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What Does Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Really Mean for SEO?

Have you ever wondered “How does Google’s search algorithm work”? If you are in doubts about why your website is not ranking, then you are right there with several other thousands of online business owners who too have the same doubt. The search engine giant is spellbound confusing and is quite difficult to decode with insufficient knowledge of the functioning of the search algorithm of Google. It is imperative to understand the functioning of the Google and to try efforts to make your website rank. It is vital to understand the fact that SEO is not just too easy for everyone to understand and implement in the correct manner. It is not an overnight process to understand the same while trying to rank your website.

Simple SEO Technique

artificial intelligence SEO

If we would take a look back some 5 to 10 years ago, it was an obsolete time for SEO and even Internet marketing. Back in the year 2005, the term “Internet marketer” was almost considered to be separating the group of phishers and spammers in a derogatory manner and almost anyone who wanted to thrust their products on the online media. And to everyone’s surprise, this technique did work! In those time, the people or the website owners could rank their website quite easily by means of keyword stuffing, spamming, and through building of irrelevant backlinks.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

To understand the importance of artificial intelligence SEO for boosting the performance of the website, it is imperative to initially understand the meaning of “Artificial Intelligence”. There could be three broad categories of artificial intelligence:

AGI (Artificial General Intelligence): This is the scenario wherein the Artificial Intelligence techniques can perform all the tasks in general. Once the AI is able to perform or function like a human being, it can be considered to be an AGI.

ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence): This AI is meant for doing a particular thing or activity. For instance, beating a world-class champion in chess.

ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence): This form of AI is highly advanced and can be used to perform high-level activities that are beyond the capabilities of a single human.

By now, everyone must have heard of the RankBrain technique used by Google that is the new artificial intelligence algorithm that can be embedded with effective SEO techniques to generate the desired artificial intelligence SEO to boost the online business. The machine learning algorithms that are currently running on Google makes use of the ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence) techniques that are meant to accelerate the artificial intelligence SEO features.

How Google’s Artificial Intelligence SEO Algorithm Works?


The search algorithm of the Google is divided into several components. This is the only technique that is used by Google to stay on top of the trillion of websites present on the online platform. Google makes use of the artificial intelligence SEO techniques for the discovery of the elements in such a way that would create the flow of several ranking factors. To understand the working of the artificial intelligence SEO algorithm of Google, let us present you with the definition of the several terminologies of the algorithm.

Crawling and Indexing: The navigation of the web by Google is done with the technique of crawling. This implies the following of internal website links from one page to another. As a webmaster or website owner, you can select the pages that you would want Google to crawl. In another case, if you wish you can even deindex the entire website with the help of robots.txt. Google makes use of “Googlebot” to sort the pages by links, content, anchor texts and much more.

Algorithms and Formula: Another important technique for artificial intelligence SEO is the use of formulae and algorithms by Google. Google writes various formulas and programs for the delivery of the best search results that could be available to the users. The algorithms written by Google function by searching for clues to understand the searching trends of the users and then the results of the search are used to generate the desired results from the index.

Ranking: After the use of the navigation, crawling, formulas and algorithms by Google, the next step to effective artificial intelligence SEO used by Google is to determine the ranking of a website. There are several ranking parameters used by Google to delve out the ranking of any website present on the online platform. The various factors that influence the ranking of any website include backlinks and social signals, content, anchor text profile, technical SEO, onsite SEO and various others.

The backlinks can be considered to be a broad factor such that a website with a great link profile can take the lead in ranking on Google. Several backlink factors could be relevance, IP and subnet diversification, authority and many more. When it comes to effective SEO and digital marketing strategy for the optimization of the performance of the website could be content.

Google now makes use of artificial intelligence SEO techniques in content to understand the pattern of words, phrases, frequency, and relevance to improve the quality of the website. The content factors might include content updates, user interaction and comments, internal linking and several others. With the use of the anchor text, the website owners can create the hyperlinks to their website. This could serve beneficial while creating the backlinks and Google uses it for the determination of the keywords that can be optimized to get the desired ranking. The various anchor text factors might include keyword density, user interaction, content updates, auto generated content and several more.

How does Google Make Use of Machine Learning?

As a website owner or webmaster, this could be the greatest question that could raise the alarm to using the artificial intelligence SEO techniques. With the proper understanding of the functioning of the methods used by Google to calculate the best search result, it can help in deciding the rank for particular sets of keywords. Several search engines make use these techniques for the algorithms. The search engines make use of artificial intelligence SEO techniques and machine learning for the purpose of pattern detection.

As per the algorithm and methodologies used by Google, there are four significant layers in the process of machine learning for the calculation of the best search results of several websites on the online platform. Here are they:

Speech Recognition: Google has created and launched officially a new system of calculating the search results. This technique makes use of the multi-layered deep learning neural network system that is used to cut down the errors by as much as 25%. The whole system of the speech recognition technique of machine learning used by Google is used in the hard-engineered approach to establish a specific structure. This structure looks for verbs, nouns, or something that indicates a question. Google is still working on this mode of artificial intelligence SEO system to develop a more sophisticated approach to the use of the natural language.

Natural Language and Search: When you use the Google search engine, you simply type some words or phrases and then you get the desired results. However, the machines work on the principle of searching for the matched keywords or corresponding synonyms. Therefore, the researchers are trying to advance the machines for understanding the natural language of the humans. This will help the search engines generate the desired results for more complex questions. Therefore, this form of machine learning technique used by Google too can be considered to be a major form of artificial intelligence SEO technique.

Sentence and Shape Translation: The sentences used on the online platform have unique shapes. For instance, the shapes of the sentences can said to be identical for “I want to change my tire” and “I want to repair my tire”. The identical or similar sentences that are expressed in different languages have similar shapes. Therefore, once the machine or the search engine is able to acknowledge the particular shape of a sentence in a particular language, then it can use the similar shape to get the translation of some other sentences.

Image Captioning: This is another mode of artificial intelligence SEO technique used by Google to determine the search results for a particular website. Various search engines have a neural network that can recognize the images with the help of good examples. The image is considered to be the input and the caption is the output. The more the images that are fed to the system, the better captions are generated.

Google gives out to the users the access to their Prediction API that can provide machine learning and pattern matching capabilities. The users can create applications with the help of Google to perform the following:

  • Categorize the emails as spam or non-spam.
  • Prediction of the moves or products liked by the customers based on their past viewing habits.
  • Predicting the time spent by a user based on the spending history.
  • Analysis of the posted comments about certain products for determining whether it is a positive or negative tone.

How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Affect SEO?

The most important question that could be brainstorming the minds of the webmasters or the website owners is that “Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning affect SEO in a positive or negative manner?”. If as the owner of an online business, you are making use of the White-Hat SEO techniques with optimized Artificial Intelligence SEO techniques, then there should not be any reason for your website to not rank on Google or other search engines. Onsite optimization and the generation of informative and user-friendly content is what Google really expects out of the websites. If you are making use of the right SEO techniques as suggested by the artificial intelligence SEO algorithm of the Google, then it might take some time to observe the desired results, but it will happen eventually. This will also help in maintaining your rank on Google and other search engines to be quite static.

Future of SEO and Artificial Intelligence

From the rapid advancements in the techniques of artificial intelligence and machine learning incorporated by Google like RankBrain, it cannot be a matter of surprise when the other forms of artificial intelligence will surpass the capabilities of the human brain. And there is no denying the fact that at some of the time in the future, the technology could be leading us.

As far as the progressive future of the SEO and artificial intelligence is concerned, there are some significant considerations to be made:

  • There would be a need of self-examination of each competitive keyword environment.
  • More websites would need to maintain their niche to avoid any form of misclassification.
  • Every site would need to reflect the structure and the composition of the respective competitive sites that are ranking on top in the particular niche.

The experts in the field of Google SEO and artificial intelligence predict that with the use of the current artificial intelligence SEO techniques and its growth rate, the future technology is supposed to surpass the human brain capabilities in the coming times.


With the introduction and expansion of the machine learning and artificial intelligence SEO techniques, the overall scenario of SEO might get technical and highly optimized. Big data and methods of analytics still play an important role in the SEO and optimization of the overall performance of the websites. The SEO techniques that are still not familiar with these innovative and advanced features need to do the catching soon to generate the desired results. In some specific ways, the methods of deep machine learning and artificial intelligence methodologies can make things quite simple for the SEO. It is imperative to realize the fact that Google’s RankBrain and other similar technologies are almost on par with the recent trend and will continue to grow at a rapid rate in the future times.

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