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Mailigen Review

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Mailigen ( is a Email marketing tool that helps in web-based marketing. It is powerful yet cost effective. Launched in 2009, being one of the best email marketing service provider, Mailigen has been attracting customers worldwide and their services are highly popular amongst SMBs.

In below Mailigen review, we will talk about it features, price value and customer support to reveal why.

Mailigen Review on Pricing Value

Mailigen can be accessed for free – for a period of 30 days. After which, users can continue for $10 per month. There are plans that involve small volumes of emails, such as:

  • 500 subscribers can be involved at $10 per month.
  • 2500 subscribers can be involved at $25 per month.
  • 5000 subscribers can be involved at $40 per month.
  • 40000 subscribers can be involved at $180 per month.

There are plans for large volumes (100,000 emails) at $400 per month. Individual prices are offered for designing emails, managing campaigns, and more. Additionally, if customers choose to pay annually, they can save 20% off to make the lowest price at $8.00/mo instead.

Mailigen Promotion Mailigen Promotion
20% Off

Mailigen Review on Contact Management

In email marketing campaign, contacts are very important as addressing the right contact can make the campaign successful while sending emails to wrong contacts will make the entire process futile. Mailigen helps to manage the contact list where it does the following tasks:

  • Building up contacts from web forms in the company website. Contacts can be exported or imported seamlessly
  • Allowing the company representatives to add contacts by simply dragging-n-dropping the names.
  • Removing inactive or non-working emails
  • Segregating emails into various segments – such as age, sex, and job profile to find out the market segments.

Mailigen also allows the user to merge contact lists, de-duplicate the contacts, and sort them as per various parameters. Segregation can be done as per how the email receiver has reacted to earlier mails as well.

Mailigen Review on Email Creation & Sending

Mailigen proactively creates and edits emails by using WYSIWYG newsletter or an Email Editor. The user will be able to drag-n-drop content blocks to design emails as per the requirement of the business. Various templates are available in the database from where the user can select a suitable basic template and then, customize it further. It is possible to create newsletter templates as well. Once the customized email is designed, it is created to an HTML email. Emails once created can be renamed and saved into multiple emails.

There is a File Manager utility that manages images to be placed in the email. Once done, the emails are further personalized where email addresses are placed from the contact list. Some contacts can be kept out from the list. Link tracking facility is switched on so that any links in the email clicked is summarily reported back. It is possible to integrate the emails with social media sites. From a secured server, the campaign starts where emails are sent to the respective email IDs. Various reports are generated soon after delivery.

Mailigen Review on Reporting and Tracking

Sending across emails is not the end of the email campaign. It must be tracked – precisely, quickly and in detail to ensure whether it has been successful or not. In fact, tracking and reporting of emails help to understand the market segment and popularity of a product or a company. It also offers valuable information about the market. So, Mailigen ensures this in a brilliant way by:

  • Issuing the reports in real time. It means that the mails can be tracked no sooner it is sent
  • Detailed report is provided, such as whether the receiver opened the email or it simply bounced. Email click-through is also tracked.

Various types of reports are offered, such as successful emails, unsubscribe and email forwarded ones, and more. It also integrates Google Analytics that helps to provide email campaign conversion rates. So, the clients can understand the cost of the email campaign as against the revenue earnings generated through the campaign. Data is exported into user-friendly files, such as PDFs and excel sheets. Reports are also generated on specific details of the receivers, such as device reports state which devices have been used to access the emails. Browser reports state on the typical browser that has been used. Geographical locations are provided as well in the reports.

Mailigen Review on Customer Support

For help, users can check the support section to check out the knowledge base or address their issues to the customer care cell. A detailed and well-structured Mailigen is a useful email marketing solution. So, one can try it for their business and generate useful customers through a methodical email marketing campaign from Mailigen.

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