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Prevent Spam with CAPTCHA in WordPress

A CAPTCHA is a challenge-response test used to test whether the visitor is the human being rather than a computer that tries to break user’s password. It has been regarded as a great security measure to protect logged-in users’ information from leaking. Besides, it also always appears when people plan to sign up a new account on your website, sign in with an existing account or change account password. In most cases, it is also included in a contact form. There is no need to emphasize how important the CAPTCHA is for the website security and for the spam prevention. This time, we’d like to introduce the easy ways of how to add CAPTCHA in WordPress form for the better security.

Here, as the CAPTCHA system is always used for the contact form, login & registration form and the comment form, we are going to introduce some WordPress Plugins to help you achieve the adding purpose easily.

Really Simple Captcha

So far, there are more than 1 million websites which use Really Simple Captcha to prevent spammers. As the name suggests, it cannot meet the need for those who need perfect security. However, it will do you a great favor in the sudden reduction of spam.

Being different from others, Really Simple Captcha uses temporary files for storing states. In this way, you have no need to worry about the conflicts caused by PHP CAPTCHA solutions. In fact, it doesn’t work alone and works with other plugins under the guidance of the instructions. On the official website lie the different codes.

Really Simple Captcha


Using this plugin, you can implement a high level secure CAPTCHA form into web forms. It is simplistic and easily understood by human being. It saves your website from spam using effective math logic. No advanced things are required, and you don’t need to waste your time in annoying and understanding the words, combination of letters or pictures that can make you crazy. You can use either letters or numbers or both for display. It can be translated into several different languages.


Sweet Captcha

This plugin is completely fun and human-friendly. It provides a free image CAPTCHA service, placing readers and your website at the first priority. No typing is required, and the CAPTCHA is fully interactive, sweet and easy to use.

It comes integrated with contact form 7 CAPTCHA log-in, comments CAPTCHA, custom contact form, password recovery CAPTCHA, registration CAPTCHA and many more. You can even customize the theme and CAPTCHA language translation, making it extremely interesting to use.


Google Captcha

Through this plugin, you can apply Google CAPTCHA into web forms. Google Captcha is a free CAPTCHA service that helps to digitalize newspapers, book and radio shows. It can be used for registration, login, recovery, password generation and comments forms.

You can even choose to display any one of the four standard Google Captcha themes. It is translation ready and can be translated in many languages like Polish, Russian, and many more.

google captcha

Blue Captcha

It is a highly customized and powerful plugin for WordPress that secures your blogs and websites from spams and unwanted persons. It can be easily applied to registration forms, commentary form, login form or password recovery form. It can display CAPTCHA to both registered users and non- registered users. It can preview CAPTCHA image before applying. You can show up to 20 characters on CAPTCHA images. You can even add extra drawings on CAPTCHA images.

blue captcha

Conditional CAPTCHA

It removes spam without annoying your visitors. It asks commentators to finish a simple CAPTCHA if they do not have a comment approved previously, or if Akismet thinks their comments are spamming words.

The plugin comes with two modes – Basic and Akismet Enhanced. There are options to use reCAPTCHA if you require something more robust. You can even do the styling of your CAPTCHA page to match it with your WordPress theme. It can be translated in many languages.

wp conditional captcha

Captcha Code

This plugin adds CAPTCHA code anti-spam methods in your WordPress forms. You can make these CAPTCHA codes incorporate into login form, comments form, lost password form and registration forms. You also can choose the letter types from the options available.

It is translation enabled, and you can select the type of CAPTCHA code from the options available – alphabets, numbers or alphanumeric. It efficiently prevents spam from automated blogs for adding security. It is extremely easy to install and use.

captcha code authentication


This plugin incorporates CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to your WordPress on forms including registration, comments, lost password and login. It can be configured from the Admin panel and is HTML valid. It even permits trackbacks and pingbacks.

You can hide the CAPTCHA from logged-in users and back-end administers. It supports language translation. It works wonderful with Akismet. It is also compatible with BuddyPress, WPMU and WP. This plugin has section 508 and WAI Accessibility validation too. It is a great way to protect your website from spams.

si captcha

KeyCAPTCHA- Social WordPress Captcha

This is a free and unique anti-spam solution. It does not involve any text typing, but contains many social features. You can earn money by specifying commercialization and social advertising shares in CAPTCHA on your website.

Instead of offering symbols, it gives visitors an easy and interesting task to finish. It blocks spammers using anonymous HTPP proxies, and supports pingbacks and trackbacks.


Google Captcha (reCaptcha)

As an effective solution, Google Captcha (reCaptcha) plugin can enhance the security of your WordPress website. It can be used to protect your registration form, login form, and more from spam entries. The confirmation is easy to be made for real people while quite hard for robots to pass through. Thus it won’t have a bad influence on your using experience because users are not required to repeat the procedures.

There are two versions available for you: a free one and a paid one. The pro version, different from the free one, is compatible with WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress, forums, and more.

Google Captcha (reCaptcha)

Image- Based CAPTCHA

This option comes with a mobile optimized version, along with a CAPTCHA audio option. It provides a fail coverage so that your website is always CAPTCHA protected. It is supported in all the browsers available on the web. You can even garner revenue by advertising in the CAPTCHA on your website. It can be translated in many languages like German, English, French, Portugese, and Russian, etc.

confident captcha

Alpha Omega Captcha & Anti Spam Filter

It gives visually appealing CAPTCHAs to beautify and secure your WordPress pages. It comes integrated with fortifies Anti Spam Filter protection and Spam Counter, and provides unique and interesting CAPTCHAs formats.

There are many CAPTCHA types available like Captcha Classica, Captcha Mathematica, Captcha Cinematica, Captcha Historia, Captcha Musica and many more. When anti-spam filters of the plugin are activated, all comments and e-mails that are related to spam can be blocked.

alphaomega captcha anti spam

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