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Inmotion Hosting vs SiteGround

When it comes to for host a website, we know that it is a tough work for many of them to choose a right web hosting provider. After checking some companies in the industry, we pick up two companies, namely Inmotion Hosting and SiteGround. And in below article, we will make a review of Inmotion Hosting vs SiteGround from several main aspects, including features, ease to use, uptime& speed and technical support to tell why Inmotion Hosting receives more popularity than that of SiteGround.

Inmotion Hosting Offer More Features than SiteGround

As for the features offered by Inmotion Hosting and SiteGround, we find that Inmotion Hosting can offer more for its customers than SiteGround to manage their websites.

Inmotion Hosting knows that different people have different requirements for website building, so the company offers three hosting solutions for webmasters to choose from, including Launch, Power and Pro. And the entry level plan, Launch contains one free domain name, unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, nightly backup and $75 free Google Adwords Credit.

What’s more, all Inmotion Hosting shared hosting comes with free SSD (Solid State Drives), which is a type of hard drive providing substantial performance upgrades. In addition, SSDs also make it possible for webmasters to get access to faster read/ write speeds, to handle more disk requests. Furthermore, Inmotion Hosting shared hosting also works faster with SSH and develops in Python, Perl, MySQL, PHP, PostgreSQL, Ruby and more.

The price of Inmotionhosting is also cheaper. Its business hosting start from $7.99/mo. However, by following this exclusive promotion link, people could save 56%, after which the price is only $3.49/mo. This is price lower than what Siteground charge for their shared hosting at $3.95/mo.

Inmotion Hosting Exclusive Deal Inmotion Hosting Exclusive Deal
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Inmotion Hosting vs SiteGround on Ease to Use

In respect of usability, both Inmotion Hosting and SiteGround can offer easy to use cPanel to their customers. With this kind of control panel, webmasters can operate their websites, manage their files, databases and emails and more easily, no matter for webmasters who have rich web hosting experience or little hosting knowledge.

Inmotion Hosting Web Server is Faster than SiteGround

As well all know if webmasters are willing to run a website successfully, high speed and at least 99.9%u uptime are key factors. By comparing the status released by the two companies and our real tests by experts, it is safe to tell webmasters that Inmotion Hosting can provides webmasters with a more secure and high performance online network than that of SiteGround.

To make sure all almost all Inmotion Hosting customers can access a reliable online environment, the company takes advantage of Category A and PCI compliant data centers that are supplied with world-class facilities and technologies, including diesel power generators, multiple battery and BGP4 network and more.

In addition to that, Inmotion Hosting servers are all Dell servers features 24 CPU, 24 GB memory, SSD RAID 6 disk space, so we are very delighted to tell Inmotion Hosting customers that the company is powerful enough to help them run a flexible and multi-functional website.

Inmotion Hosting vs SiteGround on Customer Service

At the two companies, webmasters may be delighted to know that Inmotion Hosting and SiteGround have the edge to offer top of the line technical support, which means that webmasters can get assistance via some popular means, such as phone, live chat and email if they encounter some problems that they cannot dealt with.

However, we have to point out that Inmotion Hosting is a better option by taking consideration of the policy of money back guarantee. At Inmotion Hosting, the company promises that it will guarantee 90 day money back if webmasters are not satisfied with their account, so there is no need for people to worry about the safety of their money at this company.


Based on the review in the above, we believe that people now must have a clear understanding of Inmotion Hosting and SiteGround. It is not difficult to find that Inmotion Hosting is a better choice for webmasters to choose from to manage their websites by considering its high performance online network, top of the line customer service and rich features as well as 90 day money back guarantee. The company is also one of the best web hosting in the year.


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