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Guest posting is considered as one of the best way to promote a website, it has grabbed the attention eventually not only of professional bloggers, but also of private individuals. As the term is a hot topic at present, let’s have a clear knowledge of what is guest blogging and how it benefits a blogger.

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest blogging is a popular method used by numerous of webmaster to build links. just as the name suggests, is a blog marketing strategy that a guest writes a post for you to publish, or you publish posts on others’ blog as a guest. In general, the guest post is like a regular post includes a link back to the blogger’ site.

Typically, there are two guest blogging types:

  • Guest blogging on your site. This way means your site accepts guest blogging and someone else writes posts to publish on your site.
  • Guest blogging on other’s site. You can submit a guest post on others’ websites for link building and SEO improvement.

No matter which way you involve in, it is a win-win method that grows the traffic for both blogs and builds close relationships between both bloggers.

The Benefits of Guest Hosting

Guest Blogging is Great for SEO

As search engines like Google attach great importance to the link building of a site, bloggers are struggling to exchange or buy links from other websites. Thus, guest blogging is an effective method for building links, allowing author to include 1 backlink to his/her site. As long as you have a little knowledge about SEO, you can understand how valuable to get a backlink from a web page that has a high PR value. That may be the main reason guest blogging can be so popular among bloggers.

guest blogging good for seo

By allowing others to submit a post on your site, you can freely get new and quality content which may bring plenty of traffics. On the other hand, you can get a backlink and boost site ranking if you publish guest post on other websites. In a word, it is beneficial for WordPress SEO.

Guest Blogging Builds Relationships Between Bloggers

Under normal circumstances, bloggers are writing independently, do not care or interfere with other bloggers. At present, as a guest blogger, you are forced to contact with other bloggers. Thus, you can easily learn about the views, resources, highlights, businesses, and other information from their blogs.

In addition, you can make friends with them on social media networks and convert their followers to become yours.

Guest Blogging Brings You Fresh Ideas

fresh ideasObviously, it brings your blog fresh content if you allow others to submit guest posts on your site. Instead of frequently writing posts by yourself, you can publish guest posts that save you a lot of time and energy. Besides, you can learn about the new ideas, writing style and content structure from the guest posts.

In the other case, if you tend to submit guest posts on other’s website, you have to do study the site and do research on the content and visitors, which also brings you fresh ideas.

Steps to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Step One: Make Clear of Your Target

readershipBefore set out to find a blogging opportunity, the first thing is to figure out what kind of website you want. Only if you have a clear target, you can get the ideal one as soon as possible.

  • Fixed Readership – The target blog needs to have fixed or engaged readers that ensures your post have the opportunity to be discovered. To know the answer, you can check how many comments does the website have and how many times its posts being shared on social media.
  • Related Content – The guest blog need to have similar content of your own website. Only in this way can people in the guest blog be interest in your articles and increase opportunities to be accepted by site owners.
  • Potential Audience – Another thing you need to do is research visitors on target blog. You’d better pay attention to whether they are fond of content that are similar to yours. If they do, then, that is the right place.
  • Active Owner – Try to find a website with an active owner who often share guest posts on social media. In this way, your articles can be read by more people.

Step Two: Select Practical Methods

social mediaGenerally speaking, being a guest writer has many advantages including making yourself famous in this industry, increasing your WordPress website traffic, and boosting your own site’s SEO. No matter what goal you want to achieve, find a guest blogging opportunity is the premise of everything. So, how can you find a suitable one? In the following, we are going to put forward several useful and effective methods to achieve this goal.

  • Social Media – As many site managers often share the newest guest posts on social media, you can search keyword like Guest Post and choose the relative and suitable one. You need to do the work on famous social media like FaceBook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, as well as Twitter. Once you have found your target, go to the website homepage to see whether it can meet your needs.
  • Google Search – As the most welcomed search engine, Google is powerful. If you target to write SEO guest posts, just search for SEO guest blog. Then, you get many results related to the search information. Click on those results and there will be the name or link of the source website.
  • Follow Productive Guest Bloggers – There are always some people who strive to write guest blogs in your field. So, how to find them? As a blog writer, undoubtedly, you read a lot on different websites. Then, mind people who often appear to you, who are exactly what you are looking for. After doing this, just pay attention to what websites they publish posts.

Famous Websites Accepting Guest Blogging

infoAfter writing so many things, we are going to introduce you several prominent websites that accept guest blogging. Note that all of them are reputable websites with much traffic.

  • – This is a website strives to solving problems and writing tutorials related to WordPress platform.
  • HowsHost – As the name suggests, this website dedicates itself to writing web hosting review and help readers find a suitable hosting solution.
  • HostUCan – one of the largest PHP resource and community sites helping beginners on coding, SEO, monetization, blog writing, web hosting, etc.
  • KISSmetrics – It is a marketing site with many regular readers and an active site manager.
  • Mashable – This is a technical news website that accepts guest blog and requires accuracy and timeliness for posts.

Methods for Finding Guest Writers

Based on the fact that we have already comprehensively explained the ways to find guest blogging opportunities before, now, we are going to tell you how to find guest writers to enrich your blog content. We propose five most useful and practical suggestions to get quality writers quickly, expecting readers can find ideal guest writers after reading.

Method 1: Use MyBlogGuest

MyBlogGuest is a website that offers a platform for site owners as well as blog writers to find suitable guest writer or guest blogging opportunities. Till now, the platform is trusted and used by millions of bloggers for its easy to use features and large users.

If you want to find a guest blogger with MyBlogGuest, you just need to register it with username, password, and E-mail. Note that there are five days free course for you. When finishing the registration process, the next step is to post a request on the website. The whole process is extremely easy and what you need to do is follow the instructions presented on the website.

Method 2: Develop Commentator & Subscriber

If you add a comment section to your WordPress website, then, you can receive various comments from different visitors. Then, pick out those people who are interested in your blog and invite them to write blogs for you. The same goes to friends and subscribers. We can say that all the subscribers are loyal followers of your blog content; thus, there is a high possibility to convince them to become a guest writer.

Method 3: Build Quality Website

Most experienced and talented guest writers only choose quality websites to write posts. Thus, you need to equip your site with attractive points that are large traffic and active community. you can write readable content at first and then applying some SEO guidelines to get a high position in search engines.

As for community, you need to build a community at first, and the easiest way is to utilize Facebook Fan page and Twitter page for your blog. Then, encourage readers to comment on your post and discuss ideas with each other. In this way, you can get both traffic and guest writers’ attention.

Method 4:Post a Request on Your Own Site

Post a RequestIf you own a website with large traffic, then, there are many visitors every day. Thus, the most convenient way to get guest writers is to develop some of those visitors into writers. You just need to post a notice on your site to inform people that the website accepts and welcomes guest writers.

However, why people should write for you for free? Therefore, you should state what benefits people can get from writing for you. Usually, site owners promise to give backlinks to increase writers’ website traffic and share the guest blogs frequently to increase writer reputation.

Method 5: Using Social Networking

Social networking has a big advantage that is large users. Thus, publishers need to make use of this merit and get more guest writers from them. You can publish a note for requesting guest writers on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on so forth. Besides, search engines are also helpful in this regard. For example, if you run a literature website, you can search Literature Guest Writes in Google. Then, there will be many useful items, and you just need to choose the suitable one from them.

How to Submit Guest Post to a High Traffic Site

After applying methods mentioned above, you may have a better understanding of how to make Gust Posting. However, it is still not an easy thing to submit guest posts to some high-traffic websites. In order to help readers quickly submit a guest post to boost their site SEO and traffic, we offer guide to introduce the tips in detail and help them complete the process with ease.

Determine the Target Site and Read Posting Submisions Carefully

target sideIn order to submit a guest post, you should first decide which site you want to publish your post on. As not all sites allow guest blogging and not all sites suitable for you, you need to collect a series of sites that support guest posting. Usually, you can search for “guest blogging guidelines” or “guest blogging submissions” in Google and find some reputable websites that accept guest posts.

Then, you need to read their guidelines in details, understanding their requirements, standards, formats, and information. Only by thoroughly understand those guidelines, you can easily write good posts and successfully submit to the targeted websites.

Study the Site and Audiences

Don’t rush to start write a guest post, you need to study the site content and audiences before. You can browse the entire site and read about the posts in the past two months or more to learn about what kind of topics the site focuses. As well, you need to note how the editors format their posts and then copy it.

In addition, you can analyze the content to see about the visitors’ interesting and identify their favorite articles and categories. Still, read about some comments is a good way to listen to visitors’ voices.

Write quality guest post

write postNow, having a comprehensive and thorough understanding about the targeted site, you can start to write your guest post. We highlight some points you need to notice:

  • Write quality and original content. Just like writing a typical blog post, your guest post should be high quality and original, has never been published anywhere else, including your own blog. In addition, you can learn about some writing tips for better blogs.
  • Include useful information. Don’t talk a lot of empty words, you need to tell some creative theories, helpful tips, and practical guidelines. After all, only the content is meaningful for readers, they can be welcomed.
  • Don’t be advertisement. This is important to guest post that it is not an advertisement. You can promote your site in your bio, but never try to introduce it into your post. For guest blogging, you need to stand on the position of the targeted site and write standard blog posts.

Add proper backlinks and profile

In general, every guest post includes a bio with links back to your site or a particular post. So, when complete the post, you need to write additional content about your bio. You can slightly introduce your site and add a back link to the site homepage or one of the most popular posts. By this way, your site gets a back link that is great for SEO ranking and attracts a lot of visitors from the targeted site.

backlink image

Submit your guest posts

At present, you are required to submit your guest post to the targeted site. The targeted site generally introduces the submission method in the guidelines. So you can just follow it and submit your own guest post. In this step, you need to note about the post format, information, layout, and so on.

When published, they always send you an email. Otherwise, you can contact the webmaster through their contact channel if you have any questions or doubts.

Mistakes You Should Avoid for Guest Blogging

For almost all the successful bloggers and webmasters, starting the guest blogging to get the effective website promotion can be a core task for them. After all, by publishing the guest blog posts on some quality websites, you can get your site indexed and crawled much more easily by the search engines, build the outside linking effectively, target more of your potential users, get the better online exposure and business chances, establish the credibility or online image and many more.

However, can you always get these benefits by carrying out the guest blogging strategy? The answer is not. At present, we have found that many webmasters fail at this great tactic with some wrong actions. To help you avoid this situation, in the following, we’d like to list the fatal mistakes you should avoid for guest blogging.

Mistake 1 – Publish the Guest Posts on Some Bad Websites

This is the most common mistake made by many webmasters. Here, you always need to know that the aim for you to publish the guest posts is to “borrow” the organic traffic and readers of the target websites. In this case, if this site is of low quality, how can you get what you want? Here, the “low quality” not only means that the website is of bad contents and design, but also means that the site is crafted for selling mainly and does not target your main niche accurately.

Of course, you can post on the bad sites to help your friends or to improve your link farm. However, if you are going to promote your site or to get the better ranking, this mistake can hurt your site a lot.

Bad Websites

What Should Do Instead

The only resolution is to collaborate with some great websites. To find such a website, you can consider the below steps.

  • Check the domain authority and the Google ranking of this site.
  • Choose the website that you know or are familiar with, featuring the high popularity.
  • Choose the website that comes with the heavy traffic, which doubles or triples the traffic of your site.
  • Post on a website that is in the same niche as your site.

Mistake 2 – Be Too Much Self-Serving

For websites that accept the guest posts, they want some professional writers coming out the great and informative posts about their website topics, services or products. For webmasters who want to publish the guest posts, they are looking for the chances of website promotion and traffic acceleration. In this case, the guest blogging can be a win-win practice for both sides, but the truth is that many of you are too selfish.

We have read a lot of guest posts submitted by the peer bloggers, and rarely find the real worth-posting ones. Most of these articles are of low quality, discussing the topics in the most superficial manner. This simply gives us a feeling that they want to “use” our site and steal our audience.

Similarly, if your guest posts give your target websites such a feeling, you are much more likely to be rejected, even if you promise the financial compensation.

Too Much Self-Serving

What Should Do Instead

Firstly, you need to make sure that what you write is of the high quality that can help and inspire their readers. You should write the content with the best earnest just as you write the post for your own site. In addition, it would be better for you to have a general learning of the target site so as to choose the topic that is highly related to your site and is preferred by the target site owner. Also, instead of writing with the old information, you can come out your own thoughts and ideas.

By doing so, you can easily pass the post review and can establish a long and lasting relationship with these great sites.

Mistake 3 – Accept All the Guest Post Invitation

Have you ever received the message or email saying something like “Hi, we hope you can write a meaningful guest post for our site”? If so, do not accept the invitation immediately even if the website is a trustworthy one. After all, it is possible that this site is out of your niche.

Here, you need to know that guest posting or linking on a site that has no relevancy to your site can do no good to the website SEO.

Guest Post Invitation

What Should Do Instead

If you have already posted on these websites, you’d better try to contact the site owners to remove your articles. If not, you should think twice and figure out where the site falls into your niche before responding the invitation.

Mistake 4 – Do Not Outline Your Requirements In Advance

In most cases, it is the host blogger who sets some requirements of guest posts, such as the high quality, the inclusion of the specific keywords, the guarantee of no spelling errors and many more. However, most of you just forget or even ignore that you also can ask for something you want in return.

Especially, if you do not want to waste time coming out a guest post that cannot benefit your promotion strategy, you need to negotiate with the target webmaster in advance and state your requirements clearly.

Outline Your Requirements

What Should Do Instead

Personally, the most basic requirement is that you can insert at least a single link into the post that redirects to your website, a special page, the social media and some others. In addition, if you want to promote your offered items or services, you need to make sure that you have the right to include the name or even the main information of your offerings into the content for the maximum promotional results.

Some other requirements are listed as below.

  • The post images and the thumbnail have your brand logo and watermark.
  • You not only can share the post on their websites but also on their social media.
  • You can add some specific keywords or hashtags into the sharing.

Mistake 5 – Always Link to the Homepage

We have found that many webmasters always include the link of their homepage into the guest post. It is true that homepage may indicate the core content of your whole site, but it cannot accomplish everything. In this case, if you do this all the times, your promotional campaign might be broken.

Link to the Homepage

What Should Do Instead

In fact, including which link is totally based on your needs and the post contents. If you want the redirected visitors to subscribe to your newsletters or to sign up with your site, you’d better include the link to a special landing page that comes with some effective call to actions. If your post is about your product, you’d better link to that special product page.

Mistake 6 – Come Out the Poor Bio Information

In most cases, you can get the bio information showcased after publishing the guest posts, with which you can tell people who you are and invite them to check your website. However, we have found that many webmasters only display the bio like “Check Susan’s blog to learn more about her at XXX”. Also, some other webmasters always use the same bio information no matter they are publishing on the guest blogs or their own sites.

Personally speaking, the poor bio information cannot give people the enough reasons to view your site. Instead, the bio needs to be targeted.

What Should Do Instead

Firstly, you need to make sure that your bio information can give people the general impression of who you are, and the most importantly, attract them to get some insights of you by visiting your site. Note that you need to show the personality and value using a few sentences.

In addition, you’d better customize the bio information if you can. Do not always display the same bio on all the websites. Also, if you have the freedom, do not forget to enter the “learn more” link that redirects people to your own site.

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