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GoDaddy vs IX Web Hosting

GoDaddy is a globally famous company for domain registration services as well as cheap web hosting. IX Web Hosting, as Best Web Hosting, pays the most of its resources on web hosting only. Also, the two companies share a lot in common. For example, they offer Linux hosting and Windows hosting. We would like to go on comparing GoDaddy and IX Web Hosting in below, and readers will know why IX Web Hosting is better.

GoDaddy vs IX Web Hosting on Web Hosting Features

The two companies offer shared hosting and VPS hosting, but GoDaddy has dedicated servers while IX Web Hosting supplies cloud hosting solutions. We take their shared hosting to compare in detail and get a result: IX Web Hosting tailors more features for its customers.

IX Web Hosting Linux shared hosting contains at least unlimited domains, web space and data transfer. Likewise, besides unlimited bandwidth, the entry-level plan of GoDaddy comes with 1 domain and 100 GB web space. Moreover, email accounts in the entry-level plans of IX Web Hosting and GoDaddy are respectively 2,500 and 100.

For advanced developing features, we see that GoDaddy supports Perl, Python and PHP. However, besides PHP and Perl, IX Web Hosting customers will receive CGI, CGI-BIN, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, SSI and .htaccess support as well.

Moreover, GoDaddy offers minimal 1 MySQL. On the other hand, IX Web Hosting provides 50 MySQL and 50 PostgreSQL at least. In addition to that, 1 free dedicated IP is even included in IX Web Hosting Linux shared hosting.

GoDaddy web hosting is really cheap. People will spend $1 per month via our link on maintaining a website for one year. Compared to GoDaddy, IX Web Hosting charges higher around $1/mo only. That is $1.95/mo, 71% off the regular pricing. But the customers will host unlimited websites, use unlimited space, even get 1 dedicated IP, etc. just by paying additional $0.95/mo.

IX Web Hosting Exclusive Deal IX Web Hosting Exclusive Deal
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GoDaddy vs IX Web Hosting on Ease of Use

By comparing their control panels, we think that GoDaddy wins. GoDaddy provides the latest cPanel to its Linux hosting users and Parallels to the Windows hosting users. Both control panels are the best respectively in Linux and Windows hosting management. As for IX Web Hosting customers, they will administrate hosting accounts by H-Sphere control panel, which can also meet the most of needs.

GoDaddy vs IX Web Hosting on Uptime and Speed

IX Web Hosting outperforms GoDaddy on this part by taking advantage of its self-own and self-operated data center. It can ensure people with exceptional hosting performance and fast fixing speed if something in data center happens.

IX Web Hosting built the data center in Columbus, Ohio, USA, which occupies 11,000 square foot. And this data center was designed for hosting, coming with high network connectivity, redundant power, strictly controlled inside temperature and humidity and even the most suitable lighting.

Furthermore, this data center is managed by IX Web Hosting engineers as well. Compared to other web hosts renting data centers, IX Web Hosting has a unique advantage: to master data center condition around the clock. When problems arise, they will immediately diagnose servers, network and other equipment in the data center.

GoDaddy vs IX Web Hosting on Customer Services

IX Web Hosting takes advantage of live chat, email, ticket and phone to support its customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, GoDaddy live chat is available to customers within limited time, which is not convenient for people.

What’s more, IX Web Hosting supports its customers to require a full refund within the first 30 day. Additionally, it has 90 day money back guarantee, allowing people to ask for a full refund within the current month and pre-paid money for the rest months. However, GoDaddy full refund guaranteed period is longer, lasting to the 45th days.


In a word, IX Web Hosting loads rich features into its web hosting solutions. And it built the data center to make sure that its customers will get the premium hosting performance. Additionally, the company supports people via multiple ways around the clock. Considering these, its $1.95/mo pricing is reasonable and valuable. Everyone interested in building websites could think about IX Web Hosting.


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