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Best Online Grammar Check Tools

The grammar and spelling errors make the writing unprofessional, which are also not good for SEO. However, people always make some mistakes on the emails, articles and documents inevitably. In this situation, they need to find out the faults with the help of some online grammar check tools.

By using the proofreading tools, you are able to avoid many grammatical mistakes whether they are simple or complex. And then, those tools can give suggest you how to correct the errors. In this article, we recommend 10 best online grammar check tools to help you check the writings with ease.

#1 Grammar Check Tools – Grammarly

Grammarly is the most popular and powerful grammar checker in the world. Based on our real using experience, we find that this tool is easy to use and has the ability to check all the essential errors accurately, like the mistakes on word usage, spelling and syntax.

The tool is easy to handle, because you just need to paste the text on the blank space, and then, click the “Start Review”. After a few seconds, all the errors will be marked out. You can correct the mistakes by following the comments. Besides, the plagiarism detector is able to avoid your articles being plagiarized by others.

Grammarly offer free trial and also paid version, to know more about their service, please visit now.

Grammarly Grammar Check Tools


SpellCheckPlus is an advanced grammar check tool, with which you can find out the errors that are hard to check by yourself. After checking the whole text, it displays useful suggestions about how to correct the faults. Note that you are allowed to paste an article less than 2,000 words.

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SpellCheckPlus Grammar Check Tools


Ginger is a flexible grammar checker used on both desktop and mobile, and it is powered by 1.5 trillion sentences. The installation only needs 3 steps: run Ginger’s installer > click “Yes” to proceed > start using Ginger, which is easy to install and handle. Additionally, multiple plugins and extensions are available to users to extend the functions.

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Ginger Grammar Check Tools


SpellChecker is also a good online check tool, especially for the spelling errors. When finding some mistakes on your text, this tool is able to underline the errors with red lines. Besides, the highlight of SpellChecker is that it can help you examine the articles written in some other languages rather than English.

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SpellChecker Grammar Check Tools


PaperRater is a powerful checking tool with rich features, including plagiarism detection, auto grader, style & word choice analysis, readability statistics, etc. It provides some suggestions that are underlined in green and helps you edit the faults with easy. Furthermore, there is no need to install this tool, so you can use it without any downloads.

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PaperRater Grammar Check Tools


AftertheDeadline is an easy-to-use toll with a clear interface. Working as some other grammar checkers, it gives an indication of the spelling errors with red color, shows style suggestions with blue color, and then displays the revise in a pop with green color. The corrections are easy to understand.

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AftertheDeadline Grammar Check Tools


SpellCheckOnline is a powerful online checking tool used to check the mistakes on spelling, sentences, modifiers and commas. This tool has the ability to identify multiple languages, including English, French, Italian and many more, which can meet the needs of most people worldwide.

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SpellCheckOnline Grammar Check Tools


LanguageTool is an open source grammar check software. It is appropriate for more than 20 languages, including English, French, Polish, German, etc. Before starting to examine the text, you need to choose the proper language, and then modify your text according to the suggestions.

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LanguageTool Grammar Check Tools


Reverso can not only help you check grammar and spelling errors in the text, but also translate the articles into several languages. Besides, the dictionary is also available to users, with which you can look up some new words conveniently and quickly. And also, it can conjugate a verb into different patterns.

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Reverso Grammar Check Tools


GrammarBase guarantees to help you check all the errors instantly. The results are underlined with different colors that indicate the punctuation, grammar and spelling respectively. In addition, this tool can be used to judge whether your text is almost similar with others.

GrammarBase Grammar Check Tools

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