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How to Customize WordPress Dashboard

Dashboard is an important part of WordPress websites. For webmasters who have been keeping the default functionality all the time, they can easily customize Dashboard for a fresh look and powerful functions. In the following, we introduce 4 of the easiest ways to customize Dashboard for WordPress websites, helping you beautify websites admin panel as well as capture users’ attention when they log into your site.

Utilize Plugins to Customize Dashboard

wordpress pluginIn general, using a proper plugin is the easiest and most common used method to extend WordPress functionality. To customize Dashboard for your website, you can also consider utilizing plugins to disable some default widgets.

There are many great plugins available on the WordPress community and third party websites. In the below, we list out some of the most useful ones, which help users achieve the process with ease.

  • Adminimize: it allows webmasters hide the unnecessary items from the WordPress backend and gives them power to assign rights on specific parts.
  • Dashboard Commander: it is designed for commanding your admin panel, managing built-in widgets, hiding widgets according to the user capabilities, and more. At present, it is even extended to support dynamically registered widgets.
  • WP Hide Dashboard: it helps users simply to remove the Dashboard menu, Personal Options, and Help link on the profile page. It also prevents Dashboard access to users assigned to the Subscriber role.

For example, we install Adminimize, and it allows us to configure backend options, global options, dashboard options, menu options, write options, and so on. See the screenshot for detailed information.

adminimize screenshot

Configure the Screen Options

Instead of using a third party plugin, you can also change the WordPress Dashboard by configuring the screen options. Login into the Dashboard, you can select the Screen Options in the upper-right corner to open the configuration options. Just as the following picture, you can select what you want to display on the Dashboard and select the number of columns for the screen layout.

screen options

By this way, you can easily disable the widgets uncommon used and display what you want to see at first when login into the Dashboard. Generally, I would like to display all terms in two columns and keep the interface clean.

Edit Theme File

For professional developers and experienced webmasters who are preferred coding stuff, they can edit the theme file function.php to customize WordPress Dashboard. Don’t need any plugins or configurations, you have full control over the website and functionalities. Moreover, you can transplant the theme to other websites.

In below, we show up some snippet codes for some detailed functions.

Replace the Login Logo

By default, WordPress shows the login logo as the following. As the logo is a significant part of a brand, you can display it on the login page so that visitors can memorize it quickly.

WordPress default login page

Simply, you can add the following code into the functions.php file to replace the default WordPress login logo.

// Customize Login Logo    function login_logo_css() {  	wpm_enqueue_style('login_logo_css', get_directory_url(). '/css/login.css');  }    add_action('login_head', 'login_logo_css');  

Then you can define the image URL in the login.css like the following. Please note to modify the file path to your uploaded image.

#login h1 a {     	logo-image: url("http://DOMAIN_NAME/wp-content/themes/THEME_NAME/images/login_logo.png") !important;     	}  

Change the Default Dashboard Header Color

The default color of the WordPress admin panel is grey # d7d7d7, which is stuffy and boring. For readers who want to change the header color to a bright color, just copy the following code into the functions.php file.

// Replace Dashboard Header Color  [php]function admin _header_color() {  echo ''; } add_action('admin_head', 'admin_header_color');[/php]

In this case, we easily change the default header color as read. You can replace the color #FF0000 as which you like.

Moreover, there are many more codes to customize the Dashboard, such as create your own custom admin color scheme, hidden unnecessary widgets, change the footer, and so on. You can browse more information to customize the website.

Use WordPress Admin Themes

A WordPress admin theme is used for creating a total customized system of backend. This backend system is used for customizing the dashboard. Given below are some of the best rated WordPress admin themes used for customizing the WordPress dashboard. Have a look on them and choose one that you like the best.

METRONIC WordPress Admin theme


This admin panel theme is used for different types of web applications. From e-commerce to blogging and from the portfolio to cooperate design, you can find a lot in the theme. Alos, you can find a huge number of plugins in this theme. It has numerous benefits for the admin panels. Metronic WordPress Admin theme can customize the complete look of your dashboard and can give a new look to it.


Angulr theme for admin panel


This WordPress admin theme is based on the Bootstrap 3 and also Angular JS. The routing of this admin theme is based on the nested routing. You can even find the option of nested viewing in this admin theme.

It contains less CSS and the widgets completely can be customized; so the experience with this WordPress admin theme is great. If you are looking towards customizing the dashboard then, Angulr theme with a great list of benefits can create wonders. Using this theme for the dashboard is the best thing that you can do.


Genius Dashboard


Designed on the basis of HTML5 and CSS3, the WordPress theme for admin panel called as Genius Dashboard has a number of great benefits for the website owners. The option of timeline views in this theme and the layout design are very great.

In this WordPress theme, you can find 15 different pages of templates. The checkboxes that you can find in this theme are totally based on the style of iPhone. The elements of Genius Dashboard theme for admin are based on UI elements, and the design is totally beautiful and responsive.

genius dashboard

ACME Dashboard


Being designed by Clip, ACME Dashboard is an outstanding WordPress admin theme, which is also known as “mobile first” theme. Concentrating on this option, you can meet a lot of unbelievable benefits. This theme can make your work efficient and useable. It can meet the requirements and other web standards.

The theme has been designed by the best UI designers and engineers. Another best part about this WordPress theme is that it processes very fast, and it completes the task in an organized manner. Embedded with amazing categories and color schemes, you can find a lot of different interfaces in this admin theme. ACME Dashboard Admin theme is great for customizing the dashboard.

acme dashboard



Supported by Bootstrap 3, the AdminLTE WordPress theme is totally validated and certified by HTML. The less files are included in this WordPress admin theme as compared with many other options. The widgets found in this theme are more than fifty, and the best part about this theme is that you can customize the widgets all according to your choice and preference.

The Rails Applications are all supported in this theme of WordPress for the admin panels. Even the option of Layered PSD is presented in this theme plan. In short, AdminLTE WordPress theme has a lot of benefits to offer you. It can be completely fun if you choose this theme for examining your WordPress admin panel. It is totally amazing and is very smart.


SB Admin


This WordPress admin theme named as SB Admin is also operated on Bootstrap 3. It has numerous features and advantages that you can enjoy after choosing it as the theme of your admin panel. Its features include the options of side menus, searching mediums, elegant, sleek designing and also great menu bars.

The sidebars of this theme are designed in such way that they are giving a complete unique and modern look. With the option of search, you can browse for anything in this theme. The design of the SB Admin is very sleek, stylish and simple. Customizing the dashboard with this wonderful theme can give it a dimension of being very smart and classy.

sb admin

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