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Pagely Review

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In below Pagely review, we will discuss on its features, usability, uptime, and WordPress speed to explain why it’s one of the best managed WordPress hosting service you can trust.

Founded in 2006 by Joshua and Sally Strebel, Pagely ( has been one of the most popular managed WordPress hosting providers in the marketplace. By utilizing Amazon web services, Pages promises to give all of its sites the same benefit of scaling in the cloud as the largest brands in the world.

Rich Featured Managed WordPress Hosting from Pagely

There are three tiers of managed WordPress hosting available for customers to choose from, namely Personal/Business, VPS, and Enterprise. No matter what kind of hosting packages customers purchase, they can get essential features to backup their websites. Here we highlight some of its features for each size:

The Personal/Business plans range from 3 site to 10 sites, with various limits on disk space, bandwidth, and CDN usage;

The VPS plans, consisting of four plans, range from 30 to 60 sites, also with limits on disk space, bandwidth, and CDN usage. They also come with other extra features like 64-bit OS, HHVM support, SSH access, database access, private RDS database instances available, Redis based Object Cache, and GIT/SVN ;

The Enterprise plans contain the largest sites and unfathomable scalability. And it offers a dedicated account manager, priority live support, single node or balanced clusters, 64-bit OS, GIT/SVN, RDS DB masters, CDN included, and discounts for annual payments.


Pagely Review on Easy-to-Use

Pagely provides automatic backups of all of people’s files and databases, thus people can easily manage and restore their files whenever they need them.

It also offers automatic updates of WordPress core and any plugins, as well as a suit of custom tools to give people a great WordPress experience. Pagely system is uniquely designed to keep thousands of WordPress sites updated, secure, and running smoothly. Due to that, people can put more time and energy into doing their online businesses.

Pagely Review on Performance

Pagely understands very well the importance of reliability and speed, thus the company makes much efforts to deliver reliable products and maintain a high performance at the same time.

Pagely primarily makes use of Amazon’s U.S. East data center. For its VPS and Enterprise WordPress customers, they are allowed to place their service in any of Amazon’s global data centers to optimize performance.

Besides that, Pagely utilizes a wide range of technologies to secure or speed up its service: all plans come with PressCDN™ with over 30 caching locations available for webmasters to give faster page loading for their sites visitors; the host introduces PressCACHE™, a global WordPress acceleration system to cache and serve WordPress page output

It also utilizes the industry standard open-source web application firewall mod_security and custom rate limiting to secure its facilities, and it deploys PRESSARMOR™ specifically to address the security concerns around WordPress.

Pagely WordPress Friendly Customer Support

As is known to us, the technical support is crucial for customers to handle their issues, especially for those who lack of web hosting experience. At Pagely, all staffs are knowledgeable enough to help customers enjoy a good WordPress experience. People can get assistance via live system status, ticket, FAQs, and knowledgebase. Unfortunately, the company does not support any direct support methods, such as phone and live chat.

There is no question that it is not easy for customers to deal with their issues as quickly at Pagely as in other industry-leading providers. What’s worse, the company also does not have the policy of money back guarantee, which may bring a feel like this company is not safe enough to host their accounts.

Pagely WordPress Hosting is Affordable

In terms of the pricing of its managed WordPress hosting, Pagely provides acceptable prices as other managed WordPress hosting providers. As we mentioned above, three hosting sizes with multiple plans come to customers. People can freely choose any one in accordance with their requirements. The prices of Pagely managed WordPress hosting starts at $64/mo, $399/mo, and $1349/mo respectively for the three sizes.

In addition to that, Pagely managed WordPress hosting is upgradeable. It means, customers can upgrade their current package to a higher one if they intend to run a successful website that features high traffic and faster speed.

Pagely is a Good Managed WordPress Hosting

At the end, we can draw the conclusion that customers can get enough features and an affordable price at Pagely. In addition, the company can also ensure a reliable environment plus fast speed and over 99% uptime in general. The only disadvantage of this company is that it cannot offer top of the line technical support as well as the policy of money back guarantee to all of its customers. In the end, customers can follow Pagely to know more information about Pagely.


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