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Inmotion Hosting vs iPage

Inmotion Hosting and iPage are both ranked in the Best Web Hosting. But iPage is mainly famous for its cheap shared hosting among individuals and SMBs even though it has VPS and dedicated server as well. Inmotion Hosting, instead, offers award-winning shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. The 90 day money back guarantee is also one of its highlights.

In the following article, we would like to continue to compare the two hosts in detail, in order to make it clear which one is right to choose for different users.

Inmotion Hosting Web Hosting Contains More Features but iPage is Cheaper

iPage only has one unlimited shared hosting plan for all customers while Inmotion Hosting tailors 3 plans, namely Launch, Power and Pro.

iPage unlimited features include disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, domains and MySQL database while Inmotion Hosting Launch plan is only unlimited on previous three features. But Inmotion Hosting has strength on free SSD, free data backups, Google Apps integration, more advertising credits, etc.

Moreover, the scripting and development features Inmotion Hosting provides are more than iPage as well, such as PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python and SSH access.

iPage shared hosting is only at $1.99/mo now after discounted 83% off the regular pricing $8.99/mo. Though Inmotion Hosting web hosting is a little more expensive than that of iPage, Inmotion Hosting is still a hot for customers because of its features, reliability and speed. Few web hosts offer free SSD but Inmotion Hosting does.

Inmotion Hosting Launch plan charges at $7.99/mo and now our readers could get it at $3.49/mo only via the following link. This is an over 56% off discount.

Inmotion Hosting Exclusive Deal Inmotion Hosting Exclusive Deal
56% Off

Inmotion Hosting Outperforms iPage on Control Panel

iPage just offers vDeck control panel for its customers on management issues. But Inmotion Hosting provides cPanel! The cPanel is the easiest to use control panel in the world without any doubt. Furthermore, Inmotion Hosting customers will install any app from more than 310 apps. They will also utilize WP-CLI to save time on manage WordPress installations and get premium website builder.

Inmotion Hosting is Faster and More Reliable than iPage

Depending on two data centers and T3 connections, iPage offers reliable and fast hosting performance. But iPage still cannot match with Inmotion Hosting in this respect.

Inmotion Hosting also makes use of two data centers, one of which is in the west coast and the other is in the east coast. The location ensures that everyone in USA will get high reliability. In addition, Inmotion Hosting sets its exclusive Max Speed Zones, in which the speed and reliability will even become much higher.

More than that, hardware Inmotion Hosting selects is the top-ranking, like Dell servers. The servers were all through rigorous testing before starting to work at data centers. Furthermore, instead of traditional hard drives, Inmotion Hosting picks Samsung SSD drives with RAID protected. Other hardware like Brocade routers is also the first-class to complement servers.

Inmotion Hosting Customer Services are friendlier than iPage

Both companies here can well satisfy their customers by its customer services. But combined customer support and money back guarantee provided by the two, Inmotion Hosting wins again. Visit HostUCan to check how Inmotion Hosting customers talks about it.

Their support ways are the same, giving customers live chat, email and phone. Whenever customers want to ask questions, they can quickly get contact with support teams of the two companies. iPage phone reply is so fast that customers just need to wait about 1 minute on average. And the two companies compile self-help resources and put them on official websites for people to check.

However, when it comes to money back guarantee, Inmotion Hosting far outperforms iPage. It is 90 day full money back guarantee that Inmotion Hosting offers to its customers. With it, they can ask for a full refund without any question. For iPage customers, they will be guaranteed a full refund within the first 30 day only.


As the best web hosts, the two companies indeed perform exceptional. But from the above review, we have to admit that Inmotion Hosting is better. Its web hosting solutions give customers much more than they charge. And its customers have as long enough time as 90 days to try Inmotion Hosting services. Every webmasters could go with this high price value web host – Inmotion Hosting.

The other web host iPage also could be a great option for individuals and small business since its hosting is so cheap at $2.25/mo and its services are better compared to its competitors at similar rates.

To know more about Inmotion Hosting and iPage, please respectively visit and Or readers could check our Inmotion Hosting Review and iPage Review.


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