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Microsoft Azure Review

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Microsoft Azure is a world-class cloud computing platform, which meets a series of standards, including international, country, and specific standards. Backed by magnate Microsoft, Azure is actually productive. Solutions are cloud services, web apps, mobile apps, database services, analytics services, CDN, networking, developer services and much more.

Microsoft Azure review below will talk about its major features, customer support, price value, and uptime.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting Review on Features

Azure cloud hosting is called Virtual Machines. On this cloud, people can deploy almost any operating system. Especially, Azure cloud hosting makes it easy to deploy applications from Microsoft, such as SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, and Windows Server. People can also install open source or community-drive operating systems like CentOS, SUSE, Ubuntu, etc.

In addition to OS, Azure Microsoft cloud hosting also supports any programming language, some of which are .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, and Node.js.

In terms of plans, Azure creates it’s a wide range of cloud hosting plans with different servers and sizes. There are Windows servers, Linux servers, SQL servers, BizTalk servers, SharePoint servers, and servers with Oracle software. Moreover, some of Azure Microsoft cloud hosting plans comes with SSD to deliver faster performance. In a word, Azure Microsoft provides cloud hosting from low level feature to high level feature in order to meet demands of each customer.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting Review on Prices


Azure Microsoft cloud hosting carries out pay as you go price policy. It means that customers only need to pay for what they use. Moreover, charges are calculated by minutes. So, people can stop and cancel Azure cloud services anytime.

  • Windows-based and Linux based cloud hosting both start at $0.018/hr, including 1 core, 0.75 GB RAM, and 20 GB disk space.
  • SQL-based cloud hosting charges from $0.032/hr, featuring 1 core.
  • BizTalk-based cloud hosting is billed from $0.48 per hour with 1 core too.
  • Azure cloud hosting with Oracle software is from $0.08 per hour and 1 core as well.

Furthermore, Azure gives 5% off discounts if people prepay for an annual term. But the minimum annual fee is $6,000. This company also gives a free cloud service trial for 1 month.

Azure Microsoft accepts debit card, credit card as well as invoice.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting Review on Performance

Azure Microsoft guarantees 99.95% connectivity for multiple instances for people who choose its cloud hosting. If Azure fails to deliver such performance, it will give customers service credits.

Additionally, Azure cloud hosting is secure due to secure data centers, advanced encryption technologies, secure network, anti-malware software, 24/7 monitoring system and much more.

Azure cloud hosting is along with Virtual Networks. So, people are able to get a whole control of their network. For example, they can configure DNS IPs. They can configure subnets. They can set up a direct connection with their VMs. Azure cloud hosting has network partners including world-class Level 3, AT&T, Verizon, BT, and so on.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting Review on Support

Azure technical support has free and paid ones. The free support includes billing, subscription, web incident submission, service dashboard, and community forums. The last one community forums collect the most informative resources in the world towards internet, websites, developing languages, etc.

If people need more support from Azure, they have to pay from $29 per month and get support services like unlimited fixes, 24/7 human support, fast response, call backs and much more. This company has an advantage on supporting languages. Besides English, they support customers via French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.


To sum up, Azure Microsoft cloud hosting is stable and secure. It gives people much more options than other cloud hosting providers on cloud server configuration. Azure Microsoft support is award-winning, though some of support services are paid. However, it is one of a few companies with multiple supporting languages besides English. For prices, people only need to pay for what they use too. In a word, Azure Microsoft cloud hosting is a recommended cloud hosting provider for developers, businesses, organizations, and anyone who wants a cloud hosting. For more information about Azure Microsoft cloud hosting, please go to Azure.


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