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Host4ASP.NET Coupon Code 2020

How do you react when hearing about a 40% discount? Probably it is incredible, exciting, or even screaming for such amazing discount. And now, this chance is ready for the customers of Host4ASP.NET. However, some users may feel confused about why this company is so generous. To put off all doubts and fears for such a good thing, we reveal the secret of Host4ASP.NET Coupon as below.

Host4ASP.NET Coupon for Shared ASP.NET Hosting

With this 40% discount off the regular price, the hosting service of Host4ASP.NET is only starting at $2.95/mo. However, some readers may think that whether such low price is a scam. In fact, you can rest assured about it because, as a start-up hosting company, Host4ASP.NET only wishes to let more customers to try its premium ASP.NET hosting services by clicking the coupon link shown in the following.

Host4ASP.NET 40% Off Host4ASP.NET 40% Off

In total, there are three ASP.NET hosting solutions offered to you, named as Basic, Advance and Business, regularly pricing at $4.95/mo, $6.95/mo and $15.95/mo. By means of this exclusive link, the up to 40% discount is automatically going into effect to make the price as low as $2.95/mo, $3.95/mo and $9.95/mo.

All plans are available for 1-year, 2-year and 3-year billing terms. Note that, the 40% discount is specific to customers who purchase the service lasting 3 years. Besides, 30 days money back policy is guaranteed and the PayPal payment and credit cards are also available.

Host4ASP.NET Coupon on VPS Hosting

Besides budget-friendly shared hosting plans, Host4ASP.NET also provides multiple VPS plans for ASP.NET hosting. So far, it has released a total of four VPS hosting plans, including Barebone VPS, Developers VPS, Business VPS, and Managed VPS.

The company enables 1-month, 3-month, 6-month-, 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year subscriptions for users to choose based on their actual needs. It regularly sets the starting plans of these plans at $29.95/mo, $39.95/mo, $40.95/mo, and $39.95/mo in respective. But now, it is offering an up to 33% discount for users paying triennially to buy the plans from $19.95/mo only via this exclusive Windows VPS coupon link.

Host4ASP.NET includes all the hosting plans with abundant server resources. Also, it provides full OS customization, high-performance solid state drives (SSDs), automated system backups, and other facinating features to ensure you with an optimal hosting experience.

Charges for Add-on Services

In addition to the hosting packages above, Host4ASP.NET also provides some additional products and services for users to choose when claiming this Host4ASP.NET coupon. The following are some significant ones.

  • Dedicated IP – A Dedicated IP address is charged at $2/mo at Host4ASP.NET.
  • Domain name – You can register a new domain name with the company at $12.95/year.
  • Domain private privacy – Host4ASP.NET allows you to buy a domain private privacy at $8.95/year.
  • SSL certificate – SSL certificates are also available for you to keep the payments and customer data private. The company has developed three plans for this add-on and prices it from $49.99/year to $199.99/year with an up to 25% discount.

100% Safe Online Purchase

Once finishing the payment, your account is activated instantly without extra fees. For any question about the service, you are able to go and find an answer from the in-house technical support team consisting of a group of experts on the development of web hosting.

What’s more, if you find Host4ASP.NET cannot sufficiently meet your expectations after the purchase, you can cancel you hosting accounts within the initial thirty days and ask for a full refund to make your hosting journey hassle-free. It’s 100% safe to check out the Host4ASP.NET coupon here.

Why Should Claim Host4ASP.NET Coupon

Host4ASP.NET, a leader in Windows hosting field, strives to offer premium ASP.NET hosting service with concrete features. Host4ASP.NET is your best choice if you need a hosting to support both ASP.NET site and WordPress site. If you are not sure whether you should go with it, we make the following Host4ASP.NET review to answer all doubts. Firstly, let’s check the overall rating of this web host, which is based on the feedbacks from over 300 customers.

What Is Host4ASP.NET ASP.NET Hosting?

Firstly released in 2002 by Microsoft, ASP.NET is an open source server-side web application framework designed for producing dynamic web pages. As a successor to Active Server Pages (ASP) technology, this framework is built on the basis of the Common Language Runtime (CLR), which enables programmers to write AP.NER code with any supported .NET languages.

In the current market, there are plenty of hosting companies claim to providing quality ASP.NET hosting services. However, few of them are able to keep their words in real practices since ASP.NET hosting is an advanced and demanding type of services. In this case, choosing a trustworthy provider to get your ASP.NET hosting journey started without any hassle is of great importance for the majority of users worldwide.

According to our extensive investigations and 180+ webmasters’ feedback, we have picked out Host4ASP.NET as a worth-trying option. Scroll down to read more in-depth reviews of multiple aspects of the company’s hosting services.

How Can Host4ASP.NET Do Such A Good Job?

Host4ASP.NET has a strong technical team consisting of professional technicians and developers. All the members have been occupied in this field for over 10 years, so they are experienced enough to keep releasing outstanding products in the market. And now, as a newly launched hosting brand, Host4ASP.NET claims to concentrate on ASP.NET hosting development to serve the sites in small and medium size. Besides, integrated with cutting-edge facilities, Host4ASP.NET guarantees fairly reliable and secure hosting environment. That’s why this company enjoys great popularity in the short term.

Host4ASP.NET Review > Plans & Pricing

With three ASP.NET hosting packages included, called Basic, Advance and Business, Host4ASP.NET gives its best to satisfy the needs of most customers. The original prices of those plans are marked as $4.95/mo, $6.95/mo and $15.95/mo, much more competitive than other companies indeed. 1-year, 2-year and 3-year billing cycles are available here. In this case, customers can determine how long to go with Host4ASP.NET at will.

And now, to enlarge the user-base, this company plays a trump card – up to 43% discount to reduce the regular price, starting at $2.95/mo. The promotional link activation as below comes in handy to help people get such fascinating discount.

Billing Cycle Basic Advance Business
1-year $4.95/mo $6.95/mo $22.95/mo
2-year $3.95/mo $4.95/mo $11.95/mo
3-year $2.95/mo $3.95/mo $9.95/mo

Note that, once purchasing the service, the account is activated off hand without any hidden fees. For any complaint about the service, people are allowed to ask for their money back within 30 days.

Host4ASP.NET 40% Off Host4ASP.NET 40% Off

Host4ASP.NET Review > Features

When selecting a quality ASP.NET hosting solution, customers always keep a watchful eye on the features supply. To this phenomenon, the developers of Host4ASP.NET devote themselves to enabling more advanced features in each hosting plan. Here, we list a table to show the spotlights of those three options clearly.

Feature Basic Advance Business
Disk Space 1GB 10GB Unlimited
Bandwidth 50 Unlimited Unlimited
MSSQL 2012 1 6 Unlimited
Windows Server 2012 Yes Yes Yes
IIS 8 8 8
Classic ASP Yes Yes Yes
ASP.NET 2/3.5SP1/4.5 2/3.5SP1/4.5 2/3.5SP1/4.5
ASP.NET MVC 2/3/4/5 2/3/4/5 2/3/4/5
Full Trust Level Yes Yes Yes
Price $2.95/mo $3.95/mo $9.95/mo

Besides some common Windows hosting features, Host4ASP.NET also provide an exceptional hosting environment for WordPress. Their hosting package include multiple version of PHP (from 5.6 to 7.x), MySQL 5.6, Plesk Control Panel, and also a setup of WordPress Tool kits with which customers could create wordPress site, backup WordPress, and Restore a WordPress site. Even better, you can migrate WordPress from another hosting company easily with this tool, and make your WordPress site management could not be more easy.

Host4ASP.NET is also one of first web host who include free SSL certificate into their hosting package.

Host4ASP.NET Review > Uptime & Speed

Host4ASP.NET’s big investment on data centers in Chicago and Hong Kong makes this company one of the most reliable and secure ASP.NET hosting providers in the industry. This company guarantees to deliver at least 99.9% uptime to customers from North America, most Asian countries, and some surrounding regions. Our editors have tested its uptime in the past 30 days and finally reached a conclusion that average 100% uptime is easy to achieve for this powerful hosting provider.

When it comes to hosting speed, Host4ASP.NET tries best to reach the peak by going with high performance technologies, like Uninterrupted Power Supply, N+1 generator, 100% DELL servers, etc. Before writing this review, we have collected more than 300 feedbacks from customers and find 8 out of 10 express the satisfaction to the hosting speed.

Host4ASP.NET Review > Technical Support

Host4ASP.NET always regards technical support as a part of great concern. This company has an in-house support team, which is professionally trained and stands by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer effective and timely answer to all inquiries. Host4ASP.NET’s commitment is to reply online within 20 seconds and respond to an email within 1 minute.

Besides, the knowledgebase and blog include numerous tutorials written to help people get more useful hosting skills. In this case, this company is confident of removing all customers’ worries and being a part of their success.

Host4ASP.NET Review > Community Reputation

As one of the most excellent ASP.NET hosting companies, Host4ASP.NET is widely-acknowledged by a tremendous number of users around the whole community. According to the statistics that we have collected on the HostUCan Host4ASP.NET review, the company has achieved a high level of customer satisfaction rate.

Host4ASP.NET Review > Highly Recommended

To sum up, Host4ASP.NET, one of the best ASP.NET web hosting providers, is certainly recommended here. Besides offering multiple cost-effective shared and VPS hosting plans, it also provides a 30-day full money back guarantee to help users start their hosting journeys in a safe manner. If you plan to build website with ASP.NET, then don’t forget to claim Host4ASP.NET coupon here.

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