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GoDaddy vs A2 Hosting

People always feel hard to pick up a right web hosting provider for their websites since there are numerous hosts in the marketplace who offer similar solutions, like GoDaddy and A2 Hosting. In below, we are going to compare these two companies from features, ease to use, performance and support. Then people will know differences between them and make rational decision to succeed online.

GoDaddy vs A2 Hosting on Web Hosting Features – A2 Hosting Wins

After checking their hosting features, we think that A2 Hosting is a little better since advanced features in its packages are a bit more.

A2 Hosting Lite web hosting covers unlimited RAID-10 storage, unlimited transfer, 25 email addresses, 5 databases, 5 GB physical memory and 2 GB virtual memory. Moreover, databases have MySQL 5.5 and PostgreSQL 9.1; PHP ranges from 5.2 to 5.5; Python is supported with multiple versions. Besides, A2 Hosting also provides Apache 2.2, Ruby 1.8, Perl 5.1, Node.js, SSH Access, FTP, shared SSL and preinstalled phpMyAdmin & phpPgAdmin.

Even though GoDaddy entry-level web hosting has unlimited bandwidth, 10 databases and 100 email addresses, its other features are weaker, like 100 GB storage, only MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, phpMyAdmin and SSH Access.

If people want to get A2 Hosting Lite web hosting, they will pay $7.99/mo regularly. However, A2 Hosting now has promotion campaign, giving “51SPEED” coupon to cut pricing down at $3.92/mo. Though GoDaddy web hosting is cheapest at $1/mo via our link, its features are not as rich as those of A2Hosting.

A2 Hosting Web Hosting A2 Hosting Web Hosting
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GoDaddy vs A2 Hosting on Ease of USE – Both Win

In terms of ease of use, GoDaddy and A2 Hosting both offer cPanel, which is famous and leading in the control panel industry. With cPanel, users will easily manage servers, accounts, websites, email accounts, etc since cPanel operation is simple to understand and handle. Moreover, cPanel covers almost all functions that users may want to use during the management. The interface is iconic that even beginners will quickly know what those icons represent.

GoDaddy vs A2 Hosting on Performance – A2 Hosting Win

When it comes at hosting performance of GoDaddy and A2 Hosting, both companies give 99.9% uptime, which represents very highly reliability. However, compared to A2 Hosting, GoDaddy still need to improve its hosting performance.

A2 Hosting utilizes state of the art data centers in US and Europe. Take a look at the primary data center: multiple power supply sources (data center power plant, UPS circuits, diesel generators, etc.), top network providers, dual fiber entrance, SSAE16 certification, 15 air conditioning units and so on.

What’s more, A2 Hosting SwiftServers are configured with a minimal of 12 cores and 64 GB RAM. Additionally, people have the option of configured Turbo servers. Every server of A2 Hosting is loaded with balanced accounts to ensure that every account gets enough server resources at anytime.

GoDaddy vs A2 Hosting on Technical Support – A2 Hosting Wins

As for the technical support, A2 Hosting clearly creates more convenience for its customers. GoDaddy just offers 24/7 phone and email support while A2 Hosting customers will choose one method they feel convenient from live chat, ticket, email and phone. Most importantly, all of A2 Hosting support is responded by its Guru Crew Support around the clock.

However, GoDaddy money back guarantee is longer than that of A2 Hosting. Within the first 45 days, customers can notice GoDaddy staffs and get a full refund if they are not pleased with GoDaddy hosting solutions. A2 Hosting provides hassle-free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


A2 Hosting performs better on features, speed, reliability and technical support. GoDaddy web hosting is cheaper and has longer money back guarantee. If people want a wonderful hosting journey and pay less time on hosting problems, then they had better sign up with A2 Hosting. Actually, $3.92/mo is not expensive but reasonable considering lots of advantages in A2 Hosting web hosting packages.


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