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MailChimp ( is an email marketing service that’s been popular amongst entrepreneur and small-medium business.  Launched in 2001, MailChimp has rapidly seen growth and has over 6 million users worldwide.  The company puts high efforts to support neighbourhood by supporting local communities and festivals projects.  Check out below MailChimp review and see whether this unique email marketing specialists is indeed efficient enough to meet your needs.

MailChimp Review on Pricing Value

There are three major plans offered by the email marketing service provider. These are based on the number of emails that can be sent to a specific number of subscribers. The pricing is as follows:

  • Entrepreneur Plan – where 12,000 mails can be sent to 2000 subscribers per month. This plan does not incur any fee. It can be upgraded to $10 per month with some additional features.
  • Growing Business Plan – where unlimited emails can be sent to 50,000 subscribers per month. It can be either Pay-as-you-Go or monthly payment option.
  • High Volume Sender Plan – where unlimited emails can be sent to 50,000 subscribers per month. This is for a high volume of subscriber list for large corporate houses.
MailChimp Email Marketing Service MailChimp Email Marketing Service
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MailChimp is secured and encrypted with the latest encryption codes. It sends alerts and keeps its clients informed at all times.

MailChimp Review on Contact Management

For all businesses, useful contacts are vital while uninterested contacts can be harmful to the company. For instance, when a company sends newsletters to all possible contacts without managing the email list, it results in a full-blown spam. The PR value decreases. MailChimp does not let this happen as it only allows opt-in delivery. In fact, the customers who sign-up forms need to double opt-in to get the newsletters. When email interaction is after a span of six months, a new permission is required from the customers.

MailChimp supports one dedicated email list for a particular business or department. It also allows the creation of ‘groups’ to segment the contact list to ensure that clientele is stored in just one list but may be grouped differently to get specific emails or newsletters. In fact, MailChimp makes sure that email IDs gathered from web forms, subscription forms, phone books of smartphones, and more are segregated into separate lists – un-subscriber’s list, and so on. Care is taken to ensure emails do not fall into the spam folder – as this option will not give the right picture of market segment and requirements of the people.

MailChimp Review on Email Creation & Sending


At a glance, a good-looking and attractive promotional email, such as a newsletter will look like a well-decked up website. This email marketing campaigning tool allows the user to create their templates from scratch or import one. It is also possible to edit the existing template provided by MailChimp and churn out a beautiful email. Email templates can be reused or shared as well. It is possible to add specific colors, content, logos, buttons, and images and personalize the email.

MailChimp delivers the emails to the respective clients through a special software tool, Mandrill. The SMTP servers allow seamless transfer in just few seconds to millions of customers interspersed worldwide. The friendly interface of MailChimp allows the user to create a campaign and also send the email or newsletter after integrating it with the contact list.

MailChimp Review on Email Reporting and Tracking

There are various reports and tracking features which make MailChimp email campaign efficient and user-friendly. For instance, the email service provider instantly shows two important trends – open rates and click rates. This will inform the user how many times the user opened the mail and what all links did he click. The interactive graphs and reports highlight whether the user had only clicked the images or clicked the links as well and filled in the forms. Other tracking features that are reported are number of bounces, subscribers who unsubscribed, demographic and geographical information, and more. The trends can be monitored and shown in form of graphs.

The Analytics360 module integrates conversion rates, click-throughs, and traffic influx into reports that show the rate of revenue earnings. From subscriber activity reports, click-map overlays, and more, MailChimp is able to give the right picture of the campaign and how it has shaped the revenue earning of the business.

MailChimp Review on Customer Support

Before buying the product, a potential buyer can get valuable information and tips on how to use the service and its functionalities through a detailed knowledge base.  The self-help support section helps the user to get started and check out the options in detail. So, whether you are running the show alone or employed to a large company, MailChimp is a useful tool for email marketing.

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