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All About Offsite SEO

Before you can go through the Offpage SEO tutorial you need to understand what is Onpage SEO and the difference between these two.

If you own a website or a blog you are probably aware about the common Onpage SEO techniques where the construction of web pages needs to be done in a specific way so that your website ranks high in the results page of the search engines. Your page/website will attract higher traffic if it ranks high on SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) such as Yahoo, Google and Bing. While people are trying to manipulate the onsite SEO and Google has become strict and seems to change their policies on ranking them which means offpage SEO techniques that involve link building is what you need to rely on to get on top of the SERP’s.

SEO has now been divided into two categories Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO which simply mean that the changes made on the website which help in increasing its rank is Onpage SEO, for instance meta tags, page titles, etc. whereas everything you do off the webpage to rank well is termed as Offpage SEO, such as blog marketing, social networking, forum marketing etc.

Pre-Work Before You Can Start OffPage SEO



Links will define the importance of a website to Google. It would become impossible for it to rank your website if there are no links pointing to your site irrespective of the unique, quality or fresh content present in your website. What some of the people don’t realise is that sending out links of ‘Home Page’ is not the solution to attract traffic.

‘Silo Pages’ is the answer to a perfect link building. Siloing is nothing but building links that connect your supporting and category pages. Links that simply connect to a Home Page is not what will help you get a rank instead if the pages are laid in a way that SEO juice filters through each of them to the pages that are connected to it.

The internal pages of your website shouldn’t be alone it should be connected and ensure that the navigation is flawless.

Siloing your pages will help you in getting a healthy link equity among your internal pages. It is not the quantity of links that matter it’s their quality that is important and so is the structuring of your pages.

What you don’t know is that what you have learnt yesterday could become obsolete tomorrow unless of course you have updated yourself with what is trending on SEO. You might be quite confident with your Onpage SEO techniques but these current Offpage SEO techniques 2016 will help you build the online reputation you have always dreamt of.

Remember that the below Offpage SEO tips should be used once the Onpage SEO has been completed.

Here is a detailed list of Offpage SEO tips that will help you in building your credibility in the SERP’s:

Link Exchanging


You can exchange your links with service related websites so you can boost the popularity of your website link. Google gives higher ranks to websites whose links are widely known. There are many ‘Black Hats’ in the business who violate the policies of search engines to get a higher ranking. Ensure you don’t exchange your links with them. It could negatively impact your ranking.

Gadget or Widget Development

You can create an exciting widget or gadget application for instance game widgets for your website and have them published on your blog page or website and even in social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook and allow the users to play or vote and use the application. This will help you build your brand credibility and thereby increase the traffic of your website.

Open Accounts in Social Networking Sites

One of the most important points in the Offpage SEO checklist is to have a strong hold on the social media platform. Social networking platforms have become an important place for leading brands and small businesses to advertise their products and services. Almost everyone has an account on one of the popular social networking sites and depending on your target demographic you can also open account to advertise for your business. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus are the most common ones, you can research to find out which one would work best for your company especially in the region you work in. You cannot have some posts floated and then you suddenly leave there is much strategy that goes in if you want a good crowd coming from the social networking websites.

Inculcate Brand Confidence through Business Reviews

What do you do if you have to check how reliable something is?  With the internet around you just Google the reviews and check the authenticity of a place or a thing. Reviews can really help in driving traffic and increasing your rank in the SERP’s. You could review other businesses so they can review you back or ask your clients to review your business. Some of top business review sites are Trust Radius, Trustpilot, Consumer Reports, G2 Crowd etc. You can select the ones applicable for your area.



Another powerful way to promote your website is to blog for your business or company. Try and create unique content that are specific and connect with your users immediately. You should also promote your blog in the search engines and directories of blogs. Another way of doing it is to post in other blogs that permit adding links in the comments section and are ‘crawlable’. Such blogs are usually known as Do-Follow Blogs. If you think writing is not your piece of cake then a guest blogger can help you in drafting quality content for your blog that would earn credits from the search engines.

Social Bookmarking

This is considered as one the best Offpage SEO tips which can be used to promote websites. However, this wonderful tip is being misused by the lesser knowledgeable people who are spamming social bookmarking sites, they have no idea on how to use it. Content in such sites are updated regularly and search engine frequent them. Bookmarking sites should be carefully filtered before they are bookmarked and the tags should be carefully checked as they are necessary in broadcasting your news in a bigger network. Effective participation in bookmarking could get your website good traffic.

Submit Classifieds

Another influential way to let your customer know about your website or company is by submitting classifieds. Researches show that advertising in the classified websites get lots of enquires and also increase their sales. A business can reach out more people by submitting classifieds which in turn helps the business to get good backlinks which helps in improving the rank of a website. Ensure that you do much research work before you can go ahead with the submission. You want to include proper details that your clients would be looking for.

Link Baiting

Link baiting

Link baiting is nothing but crafting content that compels its readers to share it with others. If you have published content or news from a different website in your page then you should remember to place the link to their website too for reference. If you do it for other websites, and the content that you create for your website can be trusted, others will do it for you as well. This is link baiting and is a good way to build on your websites popularity.

Share Your Pictures

Another one of the Offpage SEO tips which helps in driving traffic besides aiding in increasing the rank of your website. Photobucket, Shutterfly, Flickr, Devian Art, Imgur are some of the leading websites to have your pictures displayed.

Submit Articles

Although it is a slow process, but hey! it is getting you what you want. Writing quality articles and submitting them in websites for publishing is also a way to help your SEO rank. Some of the good websites that have a lot of readers are Newsvine, Ezine Articles, Zimbio, Letsbe Famous, Article Base etc.

Yellow Pages and Local Listings

If you have just started your business and struggling to get some recognition start from your area. People will know you only if you though publicity and publicity starts from home. Don’t aim at huge numbers and a huge global market that is already swarmed with thousands if not millions of businesses such as you. Submitting your website to Yahoo Local, Superpages, Google Local Maps, Yellow Pages etc. will help make you known in your locality.

Share Your Documents

This is an easy and effective way to have your websites branding done and therefore improving its rank. The business documents like the information brochure should be shared in common places such as Slide Share, Google Docs etc.

Promote the Videos


People are getting visual and they like to watch short videos. You can present the product and services of your company in a distinct way which will be liked by the targeted audience. People tend to connect with videos easily as it saves them time from reading a whole article before they can get the exact information. Just like you can promote your company by sharing your pictures and images, video sharing will surely help you in promoting your business.

Directory Submission

Selecting which directory is to be submitted is what matters. This is also like article submission a process which could give you late results but it is worth all the wait. There are several web directories that charge for listing you, believe me don’t think paying will get you a higher rank. Just approach the free ones such as Yahoo Directories, DMOZ etc. that are reliable.

Create a Forum

An online discussion room to share topics is another Offpage SEO technique to boost your rank. Reply’s or posts related to other already existing forum which permit links in your signature that can be crawled can also be posted in this forum.


Cross-linking is nothing but linking internal pages within your website where required and is often referred to as Internal Linking. Google Page Rank Algorithm gives a lot of importance to this internal linking. You can also get content link from websites that you think is related to the theme of your site. You can have a target keyword as anchor text and get a link in the content of their website. This technique is a bit difficult to implement but they work quite well and has a lot of weight in ranking of your website. One of the best examples of cross-linking is Wikipedia.

Answer Relevant Answers

There are many sites where people are questions which gives you a good opportunity to place your links here. You can target questions that are relevant to your website and answer them while placing links. Make sure that you don’t spam. This is an intelligent way of link building. Yahoo Anwers, Cha-Cha etc. are places where people frequently look for answers to their questions.


As website and blog owners, SEO is not something that is an alien word now. There are several techniques to have your website SEO optimized. However, it is vital that you select the right way of doing it. The Offpage SEO tutorial above will definitely help you get a good rank for your website. Offpage SEO will work only if the Onpage SEO of your site is in place. Both Onpage SEO techniques and OffPage SEO techniques go hand-in-hand. You need to plan strategically so you can reap the benefits of SEO ranking and have your website come among the top search results.

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