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HostPapa vs Inmotion Hosting

Based in Canada, HostPapa is a wonderful web host for SMBs. Inmotion Hosting is located in USA, severing large national and international corporations and organizations besides SMBs with a complete series of hosting solutions. Both web hosts are great in hosting solutions with 99.9% uptime.

In the follow post, we will go further to compare HostPapa and Inmotion Hosting on features, usability, performance and customer support. At the end, we will know which one is better.

HostPapa vs Inmotion Hosting on Web Hosting Features – Inmotion Hosting Wins

On hosting diversity, Inmotion Hosting is superior to HostPapa since it offers customers dedicated server solutions besides shared hosting, VPS and reseller hosting. Here we pick up their shared hosting features to compare in detail only.

Inmotion Hosting and HostPapa shared hosting respectively have 3 plans. But Inmotion Hosting is feature-richer, with unlimited space, unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited email accounts and 2 websites hosted in the entry-level Launch package. Furthermore, one free domain name, $275 or $300 Ad credits, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Python, Ruby and Perl are also given by Inmotion Hosting.

But HostPapa is cheaper, starting at $1.95/mo now after discounted over 65% off the regular pricing $5.99/mo. Actually, Inmotion Hosting is not expensive either. People will pay from $3.49 per month to create websites on Inmotion Hosting servers via our 56% off link. Considering Inmotion Hosting web hosting features, this pricing is reasonable and valuable to afford.

Inmotion Hosting Web Hosting Inmotion Hosting Web Hosting
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HostPapa vs Inmotion Hosting on Usability – Both Win

HostPapa and Inmotion Hosting both provide industry-leading cPanel to customers for server and account management. cPanel is acknowledged as the easiest to use control panel in the industry, with user-friendly interface and powerful functions. Even beginners will quickly master it to serve for websites. In addition to that, the two companies will also give premium website builder, which contains more than 200 site templates.

HostPapa vs Inmotion Hosting on Performance – Inmotion Hosting Wins

Hosting performance mainly depends on hosting infrastructures including data center facilities and network infrastructure, technology, hardware, software and management. Comparing the two companies based on these, we have to say that Inmotion Hosting is a leader.

2 data centers are respectively located at west and east coasts of America, which power covers all over the America. Moreover, Inmotion Hosting set its exclusive Max Speed Zones, in which people will load pages much faster and more reliable.

On top of that, Inmotion Hosting servers come from Dell, which are tested multiple times by Dell before shipping. Furthermore, other hardware is also business-class excellent, like Samsung SSD drives, Brocade network core, routers and switches from Brocade and Cisco, and so on. What’s more, Inmotion Hosting servers are linked through Tier 1 ISPs via BGP. Therefore, Inmotion Hosting has strong ability to serve fast and reliable hosting performance for every customer.

HostPapa vs Inmotion Hosting on Customer Service – Inmotion Hosting Wins

In respect of customer services, Inmotion Hosting and HostPapa are responsible companies, who try their best to help customers. Regular contact ways like online chat, email or phone can all be found in the two companies. Moreover, customers will get quick replies via these ways no matter when they make requests.

However, it is a fact that Inmotion Hosting is a little better than HostPapa because of Inmotion Hosting 90 day money back guarantee. It is almost the longest refund guarantee in the industry. But we do not mean that HostPapa is bad. Actually HostPapa 30 day money back guarantee is also good to protect customers.


After the comparison, we already know that Inmotion Hosting is really an extraordinary web hosting provider. It is home to all customers coming with diverse feature-rich hosting solutions, world-class hosting performance, ease of use, and leading customer services. Most importantly, $3.49/mo is an affordable starting pricing that will help people get successful online presence. As for HostPapa, if people just create a blog or a small website at budget rates, HostPapa is also a pretty good alternative due to low cost $1.95/mo hosting.


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