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How to Monitoring Website Uptime

We have listed the best free website tools for monitoring web sites uptime. Each tool is helpful, powerful and easy to use, can be efficient to monitor the real uptime of a web site.

Uptime is an essential factor to build a quality and popular website. Server failure can lead to loss of traffic and bring a terrible user experience. Almost all web hosts guarantee 99.9% or 100% uptime, but actually, who knows? Moreover, even if your website is hosted on the most reliable web host, it can experience downtime accidentally because of a variety of reasons such as network outages, power failures, hacks, server overloads, etc. Therefore, it’s necessary to monitoring your website uptime so that you can be notified whenever your website goes down, take proper action to resolve the issues and keep your site online all the time.

There are a lot of uptime monitoring tools available, in which some are free with limited features while some are paid with advanced features. You can choose a suitable based on your requirements. We personal think that the free website tools provide sufficient features to maintain a common website. In below, we have summed up the best free website tool to help monitor the uptime of your website. is a very outstanding website monitoring tool keeping an eagle eye on everything for free. It offers an all-in-one package and takes complex process of setup, installation, update, reinstalls and server monitoring so that users can focus on growing their website and businesses. Based on Cloud service, tracks your website availability, applications, databases, response time, server and network health from anywhere for every 5 minutes via using HTTP, HTTPS, Ping, and DNS. At present, this tool is trusted by over 110,000 users including FOX, Facebook, Harvard University, etc.

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Best Free Website Tools for Monitoring WordPress Uptime-Monitor

Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is a totally free monitoring tool which you can monitor more than 50 websites with the frequency in every 5 minutes. Once your website is down or encounters some issues, you can get notifies by e-mail, social media, RSS and many more. Besides, Uptime Robot provides an intuitive dashboard which allows it’s easy to manage monitoring and see the details..

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Best Free Website Tools for Monitoring WordPress Uptime - Uptime Robot

Site Uptime

Site Uptime is an effective website monitoring tool which monitors your website regularly intervals and notifies you via email or many other ways. It includes both free and paid version that the free version allows you monitor 1 website in every 30 / 60 minutes while the paid version supports up to 6 websites with the monitoring frequency of every 5 minutes. All plans include the options of control panel, monthly reports, online statistics, http, smtp, ftp, etc.

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Best Free Website Tools for Monitoring WordPress Uptime-site uptime

Site 24×7

Site 24×7 is a reputable monitoring tool which is widely used to maximize website uptime, track webpage performance, server monitoring as SaaS, instant alerts and align IT and business goals. It offers various types of account – Free, Professional $ Enterprise. The free plan provides basic monitoring with 5 websites at 10 minutes pool interval for website monitoring only. If you need more features, you can easily upgrade to the paid plans for server monitoring, web application monitoring, mail server monitoring and more.

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Best Free Website Tools for Monitoring WordPress Uptime-site 24x7

Host Tracker

Host Tracker is a widely used website monitoring tool to keep the stability and accessibility of your website. It is a distributed monitoring system which comes with rich features such as monitoring unlimited resources, keyword presence control on a page, the Head / Post/ Get HTTP support and monitoring frequency in every 1 / 5/ 15 / 30 / 60 minutes. Besides, it has the ability to specify an unlimited number of addresses for server error notifications and store check logs.

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Best Free Website Tools for Monitoring WordPress Uptime-Host Tracker

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