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Host4ASP.NET Review

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In this Host4ASP.NET Review, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of its ASP.NET hosting solutions to help webmasters know why we strongly recommended this company for ASP.NET hosting.

Since its initiation, Host4ASP.NET has committed to offering the best ASP.NET hosting solutions to webmasters ranging from individuals to business website owners. Thanks to its excellent hosting packages, top of the line customer service as well as competitive price, Host4ASP.NET has received a wide range of popularity by lots of ASP.NET developers. People could find both shared ASP.NET hosting and Windows VPS hosting from them.

Host4ASP.NET Deals

Host4ASP.NET is offering budget ASP.NET hosting. And now, the company gives considerable discounts to its ASP.NET hosting customers. Instead of the regular price, $4.95/mo, webmasters can get the service only at $2.95/mo, which means that Host4ASP.NET hosting customers can receive 40% off the regular price.

Host4ASP.NET 40% Off Host4ASP.NET 40% Off

Besides the low price, Host4ASP.NET also pays high attention to the satisfaction of its customers, so the company guarantees 30 day money back. Therefore, Host4ASP.NET hosting customers can ask their money back within the first 30 days if they find that they are not 100% satisfied with their current hosting plans. Check out Host4ASP.NET coupon to more.

Host4ASP.NET Ensure Excellent Performance

Host4ASP.NET guarantees 99.9% uptime to its ASP.NET hosting customers while it does well in speed and security as well.

For one, it utilizes 2 data centers, one in Chicago and the other in Hong Kong. They are geographically complementary to ensure reliable and fast performance for all customers. Besides, both data centers are top ones in their regions. They have redundant power supply composed of UPS, backup generators and power banks. They are strictly temperature-controlled for the best server hosting environment.

For another, Host4ASP.NET takes advantage of premium hardware and technologies. It only utilizes Dell servers. If customers need, they can upgrade to servers with SSDs, which means much faster performance. Host4ASP.NET uses BGP network, which has 4 fibre-line connection and 300Gbp/s connectivity. The host even offers CloudFlare CDN to level up performance too.

Here are a little about its security. Besides regular data center security measures, Host4ASP.NET has a team to monitor network and server performance 24 hours a day. Moreover, the company deploys DDoS Attack Response and Cisco to enhance its hosting security.


Host4ASP.NET Service Review

Shared Web Hosting

Targeting .NET developers and small businesses, Host4ASP.NET provides ASP.NET hosting, Windows VPS and Windows reseller hosting. This company is one of Microsoft golden hosting partners as well. In below, we review its ASP.NET hosting only. Now, take a look:

Host4ASP.NET ASP.NET Hosting Plans

Considering that customers may build size-different websites or have different demands, Host4ASP.NET designs 3 ASP.NET hosting plans, called Basic, Advance and Business. The Advanced plan is the hottest one, meeting needs of a majority of customers. It supports customers to create up to 6 website in single account along with:

  • Unlimited sub domains;
  • Unlimited disk space and data transfer;
  • 30 email accounts backed with POP3, IMAP and Webmail.

What’s more, all plans contains advanced and the latest MS technologies, such as Windows Server 2012 R2, IIS 8.5, SQL Server 2012/2014, .NET 5, MVC 6, Silverlight 5 and Classic ASP. Host4ASP.NET also supports each customer with Node.js, URL Rewrite 2, custom error page, Zend Optimizer, PHP 5.X, Perl CGI, MySQL 5.5, Access databases, and etc.

Due to WebsitePanel offering, customers can easily fulfill regular management tasks. Because of full trust support, isolated application pools and the script installer in the WebsitePanel, customers can install popular scripts like DNN and nopCommerce within clicks and run them smoothly.


Host4ASP.NET ASP.NET Hosting is Cheap

Different from other ASP.NET hosting providers, Host4ASP.NET fixes low pricing for its ASP.NET hosting plans. The pricing is even lower than prices of many PHP hosting plans.

The Basic plan is $4.95/mo regularly. Now with the promotion, customers can purchase this plan at $2.95 per month. However, this plan allows 1 website hosted only and offers 10 GB disk space. If customers plan to a very small site with few images and videos, this plan is enough. If not, Host4ASP.NET Advance plan has higher price value with unlimited features at $3.95/mo, after around 43% off.

The host guarantees its customers with 30 day money back SLA. In other words, Host4ASP.NET allows its customers to try its service. Not happy? Cancel accounts and ask for a refund just within the money back guaranteed days.

VPS Hosting

Host4ASP.NET is a web hosting provider dedicated in Windows hosting and has been recognized as Microsoft golden hosting partner. Last year, the company released Windows VPS to meet higher demands of customers and soon it gets popular. In below we will review the product from features, speed, pricing and customer support.

Host4ASP.NET Offers Rich Windows VPS Features

The company allows its customers to customize their own virtual private servers according to their needs. From RAM, core, disk space, bandwidth, IP to Windows operating system, customers can customize them all. Here in below we configure a Host4ASP.NET VPS based on Windows 2008 R2. Customers can choose Windows 2012 R2 too.

  • 1 core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 40 GB disk space
  • 400 GB bandwidth
  • 1 IP address

Host4ASP.NET also designs its Windows VPS with high usability. Every customer will get WebsitePanel to manage every aspect of their hosting, including advanced management tasks, like ISO image mount, system re-installation, Hyper-V virtual server import or export, and etc.

When it comes to Hyper-V, the company empowers its Windows VPS with Hyper-V technology to get better integration of Windows OS and VPS. While Windows OS is directly installed on Host4ASP.NET virtual private servers, customers have a full control over their servers, such as full OS customization, rebooting controls, stopping controls, and etc.

Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS is Affordable

Windows hosting is generally more expensive than Linux hosting, let alone Windows VPS. But when we take a look at prices of Host4ASP.NET, we find out that they are affordable similar to regular Linux VPS prices.

To purchase above package we configure, people have to pay $24.95/mo. This pricing is affordable in the Windows VPS field. However, the pricing could be lower. Host4ASP.NET gives discounts to customers who have longer contracts with it. Above package with 3-year contract is $19.95/mo, 33% off.

So, a tip to save money on Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS is to pay longer terms as long as customers have enough budgets and fully trust the company. As to trust, Host4ASP.NET provides 30 day money back guarantee to improve its credibility as well.


Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS allows customization and offers high price value. Speed and technical support is great. Therefore, for users looking for Windows VPS, Host4ASP.NET could be an option. To know more, please visit Host4ASP.NET.

Responsive Technical from Host4ASP.NET

The only goal of this company is to meet the requirements of all Host4ASP.NET hosting customers at the extreme, so the company has committed to offering the top of the line technical support to its customers.

The company employs a group of qualified and professional supporting staffs, who are quite friendly and patient to customers, to help webmasters deal with their issues. If customers have some issues, they can contact the Host4ASP.NET support center through some useful supporting channels, such as email and live chat to handle their problems. In addition, Knowledgebase is also one of the efficient supporting ways for webmasters to solve their problems at Host4ASP.NET.

Host4ASP.NET supports customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to the reviews of many ASP.NET hosting customers, we find that over 95% of them are satisfied with the customer service offered by this company.

Host4ASP.NET Review Summary

In a nutshell, Host4ASP.NET provides ASP.NET hosting at competitive pricing. Reliability, speed and customer suppport are great too. So, this company is good enough for hosting ASP.NET based websites or applications.

To find more details about Host4ASP.NET hosting solutions, please visit


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