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How to Make Drupal Website Responsive?

Do you wish to create an efficient and Drupal responsive design for your site? It was a recent event that Google had updated the various mobile search algorithms for boosting the rankings of several web pages that were quite mobile-friendly. In addition to this, Google also went on to decrease the rankings of the web pages that were designed for the larger screens. This change have had significant changes in the functioning of the various Drupal sites. The computer experts have seen quite a surge in handling the requests for the retrofitting Drupal responsive themes onto the existing Drupal sites that can optimize their overall performance.

Due to the several new changes, it is high time that you implement the Drupal responsive design to achieve the desired ranking and overall optimized performance for your Drupal sites. You must ensure that your Drupal site is highly responsive, functional and is able to display the products and services well even on the mobile devices, desktop browsers and even tablets. If you wish to achieve the Drupal responsive design for yourself, then you must go through the detailed article about the implementation of the responsive designs in the Drupal sites.

Drupal Sites and Responsive Web Design

Drupal responsive design

The adaptive sites, as well as the responsive sites, are implied in the same sense that they both can change the overall appearance that is based on the browser environments that are being viewed on the Drupal sites. One of the major challenges faced by the website designer while designing a Drupal site is that the acknowledgment of how to create a Drupal site that can last for longer time. There are higher chances that during the first time the customer or visitor might not be familiar with the products and services by the Drupal sites. There could be other possibilities as well that your visitor to the site might be in a hurry or they might be browsing on a device for which your Drupal site is not yet configured. There comes the immense need to have a Drupal responsive design on your site to optimize the functionality of the incoming traffic.

It might take some amount of careful planning and thought process for the designing of the Drupal responsive sites that can be accessed and enjoyed in an equal manner through a wide range of devices and platforms. You must design your website as the mobile-first design as the usage of the smartphones has been greatly in use by the customers across the world. The recent trend is that the customers rarely sit on their desktop to avail the services of the online platforms. With the advanced models of the smartphones in their hands, the users are more relaxed and comfortable in accessing the Drupal sites for their products and services on the smartphone itself. Therefore, there is a great need to create a Drupal responsive design in your site to optimize the overall performance of your site. The Drupal sites that embrace the mobile first technology and make use of the responsive design in their overall infrastructure are considered to be vital. Even the search engine giant Google emphasizes on boosting the ranking of such sites on the global platform. These Drupal sites tend to prioritize the user experience to the maximum such that they can get the maximum benefits.

There are several ways of building the Drupal responsive design in your site. You can develop the mobile-friendly sites along with the mobile applications with the help of the mobile-specific theme offered by the Drupal sites. The responsive design offered by the Drupal sites is a much simpler as well as an effective way for designing of the mobile-friendly Drupal sites. The main goal of the adaptive or responsive design on the Drupal sites is the designing of the site such that the entire layout of the site adapts well to the width of the user’s smartphone screen. This would make the Drupal sites highly usable and accessible on the smartphones to even the large screen of the tablets.

If the requirement of construction of the responsive design is customized than an immediate solution, then the Drupal site can take care of the same in an effective manner. The Drupal community has come with a series of responsive based themes that can serve amazing and great for the website owners. In addition to this, there are several Drupal modules that can result in making your site responsive at the same time highly mobile friendly.

On the other hand, if the requirement of your site is based on the CMS (Content Management System) to adapt the particular site with its content to any form of the modern device, then also Drupal responsive design can serve quite helpful and interactive to resolve all your issues.

Mobile-first is considered to be the new Drupal responsive design to be installed in the upcoming sites. Drupal with its version of Drupal 8 is the winner in this realm. This is due to the presence of the extremely responsive themes. In addition to this, the admin pages can also be resized to adjust to the mobile screen dimensions. With the help of Drupal 8, this feature gets super fast and even mobile-friendly and even in the management of the site in an effortless manner.

Drupal 8 has been designed with the mobile-first approach for the end users of the smartphones. Drupal 8 offers amazing features like the interactive themes, admin interface, pictures and even tablets. This would help in the fulfillment of the extremely Drupal responsive design requirements.

Drupal Responsive Design Modules

In this article, we have already emphasized the importance of the Drupal responsive design in enhancing the overall performance of the site. Here is an insight into the Drupal modules that can play a significant role in the development of the Drupal responsive website. The main aim is to make the website more mobile friendly. Here are some of the main modules of the Drupal sites that can help in the achievement of the desired set of responsive designs and highly optimality to the sites.

Adaptive Image:

Drupal responsive design

This is one of the most important aspects that is needed to be discussed for achieving the Drupal responsive design. The Adaptive image serves to be quite useful module that can help in the handling of the images by the serving of the appropriate version of the image fields of the site to the device. The best feature of the adaptive images in the Drupal responsive design is that they are quite easy to configure. All that the website designers would need to do is to add or include the particular adaptive image to a particular image style and then specify some of the major breakpoints. You can check out the usage of the adaptive images under the Drupal responsive design.

Interactive Picture:

When you would consider the Drupal 8 picture module, you would come across several exciting features. Picture is a backport that is one of the significant features of the Drupal 8 platform. It makes use of the proposed HTML5 features along with the picture element. In response to this, this module of the Drupal responsive design delivers various alternative image sources that would greatly depend on the capabilities of the device. This will help in the prevention of the devices that are operating on the bandwidth-challenged networks from the downloading of the larger images.

Retina Images:

This is the last module of the Drupal site that offers great practicality to the website owners in optimizing their websites. The retina image module is about the display of the high pixel density that can basically help in the rendering of the images much better than the normal images if the image resolution is not high enough. Retina Images offered by the Drupal 8 resolves the common problems in the Drupal by the addition of the options to the image effects that usually come with the Drupal core to ensure that they offer great output images of high resolution that would look appealing on the Retina displays.


Drupal responsive design

This is a cool Drupal module that can do the handling of the videos for offering the fluid layout so that the users do not have to worry about the same. You must be aware of the fact that when you would embed the Vimeo or the YouTube videos, they usually come with a specific size requirement. Therefore, this parameter is checked upon by the Drupal 8 module that can resize the videos in an automatic manner that is based on the container that they are stored in.


This module of the Drupal responsive design is for the optimization of the navigation feature. Tinynav works on the implementation of the tinynav.js jQuery library. This is used for the transformation of the menu into a select dropdown on the small devices. These are easily visible on the various websites. You can resize the browser and the main menu to turn it into an HTML select list with the help of the options that would link to the menu pages. This is important to achieve the overall optimization of the websites to make them highly responsive.

Mobile Theme:

Drupal responsive design

This is an interesting as well as an exciting module offered by Drupal 8 that can help in the selection of a different theme that can be served on the various types of the mobile devices. There are a couple of Drupal themes that are specifically made for the optimization of the sites on the mobile devices. Therefore, the mobile them module of the Drupal 8 can also serve to be a great form of the Drupal responsive design.


This is another effective and highly responsive module offered by the Drupal sites that is usually concerned with the development version of the sites. This module is greatly handy with the responsive themes of the Drupal 7 and can work as it would be designed. The module basically works by the addition of a small window on the top left corner of the screen. It can thus dynamically reflect the screen height as well as its width in an effective manner.


You can also bring about the changes by moving the blocks around in the page of your site at different breakpoints to ensure that the blocks are displayed in the right location on your site. To achieve the same, the website designers can make use of the combination of the CSS along with JavaScript breakpoints to be set up in the right places. There should also be the presence of the key elements like login and menu blocks that can be duplicated in the markup at different locations in addition to hiding and showing the appropriate breakpoints. This technique too can serve quite useful for achieving the Drupal responsive design.

Site Header:

You can optimize the functionality of your site by redesigning the site header. This will improve the overall appearance as well as the functionality of your site for the mobile as well as for tablet usage. In addition to the site header, you can also bring about the footer changes to optimize the overall performance of the Drupal site. You can resize the images and then clean up the styling as well as the links present at the footer of your site.

Drupal responsive design

Do you wish to optimize your site to become friendly enough to be used easily on the smartphones as well as on the tablets? You can achieve the same by enhancing the responsive design of your site. Drupal responsive design can be achieved by following the above list of steps. These steps will help you in optimizing the overall performance of your site as the mobile-friendly websites can drive more traffic to your site in an effective manner. So go ahead and make your site as responsive as possible with the help of the Drupal responsive design modules and strategies.

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