded are guided properly.

After sending, the emails are stored in archived folders to be reused whenever required.

GetResponse Review on Email Reporting and Tracking

Reporting and tracking the emails in a marketing campaign is essential to understand the customer behaviors and requirements. GetResponse has an Email Intelligence utility that works as an email analytics tool. It tracks and reports the consequences of the email campaign by specifying:

  • When the emails were opened and what links were accessed. The time of the day is also registered.
  • The recipients who did not open the mail or unsubscribed it.
  • One-click option where users can select sub-groups (those who opened the mail) and send a reply.
  • Results of two email campaigns and find out which had better conversion rate or brought increased Return of Investment (RoI).
  • Tracking code to track the conversion rates – where recipients became active customers.
  • Customer interaction in social media networks.
  • GetResponse also tracks open rate tracking where statistics on the number of times a message has been opened is shown.

GetResponse Review on Customer Support

The users need to visit the support section to get information and tips on the functionality of this utility. They can check the video tutorials to get started or conduct a live chat with the customer care authorities. There is an option to get a unique API code to get started right away. GetResponse may be a little pricey for some users. Nevertheless, it offers comprehensive campaigning features to make email marketing a successful endeavor for the corporate.

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