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Linode Review

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Linode review in below is based on our own real experience with Linode and some reviews we have collected from Linode existing customers. In this post, we will review Linode on the feature, price, prices, reliability, speed, customer support and usability.

Established in 2003, Linode ( grows very fast in web hosting industry and is on top in virtualization hosting area. Because of its professional, high price value and well-performed VPS cloud hosting solutions, Linode makes more than 250,000 clients trust it and host websites there. Besides, Linode utilizes 8+ state-of-the-art datacenters in USA, Europe and Asia that customers will select one where they are close to.

Linode Review on Features

It is simple for customers to purchase and install a virtual server from the Linode Cloud. And Linode VPS hosting runs on Linux operation platform with a wide range of rich features. Besides, Linode hosting offers 9 plans for customers to make an option of the most suitable one for them. Here are some of the core features on Linode hosting in below:

  • RAM ranges from 2 GB to 120 GB, CPU from 1 core to 20 cores, Transfer from 2 TB to 20 TB and Storage from 24 GB SSD to 1,920 GB SSD.
  • 40 Gbps Network in and up to 10,000 Mbps Network out.
  • Featuring DNS manager
  • State-of-the-art console access with Linode unique Lish
  • Various database systems are open to satisfy customer’s requirements
  • Rescue mode, Scaling, Cloning and more useful features


In addition, Linode provides customers with backups, NodeBalancers, Longview and Linode Managed in very low prices, making websites run faster and more reliably.

Linode Review on Price

Linode VPS hosting comes with rich RAM, CPU, storage and more features, but charges clients at a low price which starts just at $10/mo or $0.015/hr. Let’s explain how Linode charges in detail.

  • Linode uses hourly billing when customers use the services just for part of the month.
  • Monthly billing applies to the situation that customers use Linode cloud hosting services for the whole month.
  • Customers will get 10% discount for yearly billing term and 15% discount for two-year term.

Note that Linode sets monthly upper limits on what it offers. If customers hit the limit, then Linode stops charging by hours. Instead, it charges customers fees of the whole month, namely $10/mo minimum. However, bandwidth overage excludes. $0.02 is for extra each GB bandwidth.

Linode accepts many payment methods, including credit cards, checks and money orders. PayPal and bank transfer are not acceptable though. More than that, within the first 7 days, customers can require for a full refund and Linode will not make things difficult.


Linode Review on Reliability and Speed

Linode deeply knows the importance of data centers. It cares about not only the quality of data centers, but also quantity and geographic locations. By 2015, it has already taken advantage of 6 data centers in Asia, North America and Europe. Last year, it added 2 new data centers in Singapore and Frankfurt.

The 8 data centers complement each other, making it possible for customers to choose the closest cloud server location to their end users for better stability and speed. What’s more, all 8 are state of the art data centers in the industry with redundant power, cooling, lighting, native IPv6 support, etc. Each account comes with 1 global IPv6 address and other IPv6 addresses for free.

In addition to that, Linode deploys its cloud hosting with KVM technology now. Previously it utilized Xen virtualization technology. The servers feature advanced Intel E5 processors and SSD drives as well.

Linode cloud hosting has 99.9% uptime guarantee!

Linode Review on Customer Support

Linode supports its customers day and night. Even if people have pre-sales questions, they can contact Linode staffs for answers. Various ways are available for people to contact Linode staffs: email, ticket, phone or IRC chat. But ticket support only applies to people with a Linode account. In other words, only Linode customers could submit tickets via their Linode Managers.

More than that, Linode has informative guides and tutorials for self help. Its blog is a good place for people to check what happened to Linode recently or Linode future plans.

Linode Review on Ease-of-use

Linode Manager is tailored specially for customers with easy-to-use interface to administrate their servers, data, websites and more hosting services. So customers will easily deploy, clone, boot and upgrade within a few clicks in minutes. More than that, to ensure the safety of data, Linode designs Two-factor Authentication which asks customers to finish two kinds of authentication before they login in Linode Manager Accounts.

Linode Review Summary

It costs seconds to deploy Linode cloud by selecting a plan, an operating system and a cloud server location. Moreover, Linode cloud hosting has many advantages, making it stand out. Its customers will benefit from its affordable prices, flexible billing, easy-to-use management tools, 8 optional data center, 24/7 technical support and much more. Even if they are not satisfactory after purchasing, they can stop contracts with Linode and require for a full refund within the first 7 days. For more information, please visit Linode.


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