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How To Improve Security On Drupal Websites- Security Checklist

Incorrect configuration of the drupal site can lead to security issues. Fixing these issues, through any amount of programming could be a challenging task, if you are not aware of the vital Drupal security checklist to follow, well in time. It is essential to confirm with this checklist once you are through with the drupal installation.

Foremost checks

Secure username and password


Drupal security checklist

Username and password securities are confirmed first of all. If there are any errors then that can lead to multiple issues later on that may go unnoticed. So, ensure the first step without fail, before you enter into the core processes of security confirmations.

Secure login

Make sure that the login and the other forms are well protected with one or the other type of CAPTCHA. This is to make sure that there are no robots that are going to access the site. There are thousands of spyware and malware that are continuously trying to attack the premium websites only based on the algorithms fed to them to spot the sites based on the keyword and the SERPs. Your efforts to maintain top rankings or to gain the top spots on the search engine rankings can go vain, if this particular feature is well protected.

Update contribution modules

There are core and the contribution modules for any drupal website. If you are and expert programmer then you must be aware of all these essentials already. Make sure that you are focusing on these essentials with a keen eye for details. See if these core and the contribution modules are well up to date. If there are any errors then get it updated and fixed before installing the same. If not, then there are so many problems that may occur after launching the website. User’s complaint may rise every day about the nonconformance of the site for hundreds of users. So make sure that you are doing this testing without fail.

Fix all minor errors

Drupal security checklist

Most of the security checks are just minor and it is easily done by the pros in the business but some of them are sure to take time in the process, when you allow the bugs to increase in numbers. Instead of allowing the complexities to grow over a period, fixing errors then and there is an easy way. Also, ensure that all these procedures are strictly followed before you are choosing to install the drupal website. Just like commissioning during fabrication process in the workshop or production house, these are mandatory formalities to be done along with the testing procedures to be followed without fail. That ensures the overall success of the site, and high efficiency of the platform as a whole.  Now again, that means more ROI and better value for the users of the site, compared to the peer options on the web, for the same set of keywords.

Other checklists

  • HIDE all the fatal errors of php
  • Default classes in the drupal theme can be renamed
  • Images like throbber for example can be updated better from time to time
  • Uploading paths must be changed from the defaults instantaneously
  • Expires headers that is default must be changed or modified a bit
  • Txt files and the templates must be modified as well.
  • Admin paths must be renamed.
  • Core folder text files are there. Deny permissions to view these files.
  • Drupal strings that are default already must be modified without fail.

Competitive and secured drupal sites

Drupal security checklist

It is imperative to have the above mentioned Drupal security checklist before you are coming up with something strong on your own. When the users are trying to search and find out useful sites on the same niche, for the similar set of keywords that are top priority, then they are sure to find the drupal options of such high standards to be just a handful. Again filtering the sites based on the quality and the presentations as well as the security features, only a few are rated as top of the niche. That makes easy for your site to gain the top of the rankings naturally without any big SEO ventures done alternately. Along with this set up, if the frame work has a SEO friendly coding too, then the successful site is sure to rank on top.

That obviously goes to show the simple fact that the success of any website, is ensured basically by the right choices made in the very first place. Choosing the right CMS has to play a major part in that way. Moreover, when you are strengthening it further with secured features, then the reliability of the robust site of yours makes it ideal to run any type of business as you prefer to do so.

  • Checking the onscreen error reporting feature is a must. Go to the admin settings. See the error reporting option and disable that without fail.
  • Anonymous users and the related permissions granted must be checked once before the launch
  • Authentic users and the related permissions granted must also be checked without fail before launching. Sometimes, content makers are given access to posting content on the site. In those cases, restricted entries are only allowed to the authentic users. The name of the user and the related permissions are to be enabled accordingly without fail. It is good to discontinue the permissions as and when the site is fully fledged without the need for any more updates from that writer or content posting staff.

Defining the role of each and every individual who is allowed to do the needful changes on the site, must be made clear. That goes to show how organized is the operations on the site both internal as well as external. Troubleshooting becomes easier in that way, in case, of any repairs to be done after the traffic increases in the site over a period. It is prone to happen so for the established brand sites, sooner or later. Getting prepared for that well in advance goes to show the readiness of the site, to impress the user’s community too.

Problematic inputs

Problematic input formats must be checked. Especially the temporary users of the site must not have access to the inputs of such a kind. These attempts are deliberately being made every now and then by the automated robots. Spyware of the sophisticated standards are injected into the web just for this purposes in particular. So, stay ahead of the rivals and the competitors too who may try to hinder the development of your website.

Account creation settings

Drupal security checklist

It is one of the most sensitive areas that are often left to be less scrutinized. Go to the user settings column and see if the accounts creations settings are just how you wanted it to be.  Turn off the user registrations if you are not seeing the right set of user’s log. Change it altogether right from the scratch and then launch it as and how you want it to be.

Check the reports

Check all the status reports and also ensure that there are no errors or warnings.

Settings.php rights must be obtained without fail. Write permissions are a must before you launch the site online.

Make sure that the apache user holds the files folder. Don’t set the 777 for any files folder.  Always look forward to get the assistance of a pro to do the needful security checks especially for drupal security configuration. When you are working with the expert once, then you catch up with the idea to work on your own, for the successive projects. It takes time to catch up with the real-time implementation hurdles and the resolving techniques.  Do not rush it but take time to learn things from the pros all until you gain mastery in drupal security configuration.

Security of any site is a top priority at any given day. It does not matter whether the site is meant to serve the purposes of professional transactions or not, security standards are a must. Whether it is a site where the payment transactions are expected to be smooth for all the users or not, the security reliance is an important parameter to take into prime consideration. The ratings and the ranking of the site is sure to include this as a primary feature to rate the site. Using drupal, what is the major advantage today?

If you are wondering about that part then you can be assured of the fact that is one of the most secured options available compared to the peers in the business. Drupal security checklist can be handy enough to make sure that you are installing the needful for your business to run prosperously on the long term basis.

How do you arrive at the best choices of CMS for your business sites? How will you make sure that the ROI is higher by selecting the right themes, plug-in, and banners? If you are wondering about all these essentials, then you need to consider some vitalities of the other kind too.

  • Speed of the navigation in the site
  • Loading speed of the site
  • neat presentation
  • Flexible admin features
  • Professional coding
  • Range of options for slider and banners

When the right CMS choices are made then it certainly becomes a lot more easily to design with ease and to elegance in standards. Moreover, the costs are lesser when you are using something like drupal as an open source software written in the PHP codes. This being the prime advantage there are more than 29000 modules and also about 2100 themes to choose to build a robust site with a range of features to offer. If there is any update then the notifications are coming to your inbox then and there without any delay.

Drupal security checklist

Above all, considering the security aspects in using drupal, there are no alternatives comparable to the effectiveness of the software. Developers are eyeing for the drupal CMS always to ensure that there is quality in the offering consistently to their clients. That makes sure that the security aspects are top class as well. At the same time, the costs are maintained at a barely minimal rate too. That is what the clients will need at the end of the day.

  • Admin usernames that you are using for your site must be selected with diligence. That must not be generic or something related to the site niche, to be guessed easily by anyone. Bots may not be guessing it right, but the competitors may be able to crack it with their intelligence. So, make sure that you are not using any of your company names, or sons and daughters names in the admin username and password details. That gives an easy hint for the human intruders to crack it and get the edge of advantage. This is not something meant for drupal alone, but for any website as a matter of fact as long as you want to keep things strictly under your own control.
  • See the main directory for the images on the site. It is not advisable to have an images directory directly under the root of main directory. Else, all the images that you are uploading through drupal, must be through the files directory. Use the important format of Full HTML. Else, you can try to store them all along with the themes.
  • See if there is an intrusion detection module installed as well.
  • Intrusions can be coming in many ways to disrupt the smooth operations of the site when it is live. To not to let that happen and to know the intrusions better, certain modifications are to be done in the set up of the intrusion detection module before you launch the site. This is one of the key aspects in the Drupal security checklist.

Drupal security checklist

Database related security issues for the php based operating system, is quite lengthier and it is a must to do all these checks without fail. Yet, some of the aspects are directly related to the drupal. Such above points are crucial enough in the list to be checked for authentic installations.

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