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LiquidWeb Review

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LiquidWeb review in below is based on our own real experience with LiquidWeb and numerous reviews we have collected from LiquidWeb customers, in which we will analyze LiquidWeb on the feature, price, web server speed, reliability, customer support and control panel.

Founded in 1997, LiquidWeb ( is a leader in managed web hosting market, already attracting more than 20,000 customers around the world to host their websites at LiquidWeb. Its rock-solid web products range from VPS hosting to dedicated servers, and it owns 3 state-of-the-art datacenters in Michigan. What’s more, LiquidWeb builds a reputable Heroic Support team to help people solve problems professionally and responsively, getting much popularity among customers.


LiquidWeb Review on Speed and Uptime

At LiquidWeb, each hosting customers will be ensured with 100% uptime, very fast speed as well as solid security.

LiquidWeb has its own 3 datacenters which are all designed, built and maintained by its own world-class engineers. They feature these 3 datacenters with Tier 1 premium bandwidth to ensure the fastest internet performance to customers no matter where they are. Moreover, customer’s data are safely stored in 3 datacenters with 24/7 monitoring by its professional engineers around the clock. Additionally, redundant power system and cooling system also make LiquidWeb datacenters reliable.

With SSAE-16, HIPAA compliant facilities, SOC 3 and Safe Harbor Certification, VPS hosting customers can benefit from levels of access, security, privacy and confidentiality. Moreover, LiquidWeb also takes advantages of many security measures to protect customers’ websites, such as locking cages/cabinets, private POD space, private CCTV system, security scanning, data encryption recommendations, biometric physical security controls, as well as special network configurations.

LiquidWeb Review on Ease-of-use

LiquidWeb has high-end cPanel and WHM control panel for customers to manage their Linux servers easily because both cPanel and WHM simplify the process of server administration and have use-friendly interface. In addition, customers will operate domains, emails, bandwidth and more web services within LiquidWeb control panel in a convenient way.

LiquidWeb Service Reviews

VPS Hosting

Liquidweb VPS is one of the best VPS Hosting solutions for businesses and enterprises.

LiquidWeb VPS Come with Rich Features

There are both Linux and Windows VPS hosting packages that are available for customers at LiquidWeb. In this way, they can freely select the most suitable VPS hosting package to build and manage their own websites based on their needs. Powered by the Storm platform, customers can not only completely control their servers, but also get access to many optimized features to backup their websites.


And the entry level Linux VPS hosting package contains:

  • 1 GB memory, 50 GB SSD disk space and 1 CPU core
  • 5 TB outgoing and free incoming bandwidth
  • Easily upgrade or downgrade
  • Instant deployment and API access
  • Free Storm Firewall
  • Easy clone and resize
  • Real-time monitoring

LiquidWeb VPS is Reasonable

Compared with other VPS hosting providers, its price is not low, which starts from $50/mo. Customers can contact the LiquidWed team if they require more advanced features to support their websites, they can easily upgrade their current plan into more advanced one.


Based on what we discussed above, LiquidWeb is recommended to all VPS hosting customers who are still looking for a reliable and scalable environment to host their websites and for more information about LiquidWeb VPS hosting, please visit LiquidWeb.

Dedicated Server

LiquidWeb dedicated server is the core service of Liquidweb, and its one of the best dedicated server options available.

LiquidWeb Dedicated Server Features

LiqudiWeb offers many options on its dedicated servers, like operating systems, processors and data centers. Customers could select the most right plan based on their needs. Some features of LiquidWeb lowest level Single Processor plan is listed as following:

  • Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3 4 processor with 4 cores
  • 16 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 250 GB SSD drive
  • 5 TB outbound bandwidth
  • 1 public IP
  • SATA backup drive
  • Linux operating system

Likewise, above features could be customized to meet higher needs when customers step into LiquidWeb server configuration page. Overall, LiqudiWeb offers as many as people could think.


Pricing of LiquidWeb Dedicated Server

Considering outstanding performance and features, LiquidWeb dedicated server pricing is within the reasonable range. Furthermore, every paid service is clearly listed that customers will decide to buy or not by themselves.

The lowest level Single Processor plan with above features charges at $199 per month. How much customers have to pay is all up to how many features they customize. For the payment, LiquidWeb accepts PayPal, Check and Credit Card, which includes Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

The dedicated server is LiquidWeb core product. And in terms of above review, we see that LiquidWeb dedicated servers are of power and leading in the industry, with the support of self-owned data centers and a complement data center. No matter what features people want, they will find them at LiquidWeb at reasonable costs. The technical support is world-class to help people too.

For more LiquidWeb information, please go to LiquidWeb.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Liquidweb not only provides excellent dedicated servers and VPS, but also has brilliant managed WordPress hosting. In below, we will figure out why this host becomes one of the best managed WordPress hosting providers.


LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting Features

Up till now, there are six managed WordPress hosting plans in all at LiquidWeb—Personal, Professional, Agency, Agency Plus, Commerce and Enterprise. The first 5 plans are based on a fully managed VPS platform, while the last one is on custom managed servers. With these extremely fast platforms, LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting is able to provide rich features and help its customers build professional and powerful websites.

Basic features included in these packages are SSL certificates, unlimited visitor, up to 200 sites, and up to 1TB SSD storage. With these features, people can smoothly build a successful website.

In addition to that, all customers can receive a range of advanced features to empower their sites. For example, LiquidWeb has a white-glove migration team who are responsible for moving its customers’ existing WordPress sites to LiquidWeb; it provides CDN to allow people deliver their digital media content quickly and easily; LiquidWeb WordPress Multisite enables its clients to manage more than one site from a single installation.

LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting Price Review

With reference to the price of LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting, we are glad to tell all webmasters that they can receive not only an excellent hosting solution but also an affordable price.

There are six different sizes to suit for everyone needs, which starts at $89/mo. As LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting is daily billing, namely the entry-level is about $2.93 per day. Besides that, LiquidWeb provides some additional charges including bandwidth, backup service, image, and public IP addresses, allowing people to customize their plans as needed.

LiquidWeb is the Best Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

Combined with all aspects, LiquidWeb is really a great choice for managed WordPress hosting customers. People can pick up any package from the six packages with an affordable price and a wide range of industry-leading features. The host also provides excellent customer service backed by its Heroic Support team. Three private state-of-the-art data centers and the latest technologies in its facilities are the foundation of Liquidweb very high performance.

In the end, if people want to know more about LiquidWeb, they can checkout LiquidWeb.

LiquidWeb Review on Customer Support

LiquidWeb technical support is best compared to many other competitors.

More than 400 support engineers are working at every LiquidWeb data center. So they can immediately check servers, networks, hardware and etc. when something bad happens. They support customers via live chat, telephone and helpdesk. In average, response time via phone and live chat is less than 1 minute and helpdesk response need half an hour. Additionally, knowledgebase and tutorials are also beneficial to help customers solve problems.

Moreover, LiquidWeb offers self-, core- and fully- managed services. With different managed types, customers will receive different support. Fully managed support covers all things for customers while customers with self management do not get full control panel support, security enhancements, operating systems updates, etc.


Liquidweb Review Summary

LiquidWeb provides advanced web hosting solutions for customers. They are expensive but offer a lot and guarantee high performance. The support is leading in the industry while the hosting is easy to use.  Liquidweb is a business you can trust.

Visit LiquidWeb to know more.


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  1. The most obvious reason why I chose LiquidWeb even though it is not such popular like web hosting services is its custom solution. They have planned and facility for a custom solution as well. You just have to request a plan and they will create it especially for you. Nothing can be better than this I guess. Anyways, speed, security and support too are other reasons to choose this service.

  2. I was in a serious dilemma of how does one make an effective website so that it doesn’t go completely bonkers, and when I used the liquid web, all my worries sailed away. All the insights and steps that are suggested by them are very helpful and I am really happy. Everything is easy to execute because of them.

    • I have been using their hosting services since 2012 when I was about to launch my website. I must say, it was what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend their services, in case you are planning to take your business online. You can leave the responsibility of your entire website to them and the rest of the task would be taken care of by the highly skilled technical staff.

  3. Liquidweb is not very new in the market, but that does not mean they are behind in the race. I have used this service for the last 1 year and I felt it is just perfect for a small business like mine. The best part is you can request a custom plan for your online business and they will design it according to the need. What can be better than this? The technical team is so helpful that you will love to approach them for no reason.

    • True. Liquidweb is the best web service provider available in the market. Their monthly charge is surely high when compared to other web hosting providers. But they provide a lot of advanced features which makes your website unbeatable in terms of performance. In my opinion, you can’t get anything better than liquidweb.

      • Thе ѕuрроrt аnd assistance frоm Liquidweb hаѕ bееn ѕimрlу оutѕtаnding. No grumblеѕаt my lack оf tесhniсаl еxреrtiѕе, just fаѕt effective assistance virtuаllу around thе clock. Thерriсеѕ hаvе gone uр fоr the shared ассоuntѕ, but I think there is a роint where уоu hаvе tо accept thаt tо a lаrgе еxtеnt, уоu gеt whаt уоu рау for.

    • Liquidweb is a great hosting solution provider for all your website projects, be they are new or established ones. The service provider by the team is super-fast, stable and secure. A special mention for the customer team of Liquidweb for providing unmatched and incredible services to almost any problems around the clock.

    • If you are about to start a small business website, LiquidWeb is a very good choice for that. I am using this service for my personal blogging website and it’s amazing. They are very supportive and co-operative. The technical team listens to very carefully all the possible issues faced and try to resolve it in the less possible time.

    • 100% uptime is highly required in every online business and the LiquidWeb web hosting service offers you guarantee that 100%. So, if you are really worried about the uptime actually, this is the one to go for. This service comes with exciting features along with 24/7 hours support to help you run your website seamlessly.

  4. The service provider is undoubtedly the best I have ever experienced. They are a little bit costly than other web host but quality comes at a cost, and liquid web really proved it. They helped me build my website effortlessly and provide full support. I have been using their service for more than 3 years and have rarely faced any problems.

    • This is a very simple web hosting solution which is greatly optimized for most of the popular apps. So, you can rely on them with your eyes shut. You just need to hire their service and they will manage things for you. They ensure that your website will be converted into an active and best site for sure.

    • This name is not very popular in the web hosting industry but their service is really remarkable. And you will only believe that after working with them. I was hesitating a bit initially but later on I chose this one and I am glad now to take the right decision. They offer a custom solution for every customer and this is what made me impressed.

  5. If you are looking for a very high performing web hosting solution, Liquidweb can be your best solution. I am using this service for the last 1 year, and I must say that this web hosting service is just perfect. Their dedicated servers, customized solutions, easy migration process, and excellent technical support, are really worth mentioning here.

    • Problem-solving is an art, and these guys have it in them! Being one of the regular customers of their hosting platform, I never ever have to ask them for helping me out on the technical issues. Either it is installation or some other issue, they always help me out to make it turn better and quicker.

      • Liquidweb is a great web hosting solution that comes with several plans. They also have the customized option which made them really popular in the industry. Features such as dedicated servers, custom built server clusters, etc. are highly appreciable. I will definitely recommend this service to as many as I can.

    • You can either choose any of the web hosting packages or else request a custom solution, and they are ready with everything. I am using the custom solution that has been designed according to my need. I am highly satisfied with the service. I will definitely recommend this service to as many people I can.

    • LiquidWeb is best for the eCommerce business website. They ensure your website will run and be up all the time. The technical team are highly expert to resolve any kind of issue in no time. And this should be the primary thing of every web hosting solution. You can choose from the available web hosting package or else request to design your custom solution. They are ready for everything.

    • I requested a pure custom solution for my blogging website and they offered me exactly what I wanted. I am too happy by their behavior and service of course. All the features of this service are great to run your website perfectly. I will recommend this service to all my friends and close ones if they require any.

  6. Liquidweb offers impeccable features viz. real-time site monitoring and free of cost storm firewall which provides impeccable security to your site from viruses, worms, and other unwanted intrusions. You will also get free of cost operating the software, HIPAA facilities, VPS hosting and server up-gradation. Liquidweb also provides cloud hosting which helps in easy data storage and retrieval.

    • Right. With the help of liquidweb you will be able to get three data centers and high bandwidth speed; these features will help in fast downloading of the website. Liquidweb also provides reliable data centers as they have impeccable cooling and redundant power systems. You can also maintain the control panel on your own thus can build great sites.

  7. Choosing from the wide option available over the Liquid Web website is a difficult task. Most of its plans are rich in features. I opted Liquid Web for my online retail store. I am very much satisfied with the results so far.

  8. It is difficult to pick their plans because each one of them is packed with various features and have their own benefits. Their employees were quite helpful and suggested me the plan that worked best for me. I have had a wonderful experience with them.

    • Agree. LiquidWeb is a great web hosting service that comes with all the basic and advanced features to run a website successfully. Their technical support is highly appreciable which never let me down anytime. So, I will definitely recommend this web hosting service to all I can. Thanks a lot for your great support.

    • I am associated with the Liquid web for a few years, and I am happy to choose it as my hosting. The speed offered by the hosting is just splendid.

    • Yes right. You will be offered a wide range of hosting solutions viz. WordPress, Cloud, Enterprise, Hybrid, etc. You will also get a wide range of security facilities viz. costumed network encryption, data encryption, etc. You will also be offered great uptime and bandwidth speed; these features will provide sure help in the fast performance of the website.

  9. Simply amazing! This hosting provider might seem to be expensive than the other options in the market, but it is totally worth a deal. I am using it for past one year, and I am completely satisfied with the service. It provides a 100% uptime with other features of premium quality. Customer support from this hosting service has helped me at each stage, and I personally recommend this hosting service to all the people looking for premium quality and are willing to spend a bit for the best services.

    • I went for LiquidWeb for my business website. Not once have I regretted my decision. They are slightly expensive service providers, but their package is worth the penny you pay. With 100% uptime, supreme speed and an amazing back-end support team, they have turned me into a loyal customer. If your business needs premium performance with security, I suggest LiquidWeb for you.

  10. Being an entrepreneur, I knew I had to go for an expensive host provider, and LiquidWeb is the best choice I have made. They might be a slightly expensive provider, but their package is worth the cost. The service is of premium quality, and features are brilliant with excellent backend support from the team.

    • I was not wrong when I picked them to help me with the migration of my website and online store. They proactively suggested me on what would be the best for me. With a 100% network uptime guarantee, they have won my trust. It is hard to look for such good hosting providers.

  11. LiquidWeb gives 100% uptime, very fast speed and solid security. It can give its customers both Windows VPS hosting packages for LINUX and Windows. Gives complete access to their customers to back up their websites, to manage their own websites. I loved their feature of customer care; solving problems by live chat. They also provide advanced web hosting solutions. Liquid Web is a business you can trust.

  12. When I saw their prices, I was really shocked. I didn’t know hosting could be this expensive. But, when I used their services, I didn’t know their services could get this much better. Their provide the best quality hosting services. Thank you Liquiweb for getting me the best.

  13. I had an assumption that liquidweb doesn’t cater to the needs of their customers, well I was totally wrong. Let me put it this way, though they are taking a lot of money if you have to pay and leave the rest of the work to the organization; you have hit the right road. One word for it “Amazing.”

    • It is one of the best VPS hosting providers out there. Server administration is pretty easy wherein you can manage your Linux servers conveniently via the control panel provided. Their support service is incredible, and they respond within a few minutes. Gained a lot of knowledge through the tutorials, I can say I am very pleased.

  14. I was unsure if it was worth the 50$ I was going to invest, but LiquidWeb really offers you the best for every buck you will ever pay. Their dedicated servers handle all my complex requests with ease and they never ever go down. I am thoroughly satisfied with them. Definitely sticking to this service for years to come.

  15. I opted to use Liquid Web services due to the amount of work my website required. I do not regret with my decision. Their quality of work is up to the mark and have looked into every minute detail of the website.

  16. Such a fast and reliable experience I had. They offered me amazing deals and I would 10/10 recommend this to everyone who is reading this. They were very knowledgeable and helping and had the whole idea of what to help me with. The support provided is smart, effective and so awesome that I didn’t have any kind of issues.

  17. Super dedicated to their clients, liquidweb is made for all. It ensures that by providing all sorts of hosting services including DIY hosting plan (which is something I did not notice in any other service). They also have this section on their website that helps you choose a plan. Even if the services are a little expensive, liquidweb surely delivers to expectations.

      • Their services are truly of premium quality. But their uptime is something that I can’t ignore. They have made sure my site never faces any issue.

  18. LiquidWeb provides me with an amazing service. They offer free SSL Certificates, though they, not the cheapest they have one of the best quality services. It is very friendly and great to have it.

    • I totally agree with you! I tried their DIY hosting, and I have to say that I could not be any more happy with my hosting plan.

  19. LiquidWeb provides amazing services. Although not the cheapest, they have one of the highest quality services in my experience. The WordPress plans are much faster for an increased site speed and they also have free migrations from other hosts. They also offer free SSL Certificates. Definitely recommend if your website is expected to have more traffic.

  20. The features provided by this host server really amazed me. It is so user-friendly and it eases the whole experience of using a host server. This is the first time I had to use a host server and I was tensed about it. However, this one host server made it so easy for me. I would definitely rate it 10 and recommend everyone to sue it.

  21. Undoubtedly one of the best hosting service provider in the market. Their services are definitely worth the prices.

    • Initially I was quite skeptical about liquidweb due to their extremely high prices. But their server speed and uptime are the best in the market. In addition to that, the customer support is really professional and helpful.

  22. I have used Liquidweb dedicated Server for more than 4 years, and am really happy with their service. No matter when I ran into problems their engineers always are available and help figure the issue effectively. Liquidweb is not a cheap hosting provider, but their service do worth the money. With rough 200 bucks to a dedicated server with SSD and 8GB memory, no to say quick response from their tech team. I strongly recommend Liquidweb even there are some “CHEAPER” choice in the market.

    • I totally agree with you. I have been using liquidweb for all my websites for such a long time. Their services have been top notch.

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