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GoDaddy Review

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Since 1999, GoDaddy ( has been growing into the largest domain name registrar and one of the largest web hosting service provider around the world. And in below GoDaddy review, we will talk about various services it provides, from which you can find all the services you need to create a successful website.

GoDaddy is a domain registrar who is offering service for millions of domain names and the number just keeps increasing. Besides domain, the company offers everything you need to setup a site, which include web hosting, VPS, Reseller hosting, Dedicated server, SSL certificates and website builder. You could also find email service, web design, and Internet marketing service from them.


GoDaddy Review on Speed and Uptime

GoDaddy was used to be a company led by business people, which results in poor hosting service. However, after changing the management team, Godaddy starts regaining the reputation in hosting industry.

First of all, GoDaddy uses global data centers as home of its servers. It means better uptime and faster page loading speed since distance between browsers and servers influences final performance. As to data centers themselves, they are standard ones for housing servers where power, cooling equipment and security measures are abundant.

In addition, GoDaddy makes CPU, entry processes, memory and I/O ready for use no matter when its customers need. The host also alerts customers if they are going to get close to limits of these resources. It supports resources check anytime via its stats dashboard as well. By knowing how much they use, customers can keep their sites run smoothly and they can level up packages promptly once they are close to the limits.

At the same time, the company also takes advantage of some premium technologies and facilities, including full network redundancy, best of breed routers, firewalls and servers, enterprise-class backup and restore technologies as well as 24/7 security monitoring and etc.

Together with the experienced engineers GoDaddy hvae, they has an industry leading load time, and reliability.

GoDaddy Review on Ease-of-Use

Godaddy offers cPanel in its Linux server and Plesk in Windows server. Both control panels have proven to be the best in the industry, with which people could start using and managing the web server without any learning curve. The control panel support multi-language, no matter which country you are from, you could use your own language UI in Godaddy.

To create a site might take some time if you do everything manually. GoDaddy 1-click script installer supports to install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many popular apps. All its customer could create a powerful website with some simple clicks.

GoDaddy Hosting Review

GoDaddy is well-known in providing cheap web hosting. All its web hosting include rich features at affordable price.

Shared Hosting

In below, we will review GoDaddy Linux web hosting from price value, reliability and customer support, via which readers can know whether it is good enough.

GoDaddy is an old brand and is well-known as a domain name registrar with over 60 million domains under management. Its web hosting is also popular due to low prices and many solutions. In terms of shared web hosting, its customers could get solutions on OS of both Linux and Windows.

GoDaddy Linux Web Hosting Feature

GoDaddy Linux web hosting is designed with high price value, especially if people purchase it via our link.

The hosting is based on CloudLinux along with MySQL and phpMyAdmin. GoDaddy configures its servers with support to PHP 5.3 to 5.5, Python and Perl. The company also offers SSH access, custom php.ini, FTP over SSL, Raw Access Logs and easy application installer. Via the installer, customers can install over 125 applications, such as WordPress and Drupal.

Since GoDaddy Linux web hosting packages include the latest cPanel 11.40.1, customers can feel free for management tasks. cPanel is acknowledged as the easiest to use control panel for Linux web hosting. Its interface is clean and icon-based. It integrates all management tools in a single dashboard. It makes everyone, even if a newbie, administrate their hosting and websites easily.


Godaddy ASP.NET Hosting Features

At Godaddy, webmasters can make a choice from Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate plans according to their own requirements. And we will mainly focus on the entry level plan, Economy in this article. If webmasters choose Economy, they can get almost all basic ASP.NET hosting features to back up their websites, such as:

  • 100 GB disk space
  • unlimited data transfer
  • 1 website
  • Free domain name with annual plan
  • Free email address accounts
  • 200MB storage Windows SQL databases.
  • 50+ Free Applications

In addition, Windows server 2012 R2, IIS 8.5, medium trust level, dedicated application tool, ASP.NET MVC 3, ASP.NET 2/3.5SP1/4.5 as well as easy to use Plesk control panel, Remote IIS management, webmatrix and URL rewrite support are all available for Economy customers.

Godaddy Shared Web Hosting Pricing

There are 3 shared web hosting from GoDaddy, include Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. Economy is for personal blogs and is $6.99 per month, including 100 GB storage, 100 email addresses, unlimited bandwidth and free domain with annual plan. Via our exclusive link, customers will get this package at $1/mo only! If customers need a more complex websites, then Deluxe and Ultimate are for them to choose with unlimited features. And there are many deals from Godaddy, to know all, please visit here.

More than that, GoDaddy provides money back guarantee longer than standards. 45 Day Money Back Guarantee is long enough for customers to ensure whether they want GoDaddy services or not. If not, just contact GoDaddy supporting technicians for full money back.

Is Godaddy Shared Hosting Good?

GoDaddy shared web hosting has high price value. The business allow customers to build a website at low to $1/mo only. This is perfect for personal website. For more details, please visit GoDaddy.


Like all other products from the company, the VPS hosting service is the best known one. Here we will thoroughly go by the different features and functionalities available with the product from GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Linux VPS Features

First aspect of GoDaddy’s VPS is you do not need to pose sterling technical qualities to set up the server and make it run its own. The managed plan combines backups, security, monitoring and patching service altogether. Users RAM, bandwidth and storage all come with guarantee. You can select any operating system to run your server either from Windows or Linux and your choices to pick the OS are wider with CentOS with cPanel, and Fedora, Ubuntu and CentOS without cPanel. The CentOS with cPanel will include patching in it while the rest will be unmanaged.

  • Easy and quick set up with free SSL certificate for the first year
  • 3 dedicated IPs with FTP access
  • Administrative access to virtually run anything on the server
  • Enabled support for hosting multiple websites using same server account
  • Usability option as a gaming server besides web purposes
  • Built in TippingPoint intrusion protection system
  • World-class routers

In short, the GoDaddy VPS will make you rely on the service being secured and controlled.

GoDaddy VPS Windows Review on Features

GoDaddy VPS Windows comes with high flexibility.

In total, GoDaddy launches 5 VPS solutions currently, offering

  • RAM from 2 GB to 8 GB;
  • Storage from 40 GB to 240 GB;
  • Unlimited bandwidth.

Each solution allows customers to choose managed types including self-management, management and fully management. Differences lie in server administrate, control panel and backups while GoDaddy self-managed VPS Windows does not offer these. The fully managed VPS Windows even has support of a dedicated team.

The control panel in GoDaddy managed or fully managed VPS Windows solutions is Plesk, one of used most control panels. Plesk has clean interface and supports everything related to hosting managed in single dashboard.

For managed and fully managed Windows VPS, GoDaddy pre-installs Web Application Firewall and CDN on servers so that sites based on the servers are secure with malware removal.

Another highlight about GoDaddy VPS Windows is provisioning. Just in minutes, GoDaddy get a VPS Windows provisioned. More than that, when customers upgrade solutions, they need not to re-provision their servers.

Pricing of GoDaddy VPS

Nothing comes for free and everything you care in hosting has a price to pay. With saying that, the GoDaddy VPS remains affordable to the most. It has 5 plans as packages with following features:

  • Operating System: For all 5 packages / plans based on Linux or Windows;
  • RAM: For memory there are 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB and 8GB;
  • Storage: In terms of storage the capacity ranges from 40GB, 60GB, 90GB, 120GB and 240GB;
  • Bandwidth: It is one of the ultimate considerations we account in selecting our hosting service and the product bandwidth across all 5 packages are all unlimited;
  • Price: Different plans are there that start with – Economy at $24.99, Value at $29.99/mo, Deluxe at $34.99/mo, Premium at $49.99/mo and Ultimate at $99.99/mo.

Should You Use GoDaddy VPS?

Of course, GoDaddy VPS is a top recommendation as you can easily manage it from the hosting control center, get protected from bandwidth overage and for easy configurability. If you are experiencing growing number of traffic or your website has grown to a large scale, you should consider opting for GoDaddy virtual private server as it will work dedicatedly for your domain and traffic, give the traffic the best experience and connectivity, keep your website up all the time and more importantly, will let you focus on other aspects of growing your business.

For more information, please visit GoDaddy.

WordPress Hosting

Running a personal site or blog is always full of stress, especially when people don’t have much time and money. Always, managing themes, plugins and hosting can distract time as well as energy away from actually running the business. Then managed WordPress hosting comes into being. It takes care of the day-to-day management of WordPress, thus people can focus on their business.

Recently, GoDaddy has launched its managed WordPress hosting service, and has gained popularity in the industry. In below review, we will go into details on GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting service from its pricing, features, performance, ease-of-use, and customer support.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review on Features

So far, there are four managed WordPress packages at GoDaddy available for customers to choose from. All the packages are completely user-friendly and offer the necessary rich features for people to build a powerful WordPress website. Some features included in the plans are 1 to 5 websites, SFTP access, 10GB to 50GB SSD storage, and 25,000 to 800,000 monthly visitors.

Besides the above, all packages contain access to 1,000s of free themes and plugins, free domain with annual plan, free Microsoft Office 365 email, free daily backups & 1-click restore, one-click migration tool, automatic WordPress core software and security updates, temporary domain name, premium WordPress hosting platform, 150+ interactive WordPress walkthroughs and training videos.

To meet some people’s needs for more professional features, GoDaddy provides them with exclusive features, such as SFTP access, one-click staging site, SEO, SSL certificate, plus malware scan and removal for 2 sites.

In addition to that, GoDaddy hosting is fully compatible with WordPress. Introducing cPanel and CloudLinux into its servers makes it more conveniently to install as well as maintain WordPress. Utilizing both PHP versions 5.2 and 5.3, suPHP, high PHP memory_limit and many more, GoDaddy wants its customers to focus on running their personal sites/blogs and business and not worry about their servers.

GoDaddy Provides Affordable Managed WordPress Hosting

In terms of the price of GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting, its prices varies from different package and different billing cycles.

The entry-level of GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting charges for $4.99 each month for a 1-year term, after 28% off regular price $6.99/mo. If people sign a longer contract, the price would be more affordable. For other develop packages, GoDaddy offers bigger discounts for them. For example, under the latest discount, the price of its Developer is $12.49/mo, saving 50% off regular price $24.99/mo.

In addition to that, GoDaddy offers a 45-day money back guarantee for annual plans and offers 48 hours money-back guarantee for monthly plans. If people are not satisfied with its services, according to different billing terms, they can request a full refund within the first 45 days or the first 48 hours.

GoDaddy is one of the Best Managed WordPress Hosts

GoDaddy is a good choice for managed WordPress hosting, with rich features and acceptable price. To say that, GoDaddy WordPress hosting is particularly perfect for newbies who are just starting out with this product, as well as for veterans who are engaging in building sites to hand off to their customers.

With GoDaddy WordPress hosting, people don’t need to install WordPress by themselves, because the host will do it for its customers. And once people finish building a website, GoDaddy will manage all the core updates and their WordPress installation security as a replacement.

For more information, please check out GoDaddy WordPress Hosting.


Here, we will mainly introduce Godaddys’reseller hosting solutions, aiming to help all of our readers have a clear clue of its reseller hosting.

Godaddy Offers Two Different Reseller Hosting Packages

To help webmasters get the most suitable hosting solution to host their websites, Godaddy releases two different hosting plans for them to choose from and these plans are Basic and Pro. Each plan offers enough features to satisify its clients. Let’s take the entry level plan as an example:

  • best for customers to recreated up to 25 accounts and resell them;
  • reseller hosting based on VPS;
  • pre-built storefront with white label;
  • professional marketing promotions and email marketing;
  • free credit card processing;
  • reports on sales and commission.

In addition, the company also allows its resellers to make money via reselling a wide range of its products, including domains, web hosting, servers, managed WordPress, SSL certificates, and SiteLock security.

Godaddy Reseller Hosting is Affordable

Godaddy is eager to meet the requirements of webmasters, so the company promises that webmasters can get the service at an affordable price. There is no doubt that the price of different terms is different.

The regular price of the two reseller hosting price is set at $8.99/mo and $14.99/mo respectively.

At Godaddy, reseller hosting customers can sign up the service for 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, 60 months or 120 months. If they sign up the service for 2 years above, they can get up to 15% off the regular price, which means that the price can be cut down to $7.64/mo. What’s more, via our exclusive GoDaddy reseller hosting promotion link, customers can get higher discounts that are 30% off, reducing the pricing to $5.35/mo.

We also find that GoDaddy reseller hosting comes with 45 day money back guarantee. If customers are not satisfied, they can go ahead to ask for a refund within the period.

GoDaddy Industry Leading Reseller Hosting

GoDaddy offers customers some rich core features and reliable technical to manage their accounts and the company is one of the leading providers that can guarantee high performance network. At the same time, the price offered by the company is affordable.

For more information about GoDaddy reseller hosting packages please visit GoDaddy.

Site Builder

Known as the world’s largest domain name register with over 13 million customers, more than 4,500 employees and around 60 million domains under management, GoDaddy is also a famous website builder who offers one of the most comprehensive set of website building tools to customers in the industry.

The slogan of GoDaddy website builder is that NO SKILLS? NO TIME? – NO PROBLEM. GoDaddy promises their customers that they offer easy to use editor, hundreds of customizable designs and free domain, hosting, and business email.

GoDaddy Pricing

GoDaddy provides three plans of different levels with rich features at low prices. All the three plans, Personal, Business and Business Plus have special discounts, making them even more affordable.

Although GoDaddy does not allow for free registration, the starting plan designed for personal websites, Personal, charges only $1.00/mo, saving you 83% at promotion.  This starting price is almost the lowest in the industry.

Business Plus including Search Engine Optimization, One-Click social media manager and SSL certificate free for 1st year costs you $10.99/mo, saving 26% compared to usual. The price of the highest level plan Business Plus is a little bit higher compared to other website builders, however, it worth its price considering the very rich features included.

All the three plans include free domain with annual plan, business email from office 365 free for 1st year. Besides, there is a 45 day money back guarantee, meaning that customers can unsubscribe and receive refund with no questions asked within the first 45 days if they are not satisfied with the service.

GoDaddy Rich Features

GoDaddy’s rich featured website building plans of ease of use and low prices are able to help customers to build all kinds of personal websites, blogs, online stores, etc.

  • Very easy to use website builder drag and drop WYSWIG with a very intuitive user interface, able to customize all the elements on the websites;
  • Automatically converted mobile friendly interface, easy to visit on smartphones and get a totally different experience than looking at the desktop version of the website;
  • eCommerce solutions charging one price including all the features you need to create online stores. Free for one month, $29.99/mo. The simply built online store with beautiful customized themes accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal;
  • Over 300 professional designed templates, all pre-populated with content so it makes it easy for customers to build out websites by replacing the content;
  • Create backup points and restore function makes it possible that customers can save multiple copies or versions of their websites in case there is a mistake. Customers are not restricted to restoring only the most recent version, making them feeling safe.

Sadly, customers are not enabled to edit the source code of the website pages and templates, restricting the freedom. For the more advanced users, this is a major disadvantage.


In terms of GoDaddy eCommerce solutions, it is not integrated with GoDaddy premium upgrades plans, not convenient for some potential customers.

Unlike some other website builders in the industry, GoDaddy does not have an export function, meaning that customers can’t take the website away if they want to stop using GoDaddy as the builder. Due to technical reasons, the websites built with GoDaddy can only function properly inside the GoDaddy environment, which is one of the most drawbacks of GoDaddy.

Template Library

GoDaddy can provide customers over 300 professional designed templates, having one of the largest template libraries in the industry. Various kinds of templates ensure that customers could have various choices according to the themes of their websites.

All the templates have pre-populated contents and it’s free to replace the pre-populated contents such as text and images with your own contents.

However, according to customer review, some templates are not fit in with the mobile versions. The company’s mobile versions don’t always match the quality level on smartphones or tablets, which could be a concern if the customer is creating a large scale website.

Third Party Apps

GoDaddy does not have too many extra features included. Even if you get large amounts of storage space and bandwidth as their plans say, most of the features may not be achieved.

Some extra features and third party apps provided by GoDaddy are pretty expensive. Free SEO module and free SSL certificate are only available for the most expensive plan, Business Plus, which could be a hard choice for many customers.

Friendly Customer Support

GoDaddy has a very good reputation for providing 24/7/365 round the clock customer support though phone call, live chat, support ticket. If you are in a hurry, phone support and live chat support should be your first choice because the responding time is around 5-10 minutes according to customer review. The company offer categorized email addresses, dividing the problems and speeding up.

GoDaddy also have online knowledge base and YouTube channel with tutorial videos, enabling customers to solve the problems on their own. Customers can also interact with their social network accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


As one of the largest website builder in the world with a huge number of customers, GoDaddy is worth taking a look at for its powerful features. As for its major downside of not able to create a trial or free account or edit the source code or transfer the website, you can refer to GoDaddy if you want to build a personal website or run a small or mid-sized business.

For more information about GoDaddy website builder, please visit GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Review on Customer Support

GoDaddy support staffs are available to its customers by 24/7 phone and email support. Customers can contact GoDaddy at anytime if they had problems or search answers in its Forums. Besides, GoDaddy also offers live chat support to its registered customers.

The types of customer support Godaddy offers are pretty typical. And Live Chat support really brings a lot of convenience when seeking for help. As a big company, GoDaddy support response time is not that ideal. If you go with email support, you might wait up to 8 hours to receive a response. So, if possible, please consider Live chat to seek for help from GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is Great for Hosting WordPress

If you plan to create a website using WordPress, then GoDaddy is definitely a great web hosting you should consider.

100% Compatible with WordPress

GoDaddy comes with three hosting solutions, which are all fully compatible with WordPress. At GoDaddy, the company supports multiple PHP versions, such as PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, and custom PHP.ini, Perl, phpbb, web mail, POP 3 accounts, SMTP, IMAP, 10 x 1 GB MySQL databases and more.

In addition to the above features, GoDaddy also contains other features for its WordPress hosting customers to run their websites, such as one website, 100GB disk storage, unlimited data transfer, 100 email accounts and one free domain name with annual plan.

In order to help its customers manage their websites easily, the company also offers 11.40.1 cPanel to its WordPress hosting, so webmasters can put more time and energy on online business conducting.

Relatively High Performance Reliability for WordPress

Fast speed and 99.9% uptime are two keys factors for webmasters to run their WordPress websites successfully. And we are also delighted to tell GoDaddy WordPress hosting customers that the company claims that it will try its best to deliver best possible online environment to them.

According to our tests, we find that GoDaddy has made some improvements to guarantee high performance online environment. Besides 24/7 security monitoring, the company also takes advantage of state of the art data centers and servers that are well equipped with advanced facilities and technologies, so GoDaddy WordPress hosting customers can operate their websites smoothly.

GoDaddy Offers Its WordPress Hosting at an Affordable Price

To promote the hosting services, many web hosting companies will some discounts to their customers, so does GoDaddy. When it comes to GoDaddy WordPress hosting price, it is affordable when compared with many providers.

GoDaddy knows that the requirements for a website building differ from one another, so the company offers three hosting plans for its customers to take into consideration, namely Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. With the latest promotion, GoDaddy WordPress hosting customers can get the service at $4.99/mo, $5.99/mo and $7.99/mo respectively.

Godaddy WordPress Hosting Godaddy WordPress Hosting
50% Off

Customer Service for GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Is Good

The last point we intend to make a review is GoDaddy WordPress hosting customer service. By checking the feedbacks of existing customers, it is safe to tell webmasters that the customer service for WordPress is good.

The company claims that it can help its WordPress hosting customers deal with their problems via phone, email and live chat if webmasters need assistance. By the way, we have to tell webmasters that GoDaddy live chat is not available 24/7.

What’s more, GoDaddy also supports the policy of money back guarantee with 45 days, which means that GoDaddy customers can get their money back if they find that their current account cannot meet their needs and cancel their account with the 45 days of purchase.

GoDaddy Review Summary

GoDaddy products are really cheap. You can get a web hosting plan at $1/mo only. Though GoDaddy has bad records on performance, we witness that it is improving. cPanel or Plesk makes it easy for management. Even if you get into a bother, GoDaddy welcomes you to contact. To know more about GoDaddy, please visit

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