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GoDaddy vs Inmotion Hosting

GoDaddy is more famous for its domain registration services rather than its web hosting services. Inmotion Hosting specializes in web hosting solution offers and is committed to 100% satisfying customers. Both companies are popular in the web hosting marketplace, and here we would like to make a comparison between them to figure out which one is better if people have to choose only one, GoDaddy or Inmotion Hosting.

Inmotion Hosting Web Hosting Features are Richer

Both firms provide almost all kinds of web hosting solutions based from shared servers to dedicated servers. However, overall, Inmotion Hosting gives more and better web hosting features than GoDaddy does.

Inmotion Hosting web hosting packages contain SSD drives for free as well as unlimited disk space. In addition, Inmotion Hosting customers will utilize unlimited data transfer every month and unlimited email accounts to run their sites. Furthermore, PHP, Python, Ruby and Perl are languages that Inmotion Hosting supports.

Besides MySQL database, Inmotion Hosting also offers PostgreSQL database support. What’s more, free data backups, one free domain name transfer for the first year, free advertising credits, SSH access and so on are all included in Inmotion Hosting web hosting packages.

If we take pricing into account, we will find out that Inmotion Hosting is really a better selection. Inmotion Hosting charges from $7.99/mo. But via our exclusive link, people will get a over 50% off discount to only pay from $3.49/mo. Even though GoDaddy web hosting starts from $1/mo for one-year cycle via this link, but it only includes 100 GB space, unlimited bandwidth, 100 email addresses, 1 MySQL database, PHP, Perl, etc.

Inmotion Hosting Web Hosting Inmotion Hosting Web Hosting
50% Off

Inmotion Hosting and GoDaddy both provide cPanel

cPanel is the control panel that Inmotion Hosting and GoDaddy offer to customers in order to help them manage servers, accounts, email accounts, etc. However, Inmotion Hosting supports its customers to install over 310 applications while GoDaddy has more than 70 applications for customers. Additionally, Inmotion Hosting enables WP-CLI (a management tool for multiple WordPress installation), application roll-back, premium website builder, etc to complement management.

Inmotion Hosting Offers Faster Performance than GoDaddy Does

The good news is that the companies have 99.9% uptime guarantee no matter which one people finally pick up. However, according to customer reviews as well as our speed testing towards the two hosts, Inmotion Hosting is much better than GoDaddy on hosting performance.

Inmotion Hosting makes use of 2 data centers respectively located in two coasts of USA, one of which in Los Angeles is even rewarded as “most connected building” by Wired. To build websites at Inmotion Hosting, customers will worry less about downtime caused by power outage, network failure, etc since Inmotion Hosting does everything to cope, like multiple Tier 1 ISPs to offer 20 gigabits of connectivity.

Beyond that, Inmotion Hosting sets Max Speed Zones. If website visitors are just in zones, they will browse pages much faster than ever before and have wonderful experience. Dell servers with SSD disk space, 24 GB memory and 24 CPU contribute to Inmotion Hosting fast and reliable performance as well.

Inmotion Hosting Has Strength on Customer Services Compared to GoDaddy

When people have questions, they will get GoDaddy support via 24/7 phone and email, as well as time-limited live chat. However, Inmotion Hosting provides customers with live chat, phone and email support all for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Hence, Inmotion Hosting wins!

Besides convenient supporting ways, Inmotion Hosting customer service strengths also show on quality of service. Its supporting technicians are with years’ experience on web hosting, giving solutions to problems quickly. Moreover, Inmotion Hosting 90 day full money back guarantee is one of strengths too even though GoDaddy offers 45 day money back guarantee.


In a word, Inmotion Hosting web hosting is feature-richer and easier to use. Its performance is faster with state of the art data centers and Max Speed Zones, which GoDaddy does not have. Customer services are better due to 24/7 live chat and 90 day money back guarantee. Even though GoDaddy is cheaper, Inmotion Hosting is still a higher price value hosting provider for every website owner and its pricing is affordable as well.


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