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iPage has been in business since 1995. iPage review below will reveal why it’s one of the best cheap hosting service provider in the industry.

Since 1998, iPage has been involving in the hosting industry for more than 15 years. Led by a group of people who have over 10 years working experience in web hosting industry, the company knows the web hosting and hosting customers very well. , and that is also the reason why iPage can offer reliable and flexible cheap hosting solutions to satisfy the demands of different customers. Its shared web hosting comes with ton of features and over $500 free extras at a price of $1.99/month only, It’s great for individuals and small businesses to build their personal blogs, family sites or small business sites.

iPage reduces carbon footprint by buying enough RECs, and it guarantees fully green hosting service.

iPage Pricing

The regular price of iPage single hosting solution is $11.95/month, which is a little bit high in current hosting market. But now, it’s offering a 83% off to all its new customers, after which the price is low to $1.99/month. This price is really affordable to almost everyone.

iPage 83% Off iPage 83% Off

iPage guarantees Anytime Money Back which means when its customers want to cancel the account with it, iPage will refund them the fee of the remaining contract months without asking any question. In terms of payment method, iPage accepts Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Everyone could easily signup iPage service.

iPage Review on Features

iPage offers customers a wide range of products, from basic domain name registration to premium dedicated server hosting. Among these, the shared hosting is considered as one of the best and most popular products chosen by tens of thousands of webmasters. Compared to many other web hosts who divide their hosting into various packages, iPage Linux-based shared hosting has all-in-one plan, and customers can find everything they need to make their website online. In the following, we list some of the highlights.

iPage hosting plan comes with unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains hosted, unlimited MySQL databases, free domain name for the first year, the supports of FTP, PHP, Perl, SSI, marketing and multimedia features. iPage also provides complete email features, such as unlimited email accounts, IMAP/POP3 support, webmail, email forwarding, customizable spam filters, virus checking and auto responders.

With its easy-to-use web hosting control panel, customers are allowed to install a variety of applications like content management systems, blogs, photo galleries and forums to their websites easily. No matter for web beginners or professionals, the control panel will bring them maximum convenience. In addition to great rich hosting features, customers can receive 1GB of free cloud storage from JustCloud for storing their photos, music, documents, and can also access them anywhere.


iPage Review on Speed and Uptime

iPage utilizes two data centers in the Boston, MA area, each of which runs on N+1 power and BGP protocol. The whole infrastructure architecture is built with performance and scalability in mind.

iPage deploys application(Web, FTP, incoming mail, etc.) in different servers which are backup with cluster and load balance. The whole architecture is quite different with tradition hosting, which host all the applications in one single server. And iPage use 100% Dell servers.

There are some other technologies that work to optimize hosting performance, such as Cisco routers, snapshot data backup, UPS, diesel generator and multiple gigabit connections. At the same time, all iPage facilities are monitored and maintained by on-site engineers, and that can ensure the highest security level.

iPage guarantees 99.9% uptime.

iPage Review on Ease-of-Use

iPage offers its custoemer with vDECK, a control panel with large icon-based buttons, with which people could control over all aspects of their accounts from files, email, domains, database, log to server configuration. iPage also offer scripts installation tools to help its customer to create WordPress or other CMS site with some simple clicks. People has no need to have good web knowledge when using iPage.

iPage is Perfect Hosting for WordPress

iPage hosting is 100% compatible with WordPress for users to create WordPress blogs or websites. Let’s take a look at how it is compatible with WordPress in below.

Unlimited MySQL 5 databases come with PHP 5.5 and 5.6, which are fit for any WordPress release. Moreover, 128 MB php memory-limit is big enough for any complicated websites to load pages fast. suPHP is included in the package for security and Apache mod-rewrite is for better SEO.

What’s more, iPage hosting also contains a lot of other features, like free drag and drop site builder, file manager, FTP manager, web hosting control panel, URL redirect, custom error pages, Perl, SSI and shared SSL, with which you can manage your WordPress site easily.

In terms of service, although WordPress has a large community for people to find solutions, the web host iPage also has premium customer services.

If people need iPage help, there are multiple ways for them including live chat, phone and email. All three are free for people 24 hours a day, supported by iPage technicians based in North America, knowledgeable on WordPress. People will be responded in around 1 minute if they ask for help via call. On top of that, iPage help center has a number of supporting resources about WordPress.

iPage Professional Customer Support

iPage hosting service is widely used by personal bloggers and small business owners, and many of them have no hosting experience. To ensure them a smooth hosting process, iPage improves and updates its support service regularly. Most importantly, its friendly support technicians are always available to offer helpful assistance. Through 24/7 US-based telephone, live chat as well as email methods, customers can get their issues resolved.

Besides, customers are allowed to check out iPage knowledgebase for the solutions of domains, eCommerce services, online security, Email, marketing, website builder, WordPress, and many featured tutorials.

In general, iPage offers great customers support. And the best way to know the customer support of a web host is to chat to them online and ask them some hosting related questions, why not do it by yourself by visit iPage now, and you will see how fast you could connect with them, and how professional they could answer your questions.

iPage Review Summary

Simply put, iPage inclusive hosting plan offers customers unlimited hosting resources as well as many great features. And it has already helped millions of customers achieve online presence successfully. Most importantly, iPage hosting price is extremely cheap, at only $1.99/mo. Customers can also take benefits from iPage high performance and friendly support service.

If people are going to build websites for individual or small business use, iPage hosting is considered as one of the best choices. To know more details of iPage and its hosting service, please : check out iPage.



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  1. This is a great web hosting service that can help you run your small business website smoothly. I run a very small blogging site and iPage is serving me for that from the beginning of my career. Their service is appreciative while the technical team too is highly expertise and co-operative to help you in getting any job done.

  2. Their control panel has a contemporary look with big icons on the buttons. It helps me manage all my email accounts, files, domains, etc. I created my WordPress site in just a few clicks – especially since I had no core knowledge about creating a website. There are many other features they offer that make it easy for me to manage my website account. I received all these offers at a rate that is budget friendly.

    • Their hosting is the best hosting I have used till so far, I had been working with them for over a year and I can hardly remember that after joining them, I have to face any issue. All the issue and queries are solved by their customer care available 24/7. I am satisfied with their service. The way they work shows the level of their professionalism, I will highly recommend their services.

  3. One of the best parts of this hosting service is its customer services. They are helpful and friendly and always ready to help you with anything else. Also, they offer the best tutorials. So you can easily create and launch your own website using their hosting, even if you are a novice in this field. Undoubtedly I will give 5 stars.

    • iPage is perfect for a personal and small business website. I have three small websites running under iPage. The best part of iPage is that their service comes at a very cheap rate. So, all the beginners can use their service even though they have a small budget. The technical team of iPage is very helpful to resolve your all issues.

  4. This is perfect for the small business and personal website like mine. I run a very small blogging site and iPage is providing the best support for it. They have helped me from the very beginning. I did not have much technical knowledge but thanks to the entire team of iPage who has helped me overcome this.

  5. iPage was a perfect choice to make as a new blogger. The WordPress site has everything manage my blogs and daily online activities pretty well. The load speed is amazing. Not only is my site beautiful because of the many plugins and themes I got but also secure and have never faced any security issues till now.

    • iPage is one of the best website hosting providers I have ever used. Their monthly charge is very reasonable and everyone can afford it. This makes them the best choice for a small businessman like me. However, in spite of charging low monthly cost, they provide a great service. So if anyone is looking for something cheap and reliable surely go for it.

    • iPage is well known to provide services of suPHP and Apache mod-rewriting; these services are considered very essential for genuine security and better content optimization. I was also able to get several other features viz. FTP manager, URL rewrite, Perl, Shared SSL, etc. I was also offered Script Installers which made it very easy to create a website from scratch.

    • I am happy I subscribed with their services. Their plan rates perfectly matched my requirement. I joined them with a small business and today when I have extended my work area I continue to receive the same quality of service as I did on day one. I really admire the efforts they take to care of their customers.

  6. Everyone knows the name really well who all are well aware of the web hosting market. Actually one of my friend suggested me this service and I am highly glad about that. The starting fee is very low which can be easily afforded by the beginners. I will definitely suggest this service to all I can.

    • If you are a small business owner than iPage is one of the best options for you as it provides impeccable server speed, has a wide range of marketing tools and provide impeccable security. The video tutorials provided by iPage helped me a lot as I was able to rectify every other issue on my website in an effective manner. I’d been also provided free of cost listing in

      • I was initially hesitant to use their services seeing their ridiculously low prices for hosting. They even offered free domain and many other features. I decided to take a leap of faith to use their services, and till date, I’ve never been disappointed. Being a small businessman, the cheap monthly plans that they offered was a perfect match for me.

  7. iPage is a quite old web hosting solution available in the market now. There is a saying that old is gold and this goes true for iPage. iPage is a very powerful, trusted, reliable and scalable web hosting solution that is perfect for all kind of business website. I am using this solution from the beginning of my career, and I will definitely recommend it to all my close ones.

    • I could not believe the number of services that they offered at such low prices. However, I decided to take a leap of faith in choosing them. With free domain and WordPress templates, it was a perfect cost-effective solution for a small-time business owner like me. I’m glad my faith in them was rewarded with high-quality services and products.

    • iPage is a very useful web hosting service for small business websites. I have few websites running under iPage and all are running quite well. This web hosting service comes with all the needed features to run a website successfully. iPage was actually recommended to me by a customer of them and I must be thankful to him for such great advice.

  8. iPage provides a lot of features at an unbelievable price. Their monthly charge is really low when compared to other. However, the services they provide are undoubtedly equal to the top web hosting service providers. The uptime and server speed is great. This makes iPage a perfect choice for small businessmen like me with limited resources. I mean what else you want in terms of website hosting.

    • Right Arjun. iPage is always my favorite choice that I am using for almost 5 years and never ever thought of switching to any other hosting yet. I am too happy with their service. They always keep their promises and try to help resolving any kind of issue just immediately. All their features are very powerful that can help a website running very successfully.

    • We are working as a team from a very long period of time. They are just a perfect for handling my website. All type of web-based support is provided by iPage. Their powerful web servers provide great loading speed with 99% uptime. Whenever I am confused or have any issue, I contacted them and it was solved in the shortest possible time.

  9. Although the hosting platform is not greatly popular. But, I totally loved all the features of the host. It is indeed one of the best options for content creators. I enjoyed a lot of features for free. Other sites charge a fee for the same.

    • Same for me. Their years of experience has made me attached to their performance and consistency in the market for serving excellence. I truly find it cheap compared to other hosting plans existing in the market. Technically, they are genius and it makes my work faster and better. iPage is all my all-time favorite!

    • Starting at a very low rate, iPage is always my best choice when it comes to the powerful and fast web hosting service. This was recommended by a friend of mine. I must say that I am highly grateful to him. My business is running very successfully and all the credit goes to this amazing hosting solution.

  10. Everything unlocked and unlimited! It has the best cPanel with vDECK, which is the easiest to use. Operations on my site on WordPress using iPage is simple and easy with all the features of storage, speed, and limitless possibilities. My unlimited love for iPage.

    • iPage is affordable and really reliable. I am a happy customer from the time I’ve started my career. No wonder iPage is running from last 20 years.

    • It’s perfect for bloggers or anyone at all with not so big budget plans. It is the cheapest in the market right now, but they didn’t compromise on the service. I initially faced some technical difficulties, but they were addressed right away by the support team. I’m using it for a couple of months now and would recommend to all.

  11. They provide regular updates and regular services. Their customer service is great. And I have to say about the pricing. The ipage single hosting solution costs $11.95/month which is very expensive, but it provides the users 83% off which is one of the best deals I have ever heard. The final price comes around $1.99/month. The final price is 1/10th of the original price. The most affordable one I’d say.

  12. In today’s market where everything is just increasing day by day in terms of pricing, ipage has given me the best solution. Not only they are the cheapest in the market, but their services are very much of the highest quality. Ipage offers everyday backup to make things even better. I’ve never appreciated any company so much before. I’m really thankful to them.

  13. This has been extremely helpful since the very beginning. It has a very good user-friendly experience and assists you in the right way. I never had to think twice while using this host server as everything was so fast and easy. Really loved this experience!

  14. With iPage, I was able to get all the support I needed 24/7. I was highly impressed by their easy to use, sophisticated interface and friendly customer service. They deliver more than your expectations, always, which makes them worth using once.

  15. I own an e-commerce platform I have created by my website. With my early web hosting providers, I had some major issues such as the traffic were increasing immensely and the customers on my websites getting the problem in buying products. Then after handling my website to iPage, the things have changed and my website is running smoothly. Hence, iPage let me and my customers happy.

  16. The competitive pricing and amazing ratings are what convinced me to use the iPage platform. Gladly, I made this choice. The interface is great to use, and the customer service is extremely prompt. Definitely, recommend this to anyone on a lookout for good hosting platforms.

    • I was looking for some cheap but quality hosting for my startup and iPage was one stop solution for my needs. Highly recommended!

  17. The service provided by iPage is average at best. I switched from another hosting service to start with their hosting service but I didn’t see any major operating differences. The tech support really lacks to offer to provide efficient service. There are different solutions provided by different technicians, they are usually confused to get the best solution. I am planning to cancel their service as soon as possible.

    • I am using iPage for almost 2 years and I am satisfied by their service. iPage is perfect for small business website like mine. They have different plans and all of them are designed to help you amazingly. iPage is like a game changer to me which helped to grow my business greatly. So, I am always thankful to them.

  18. I needed to find a web hosting service provider for my new WordPress blog and a friend suggested ipage for its affordability and reliable features and performance. She had been using their all in one plan for a while and was happy with the service provided and I soon realized that too. They have a 24/7 support technicians available and great features for such a low price. It was definitely worth purchasing ipage web hosting service providers.

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