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HostGator Review

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Hostgator ( is one of the largest web hosts in the industry, and below Hostgator review is based on our own real experience and the reviews we have collected from their customers.

As one of the best web hosting service providers worldwide, HostGator is well-known for offering high performance and reliable services, which include shared web hosting, VPS, reseller web hosting, and dedicated server. You can find both Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting from them, which means no matter what kinds of hosting solutions you are looking for, HostGator will have one for you.

The customers of Hostgator range from individuals, small business, to enterprises. Until now, it has been hosting over 8,000,000 web sites, which make up around 1% of traffic worldwide. HostGator was acquired by EIG in 2012.


HostGator Deals

The latest HostGator coupon ‘hostucan‘ will bring you the best deals available from HostGator, and save you up to 40% when signing up their services.

HostGator Coupon 'hostucan' HostGator Coupon 'hostucan'
40% Off

Here you can find all the promo from HostGator. As Hostgator doesn’t offer any discount when its customers renew the service, so a long term hosting plan would be a better decision and 45 days money back guarantee will be good enough for customers to know the service of Hostgator. Hostgator accepts both Paypal and Credit Card.

Hostgator Review on Speed and Uptime

When Hostgator was operated independently, the company utilized its data centers from Softlayer, a leader dedicated and cloud service provide. And since it’s acquired by EIG, Hostgator moved parts of their web servers to the state-of-art Bluehost data centers in Utah, along with other EIG companies. But anyway, both data center turn out to be really outstanding in the world.

Both datacenters leverage redundant power and fire detection systems and deploy all the advanced technology to ensure that secured, and reliable web servers at all times. Besides, all Hostgator websites are Supermicro servers, RAID-10 disk, and DDR3 ECC RA. The hardware is highly customized in order to give the best performance and reliability possible.

Hostgator guarantees 99.9% uptime on their hosting services.

Hostgator Review on Ease-of-Use

There is no doubt that Hostgator is really easy-to-use. Hostgator provides cPanel to each of its Linux customers or Plesk to its Windows users. Both control panels come with many outstanding features plus Hostgator free sitebuilder and free website templates. They are extremely easy to understand and even the beginners could learn how to manage files, emails, user account, domains or server setting quickly.

To bring more convenience to its new customers, Hostgator offers free service to help move sites of its customers to its server if customers come from other hosts.

HostGator Hosting Service Review

Shared Web Hosting

Having been offering the qualified hosting solutions to webmasters over 10 years, Hostgator is a reputable web host who provides web hosting service on both Linux and Windows platforms.

Hostgator Shared Web Hosting Come with Rich Features

HostGator both Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting. As its customers, you can tons of features to support your websites.

HostGator Linux Web Hosting

Hostgator Linux web hosting comes with rich features. No matter what people are going to build, WordPress blogs, Joomla sites, Drupal sites or other Linux-based websites, Hostgator Linux web hosting fully meets the requirements and meets at affordable rates.

Its Linux web hosting is pre-configured with MySQL, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, CGI, Fast CGI, SSI, SSH, Cron, etc. which are compatible with most Linux-base applications, such as WordPress and Joomla. Via QuickInstall tool, these popular applications are installed in no time. Hostgator even partners with Weebly to provide drag-and-drop site builder and access to 4,500 templates, via which everyone could create a good-looking and multi-function website.

What’s more, Hostgator Linux web hosting includes cPanel, which is known as an easy-to-use control panel for managing hosting accounts, websites, files, databases, email accounts, etc.


HostGator Windows Web Hosting

To meet the different requirements of different webmasters, there are two ASP.NET hosting plans for webmasters to select and they are Personal Plan and Enterprise Plan. In fact, each plan comes with rich ASP.NET features for webmasters to manage their websites.

The entry level ASP.NET hosting plan, Personal contains Windows Server 2008 R2, IIS 7.0, unlimited MSSQL and MySQL 5 databases, ASP.NET MVC 3/4, ASP.NET 2.0, ASP.NET 3.5, ASP.NET 4.0, ASP.NET 4.5, as well as medium trust level and etc. Besides the core features presented in the above, the Personal Plan also comes with unlimited sub domains, unlimited FTP accounts, and unlimited email accounts and some other features.

In addition to that, Hostgator also offers powerful and easy to use Parallels Plesk control panel to its customers, trying to help them manage their accounts easily and smoothly. There is no doubt that webmasters can choose Enterprise Plan to host their websites if they are eager to run a website with high traffic. By the way, it is easy for Hostgator ASP.NET hosting customers to upgrade their plans to a more advanced one at this company.


The Price of Hostgator Shared Hosting Is Affordable

HostGator shared hosting start at $6.95/mo which is relatively cheap in the industry already. And now, with coupon “hostucan” you can receive 35% off, which makes the final price to be $4.52/mo only. Besides HostGator is running some promotion all the time, something we might be able to receive even better from them by default. To know the latest price, visit HostGator now.


In a nutshell, Hostgator web hosting combines rich features with affordable rates. Uptime is guaranteed and network infrastructure is great. Hostgator supports customers via various ways and 45 day money back guarantee. It’s highly recommended.

VPS Hosting

In below Hostgator VPS review, we will reveal reliability, ease of use, price, security and customer services of Hostgator VPS.

Hostgator VPS Features

All Hostgators VPS hosting plans are fully or semi managed and come with features like CentOS Linux operating system, Full Root Access, MySQL databases, FREE SiteBuilder software, private name servers and many more.  In addition, Hostgator VPS has unlimited domains, email accounts and FTP Accounts. It is also a Green company. The company purchases certified Renewable Energy Credits representing 130% of the electricity used.


HostGator VPS Pricing

Hostgator entry level VPS plan, “Snappy 2000” plan will run customers $19.95/month, in which they will get 2 CPU, 2GB RAM, 120 GB of disk space, and 1.5TB of bandwidth. This price is very competitive in the industry.


Hostgator is a good quality VPS provider, and it’s recommended to host various websites. Visit HostGator and know more about Hostgator VPS.

Reseller Hosting

HostGator Reseller hosting is pretty much the best in the industry. This is the product makes Hostgator such a successful companies, in below we will explain why it’s highly recommended for reseller hosting customers.

Hostgator Reseller Hosting Solutions for Customers

In order to help webmasters get the most suitable hosting packages, the company provides its customers with 3 different plans, and they are Aluminium, Copper, Silver. No matter what kind of hosting solutions that customers choose, they can get almost all essential features to reseller hosting service and back up their websites. Taking the entry level one as an example, Aluminium contains:

  • 60 GB disk space,
  • 600 GB data transfer
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited FTP accounts

In addition, it also contains free site builder software, private name servers, as well as free billing system, free domain reseller account and more than 22 languages support. At the same time, Hostgator reseller hosting customers can also get unlimited cPanels to help them manage their accounts easily. Meanwhile, Hostgator reseller hosting supports CGI, PHP 5, Fast CGI, Ruby on Rails, Perl, SSL, Curl, CPAN, GD Library, Apache 2.2x, Zend Optimizer, Zend Engine, ionCube Loader and more.


Hostgator Offers an Affordable Price to Its Reseller Hosting Customers

Compared with the price of many other reseller hosting providers offered in the industry, we find that Hostgator is a company that can offer an affordable price to its customers.

The regular price of Hostgator reseller hosting starts from $24.95/mo. To help more and more webmasters get the service, now the company provides them with considerable discounts, which means that webmasters can purchase the service only at $19.95/mo, 20% off the regular price.

In relation to the policy of money back guarantee, the company promises to give full of their money back with the first 45 days if reseller hosting customers are not 100% satisfied with their accounts. Therefore, it is safe to choose Hostgator to host websites.


Hostgator is a great option for reseller hosting according to the points we listed out in the above, and to know some additional details about its reseller hosting, please go to Hostgator.

Dedicated Server

In this review will talk about Hostgators’ dedicated derver based on pricing, features, performance and technical support only.

Hostgator Offers Good Price Value Dedicated Server

Hostgator has 4 Linux dedicated server hosting packages named Basic, Standard, Elite and Pro which are up to 63% off right now and priced starting from $75.56/month, $91.98/month, $103.23/month, and $115.94/month respectively.

All of the 4 packages are rich-featured, coming with a high performance server with Intel Xeon processor, a large amount of RAM, disk space and bandwidth, multiple dedicated IPs, and other tools and technologies needed to build and maintain a website easily.

Besides, Hostgator provides Windows dedicated server with a starting price of $75.56/mo as well. IIS servers, MSSQL, remote desktop, Plesk control panel, Microsoft WebMatrix, SmarterMail, etc. are all included in Hostgator Windows dedicated server plans.

All of Hostgator dedicated servers are fully managed. It means, Hostgator will take care of servers and handle with technical issues so that customers could have more time on their business.



Hostgator is one of the best dedicated server hosting providers that delviers fast and releiable servers and is hgighly recommended to host various websites. To know more about Hostgator dedicated servers, please visit

Hostgator Review on Customer Support

Hostgator has 24/7/365 support for its customers. Just via live chat, phone or ticket, customers can get contact with one of Hostgator supporting technicians. The company has a team of supporting technicians full of knowledge and experience. They could resolve problems as fast as possible.

Hostgator also supports customers via the online support portal where customers can browse more than 500 video tutorials and over 680 articles. There is also a forum where customers can discuss with each other. Hostgator backs up data for customers every week as well in case customers are accident to lose some important data and want to recover it.

The company has very good reputation, and its customer satisfaction rate is also one of the highest one in the industry according to the data at

Hostgator offers customers 45 Days Money Back Guarantee that shows Hostgator has confidence in its web hosting and services.

HostGator Review Summary

HostGator is one of web host you can fully trust. As a big company with such good reputation, their services have been proven by millions of webmasters. No matter what you needs from cheap shared web hosting to expensive dedicated server hosting, or either Windows platform or Linux platform, Hostgator will have a solution to meet you needs. Check out Hostgator now and take benefit from its 35% off deal with Hostgator coupon code “hostucan”.

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